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Photo by Sarah Schoeneman plane circling over my house at night 2021

This morning I was outside and heard what I thought was a jet making its way for LAX (Los Angeles International Airport). Today I was checking out your website,, when I came across your recent report about the mysterious jet sounds being heard, but no jet plane visible. RE: Strange jet engine sounds in clear sky You and your team are one in a million! Today, 7/26, another aircraft is circling around right now, noticed it a little before 12pm. Each portion of delicious takeaway buys a meal for someone in need - win-win! I wanted to share this story with you, because I thought there might be a slight chance that someone else located in the Lubbock, Texas, area just might have contacted you about this strange, loud, pulsing jet noise. But other times, you need to buy it as an add-on. According to the flight tracking service Flightaware, the large plane took off from Portsmouth, New Hampshire, around 2:28 p.m. and landed at 4:52 The night is defined by the department as the time between the end of the Evening Civil Twilight and the start of the Morning Civil Twilight. A security consultant from Ottawa who tracks military planes, Steffan Watkins, has jumped aboard this mystery to try and figure out exactly what and why the plane is there. I have followed your exemplary journalism for many years and would firstly like to thank you for the countless insights that I have gleaned from your work. More Mysterious Booms in Arkansas and Missouri. Circling in a helicopter is the best way to view an area from all sides to look at the landing spot. Two years ago in 2017, I moved out of the Sequim Valley and up to the foothills in an area that is called Happy Valley.I did notice that since moving up this way, I have heard the strange jet noise much more and as I am living up higher it seems a lot louder. They are on alert! If you live in a busy area, there is a good chance that your neighborhoods sounds drown out any drone noises. The planes' surveillance equipment is generally used without a judge's approval, and the FBI said the flights are used for specific, ongoing investigations. 02-01-2019 Part 1: Gigantic Triangular Craft Took Two Campers in Devils Den State Park, Arkansas The Vulcanair P68 police planes are based in Doncaster. Just thought you guys would like to know others are hearing the loud jet-like noise right now as well. Depending on their regularity, you can identify them as navigation lights or anti-collision lights. Our Air National Guard has them . First published on June 2, 2015 / 6:05 AM. The plane has since been revealed to be part of the National Police Air Service . plane The S7 I worked my tail off to get my two kids in there. So recently since last week my family has had drones circle our house at 4 AM till 6 AM. Leicester Airport is in a rural area, but we have good neighbours in surrounding villages. Now, this solid object could be anything from a drone to a squirrel or another harmless critter. They are run by the United States Air Force Education and Training Command. The question was about the altitude for takeoff and landing (ie. At 6o knots this is when the power required to fly is at its lowest. Until then, I remain a faithful Earthfiles and Earthfiles Youtube subscriber and will be seeing your happy self in the conference circuit, as I have for many years., 15 To: Linda Moulton Howe, Eerie Bizarre Sound Recorded in Montreal October 30-31, 2018 Listen to Looped Mp3 Here, Huge Mysterious Booms in Maryville, TN from July 30 Aug. 4, Mysterious Metallic Wind Sound Wouldnt Record On iPhone, More Mysterious Booms and Sky Flashes in North Carolina and Australia, Part 4: Dulce, LEONID and Alien Weapon Determinant, Part 3: Muroc Field Researchers Allegedly Found Eloah Grey Vast Underground Facility in 1940. A microphone may be able to detect and amplify sounds that your ears may overlook. Police & news are the two most common helicopters that may be seen circling over your house. U.S. I am watching your live YouTube broadcast from 8/14/2020 and my attention was especially drawn to the part about the loud aircraft noises coming from the sky late at night over the Boeing employees home in Everett, Washington. You reported on something similar August 16, 2019. @steffanwatkins@MIHomeYGK@cwensing. Some users started to speculate that it was the RCMP since nobody was stepping forward to explain the mystery plane within the city. ADSB Exchange This site will show many military aircraft. These cameras are useful for home security in general, as well as for spotting drones at night. What do you think would happen to you and your neighbors if those pilots where grounded just so you can watch judge Judy without hearing them? The main reasons why helicopters circle overhead are to burn less fuel and stay on station longer, give the occupants the best view of the scene, and to keep the helicopter in a safe flight condition if the engine were to ever quit. If the aircraft is low and slow when then engine fails then the chances of the helicopter making a safe autorotation landing are slim. Fighter aircraft flying low and slow over Portland are not practicing to defend against Tupolev bombers. I'm an ATP-rated helicopter pilot & former flight instructor with over 3500 hours spanning 3 countries and many different flying jobs. Unless we have sent out our military to help Turkey. It got dull the last five minutes and I stepped outside and looked up. Anyone with more information is asked to please call CrimeStoppers at (804)780-1000. Monday - Friday 09:00AM-6:00PM. It is so loud that it feels like it is inside my bedroom. Date: August 15, 2019, 2:36 PM Pacific, Mission Viejo, Calif. I wouldnt call any of that way up there Bay Area. With an RF scanner, you can potentially pick up on these