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Photo by Sarah Schoeneman parkside 4 in 1 multi detector manual

Trimming/mowing (3-tooth cutting blade or strimmer), Cutting against trees/fences/foundations (with strimmer), Do not use the tool to remove any objects from footpaths, etc.! Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for Parkside Multifunctional 4-in-1 detector PMSHM 2 A2 at the best online prices at eBay! Change your working position frequently. 1f). Tools with defective switches must be repaired immediately to avoid damage or injuries. 5e to avoid kickbacks. 4d). The directions in the operating instructions for the product regarding proper use of the product are to be strictly followed. This will be required as proof of purchase. The tool must be prepared for storage if it is to be stored for longer than 30 days. ls. Remove the safety cover B before starting work and replace it after finishing work. Ft. 1468 SW Peninsula Ln, Palm City, FL 34990. Remove the filler cap 13 to relieve any pressure in the petrol tank 12. Due to the physical risk posed to the user, the tool may not be used to perform the following activities: cleaning footpaths and as a shredder for shredding tree and hedge sections. The cutting blade can kick back from objects with force. RISK OF INJURY! Manuals Brands Parkside Manuals Power Tool PBK 4 A1 Translation of the original instructions Parkside PBK 4 A1 Translation Of The Original Instructions 4-in-1 petrol multi-tool Also See for PBK 4 A1: Translation of the original instructions (42 pages) 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 35 36 To prevent the risk of fire, move at least 3 metres away from the refuelling area before starting the tool. Please keep your receipt in a safe place. Put on the carrying harness 57 as soon as you have started the engine and it is idling. Your local community or municipal authorities can provide information on how to dispose of the worn-out product. Check the spark plug for contamination after the first 10 hours of operation and clean it with a copper wire brush, if required. Do not lean too far forward while using the tool. To tighten the two shoulder straps, pull on the two shoulder straps as shown in figure 3c. The filament will break off if it strikes fence mesh. Hold the tool firmly and pull out the starter pull cord 11 to the point of first resistance. The repair or replacement of a product does not signify the beginning of a new warranty period. To extend the cutting filament, run the engine at full speed and tap the strimmer on the floor. To ensure quick processing of your case, please observe the following instructions: You can download these instructions along with many other manuals, product videos and installation software at Note; Dismantling the pole pruner/strimmer/3-tooth cutting blade/extension attachment is done in the same order. The cutter bar 19 must not be pivoted completely backwards parallel to the front boom 22 in order to work with it. Do not attempt to clear cuttings or hold onto the material you are cutting while the blades are still in motion. Parkside 4-in-1 Multi Detector Lidl Special. Picture Information. Manua. Work at an angle of approximately 60. Parkside PHDP 180 A1. Wind the filament tightly in an anticlockwise direction. Then shake the canister well. It can cause kickbacks. Free Postage. The tool can cause blindness or other injuries to bystanders. If the engine does not start after several attempts, see the section Troubleshooting. Do not use the tool unless the appropriate protective guard has been installed and is in good condition. Store the hedge trimmer in a dry, high or locked location, out of the reach of children. Read the instructions on correct handling, preparation, maintenance, starting and stopping the hedge trimmer very carefully. It is highly flammable and the vapours are explosive.The following points should be followed: Use only specially-designed containers. Never open the tank filler cap or top up the petrol tank while the engine is running or hot. Ensure that the protective guard 47, the strimmer 49 and the engine are free of cutting residue during storage. For a horizontal cut, move the hedge trimmer in a scything motion along the edge of the hedge so that cut branches fall to the ground. Clean the tool thoroughly after every use. Clean the spark plug or replace it with a new spark plug. Hold the handle of the starter pull cord 11 firmly when the starter pull cord 11 retracts. As shown in figure 3b, pull on the belt 57 to position the carrying harness 57 centrally on your body and adjust the upper body sizeas required. Drive unit PBK 4 A1-1. 2.4 MB. Parkside 4-in-1 Multi Detector | Lidl Special Multi View 641 subscribers Subscribe 5.7K views 1 year ago #Parkside #lidl #Studfinder #Parkside #Studfinder #multidetector #lidl. To locate your free Radio Shack manual, choose a product type below. Lire consciencieusement avant d'utiliser a machine! Open the petrol tank slowly in order to allow any pressure that may have built up in the tank to dissipate. Free delivery for many products! This appliance has a 3-year warranty valid from the date of purchase. Aandachtig lezen voordat u het apparaat gebruikt! . The used plastic and metal parts can be separated and recycled. A relief cut also prevents peeling of the bark on the main trunk. Cover the guide rail and the chain with the cover during transport and storage. You can reduce the vibration risk, for example, the risk of Raynauds phenomenon, by taking regular breaks during which you rub your hands together. Vertaling van de originele gebruiksaanwijzing. 5d). Parkside PKGA 14.4 A1 manual 140 pages. PARKSIDE multi-welding machine PMSG 200 A1, 4 welding processes properties 4 welding processes : MMA (stick electrodes), cored wire, MIG (inert gas) and TIG (tungsten inert gas) I For welding stainless steel, steel, iron and aluminum Powerful compact device with robust metal housing and handle Integrated, automatic filler wire feed in the hinged lid compartment on the side Ergonomic MIG . The packaging for this product is made from environmentally friendly material and can be disposed of at your local recycling plant. (The tool has been shut down for less than 1520 minutes), Emergency stop sequenceIf you need to stop the tool immediately, push the On/Off switch forwards. Operating And Safety Instructions, Translation Of Original Operating Manual Operating And Safety Instructions, Translation Of Original Operating Manual . Always switch the engine off before working on the cutting too. You can extend the usage duration by using appropriate gloves or by taking regular breaks. Now release the cutting filament from the spool bobbin and guide it through the metal eyes in the cover. MPN. Do not attempt to start the engine if the petrol has overflowed. It will result in the cutting tool being thrown back against the rotational direction. In support of this tasking, Sandia conducted research on handheld multi-gas detectors and their use by emergency responders. This also applies to replaced and repaired components. 3a). ATTENTION! Soot deposits or wetness on the spark plug. Multi-gas Detectors Ventis Pro5 Ventis Mx4 Mx6 Ibrid Tango Tx2 Area Monitors Radius . Avoid contact with small objects (e.g. Keep the saw chain 30 sharp and check the tension; check the oil level and the oil supply. Wooden foundation detection up to a depth of approx. Service Great BritainTel. Switch off the engine before removing the carrying harness 57. Bigger battery: The extended-range battery gives up to 20 hours use (without pump). D. Instructions and illustrations regarding the settings and use of the hedge trimmer and/or its controls, maintenance and lubrication by the user can be found in these instructions and on the fold-out page. If you are planning on transporting the tool, empty the petrol tank as explained in the section Storage. 341K. Make sure that no water can penetrate into the interior of the tool. Any such reaction can lead to you losing control over the saw and possibly injuring yourself. This will ensure that the safety of the tool is maintained. Kickbacks can occur if the tip of the guide rail touches an object or if the wood bends and the saw chain gets caught in the cut (see Fig. Do not use the extension attachment/boom 53 in combination with the 3-tooth cutting blade/strimmer attachment! Release the throttle lever 8 and wait until the engine has slowed down to its idling speed. Ordered this carb as a replacement: Beehive Filter Replace Carburetor Carb for for Troy-Bilt TB575SS TB590BC TB146EC Walbro WYL . Brand. Find houses to rent in gelvandale or parkside Silver manual Used Cars & Bakkies Deals in Helderberg | Search Gumtree Free Online Classified Ads for houses to rent in gelvandale or parkside Silver manual Used Cars & Bakkies Deals in Helderberg and more. To remove the cutting filament protective guard C from the protectiveguard 47, take a tool, such as a screwdriver, to carefully remove the three mounting pins. The choke lever 10 does not need to be pulled out to start a warm engine. You could endanger yourself and others. Incorrect adjustment of the choke lever . If you are looking for genuine Parkside spares, parts and accessories, look no further. The specified vibration emission value can also be used to make an initial exposure estimate. SK-PTIR-W Multi-Criteria Detector; Vft-15 Aspirating Smoke Detector; FPTI-951 Multi Criteria Photo Detector; Vsm4 Software; Vesda Ex D Detector, IDP-FIRE-CO Multi CriteriaFire/CO Detector; Support Electronic Accessory Cable; SK-FIRE-CO-W Multi-Criteria Fire/CO Detector; 951 Series Photoelectric and CO Detector; FCO-951 Series Fire/CO Detector Hook in the carabiner E (see Figs. Hook in the carabiner and secure it with the red strap on the quick release mechanism (see illustrations). Remove any jammed clippings only when the tool has been switched off. Use the various adjusting straps on the carrying harness 57 to adjust the optimum working and cutting position (see section Putting on the carrying harness). Exhaust gases, fuels and lubricants are toxic. Before use, check the tools safety condition, especially the blade and the saw chain. The operating instructions are a part of this product. To ensure to the correct position of the tool on the carrying harness, pull the belt as shown in figure 3d. KEEP FOR YOUR RECORDS. If functional or other defects occur, please contact the service department listed either by telephone or by e-mail. Alternatively, you can use an electrical saw chain sharpening device and follow the instructions of the manufacturer. Now pull hard on the starter pull cord . The BiWire detector range is designed to meet the demands of nearly any application. Wear protective gloves! Instead, remove the tool from the area polluted by petrol. as a very unreliable and sporadic availability worth a mention. Hedge trimmers are not suitable for use by children. Careful handling of the tool reduces the likelihood of accidental contact with the moving blades. Lay the guide rail 40 over the blade guide 38, while inserting the chain tensioner pin 44 in the blade hole 39. To estimate the vibration load during a specific working period accurately, periods during which the tool is switched off (or running, but not being used) must also be taken into account. 4c). 3.5 m. Optional 90 cm extension shaft. Parkside Parts By Machine Find Yours + Parkside Parts By Type View All + There is a risk of injury from the sharp cutting teeth. $575.00. Balance the tool with the fitted cutting tool so that the cutting tool swings just above the ground without the need to move the tool with. Carefully empty the petrol and oil tank and dispose of your tool at a recycling plant. The device and its accessories are made from various materials, such as metal and plastic. . The compact multi-gas detector monitors up to seven gases simultaneously. Incorrect replacement rails and saw chains can lead to tearing of the saw chain and/or kickback. PARKSIDE. Always trim and cut using the high speed range. Place the saw chain 30 around the blade 29 starting at the tip. Limit the noise generation and vibrations to a minimum! The plastic cover for the 3-tooth cutting blade 48 must be refitted for transport and storage. Product Type: NOTIFIER MULTI DETECTOR Brand: NOTIFIER BY HONEYWELL Usage/Application: Industrial Premises Alarm Sensor Type: Photoelectric Power Source: DC Color: WHITE read more. Always hold the strimmer on the ground when the tool is in operation. Free delivery for many products! PARKSIDE 4-in-1 Multi-Detector for Wood, Metal, Electrical cables & Cavities. Do not allow children to use the hedge trimmer under any circumstances. After filling the gearbox, close the lubrication hole with the screw D. Store the tool and accessories in a safe location that is protected against naked flames and sources of heat/sparks, such as gas-powered water heaters, dryers, oil stoves or mobile heaters, etc. The blade A on the cutting filament protective guard C cuts the thread to an appropriate length (see Fig. 100 ml of organic chain oil 60. Fit the cutting filament protective guard C on the protective guard 47. READ CAREFULLY BEFORE USE! Seesii Portable 4 Gas Detector, Rechargeable Multi Gas Monitor Air Quality Tester Analyzer, High Precision Sound Light Vibration Alarm Backlight LCD Display EX O2 H2S CO 4 in 1 Gas Meter %LEL PPM . Fill the petrol tank 12. Service the tool carefully. Remove all grass and scrub from the tool before restarting the tool. For safetys sake, change worn or damaged parts. This can significantly reduce the vibration load over the total working period. 3-tooth cutting blade/strimmerUse with 3-tooth cutting blade: for cutting high grass, undergrowth and light scrub. The power of this tool wasnt as I expected but hey who can complain at 10 quid. The warranty shall be deemed void in cases of misuse or improper handling, use of force and modifications / repairs which have not been carried out by one of our authorised Service centres. The following is the most up-to-date information related to PARKSIDE 4-in-1 Multi-Detector [ Detects wood.metal and electrical cables ]. Note that any personal predisposition to poor blood circulation, low external temperatures or large gripping forces can reduce the usage period. SM-2009U User Guide Single Module Calibration Station for the GX-2009. Note on the safe handling of fuel (see section Preparation, point f). For a vertical cut, move the hedge trimmer evenly forwards or up and down in an arc. This may make starting the tool more difficult and result in expensive repair work. The chain 28 lubrication can be increased or decreased using the oil adjusting screw 43. 4-IN-1 MULTI-DETECTOR / DTECTEUR MULTIFONCTION 4 EN 1 PMSHM 2 A1 4-IN-1 MULTIFUNKTIONSDETEKTOR Bedienungs- und Sicherheitshinweise 4-IN-1 MULTI-DETECTOR Operation and safety notes DTECTEUR MULTIFONCTION 4 EN 1 Instructions d'utilisation et consignes de scurit 4-IN-1 MULTIFUNCTIONELE DETECTOR Bedienings- en veiligheidsinstructies Vor dem Gebrauch der Maschine sorgfltig lesen! Always ensure that the handles are dry and clean and that no petrol mixture is present. Position your body and arms so you can withstand kickback forces. Parkside 4-IN-1 Multi-Detector PMSHM A1 Unboxing Testing. Parkside PKGA 14.4 A1 Original Instructions Manual Also See for PKGA 14.4 A1: Original instructions manual (160 pages) , Translation of the original instructions (140 pages) , Instruction manual (100 pages) 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 35 36 37 38 39 40 41 42 43 44 45 46 47 48 49 50 51

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