signals. In your 08/14/2019 Earthfiles YouTube livestream broadcast, you said that strange booming, metallic and trumpet-like sounds started in 2011, and it might be related to something underground. Do you guys have any idea on what this was?? NPAS regularly provides support to Humberside Police on different operations. Just like what happened in Colorado and Nebraska late last year. Noise Abatement. Very scary! Re: Jet sound in Christchurch, NZ. So how does his apply to a circling helicopter? The lights here may not be up-to-date but focus on the sound. When National Post reached out to the RCMP they would not disclose whether the plane could be theirs as, To maintain the integrity of our investigations and operations, the location of our aircrafts is not disclosed,. Today is November 5th, 2019. Hoping they were not pursuing anyone who is illegally in our airspace because it sounded like a pursuit. I wanted to relate for you my own experiences, which are quite similar. These definitions are determined by the FAA. Write everything down to help the authorities track the owner quickly. The other indicator that the passing object is maybe a drone is the sound it comes with. Maybe now when you see a drone flying around the area, you can narrow down the possible reasons for the event. Even in that case, a drones capacity to deal with the distance and glass glare depends on the technology. Yours Truly.`, 6 To: Linda Moulton Howe, The FBI asked the AP not to disclose the names of the fake companies it uncovered, saying that would saddle taxpayers with the expense of creating new cover companies to shield the government's involvement, and could endanger the planes and integrity of the surveillance missions. I am curious to see if you get any other reports about this noise from my area and have only recently mentioned this to a few people because I thought theyd think I was exaggerating or imagining things. Since the strange jet-sound phenomenon has not stopped being reported, today Im sharing this update in hopes there are possibly military and aerospace professionals with insider knowledge about what is happening to produce so many loud jet-like sounds where residents insist there are no airliners or military traffic. The jet-like sound was very loud and constant, as if a large commercial airliner were just hovering in the same spot. These F-15s fly out of the Portland International Airport, also known as PDX, which is famous for its ugly carpet. I was listening to Lindas last YouTube live broadcast (August 14, 2019) and she was discussing strange jet-like sounds being heard all over the U.S. My husband and I heard this strange jet-like sound in Lubbock, Texas, approximately a month ago (mid-July 2019). Perhaps they cant fly the device during the daytime. Subscribe to get my latest content by email. We have heard this jet-like sound twice. Can Police Helicopters Detect Grow Operations? My father joined the navy in 83 and after that worked at PDX, as an aircraft mechanic, he would always mention to me how he got many chances to hear and see these beautiful aircrafts take off! This will give the pilot the best view of the entire area. You often hear them and then see them flying over the city. I thought maybe there was an explosion at the plant we live near, but I havent seen nor heard sirens or anything. BuzzFeed tracked almost a hundred FBI planes and a dozen helicopters, as well as nearly a hundred more from the Department of Homeland Security. I was in my front yard in a suburban neighborhood in Lone Tree, Colorado. Narcity Media Inc. Mystery Plane in Kingston is baffling residents as it loudly flies around in the dead of night. These flights are not normal air traffic for this area.". This method isnt foolproof. Anyone else hear this roar at 3:50 pm 6-6-19. If you are interested in installing a motion detector light at your home, you have many options. Theyre part of NORAD (North American Air Defense). Depending on the model, the camera will then send an alert to notify you, at which point you can use an app on your phone to see what the camera detected. Some drones use encrypted WiFi, while others use different signals altogether. The lights on the drone can assist the camera in taking clearer shots of the inside of your house. 10-31-2018 Eerie Bizarre Sound Recorded in Montreal October 30-31, 2018 Listen to Looped Mp3 Here Date: August 16, 2019. Aerial surveillance represents a changing frontier for law enforcement, providing what the government maintains is an important tool in criminal, terrorism or intelligence probes. Now to what I heard. plane circling over my house at night 2021. the root operation that is defined as. Thank you., Re: Loud Aircraft Noise Lasting A Long Time At Night, Two years ago in 2017, I moved out of the Sequim Valley and up to the foothills in an area that is called Happy Valley., I did notice that since moving up this way, I have heard the strange jet noise much more and as I am living up higher it seems a lot louder. There may also be more chances of finding an open landing location as the forward speed they have allows them to cover more distance during the glide. There is no such thing. The certificates of waiver issued prior to March 16, 2021 under 107.200 that authorize deviation from 107.29 terminate on May 17, 2021. View live aviation maps over Portland, Oregon. them. If you found this article interesting and would like to keep reading, I highly recommend the following articles from my blog: I am an aviation nut! Mysterious Explosions Persist in Phoenix and Glendale, Arizona. It is understandable to be concerned if you spot a drone near your home at night. Another resident in Mersey Street, off Holderness Road, said: "It has been going around in circles and it's been going around for over half an hour. When we first noticed it it was my little sister we've had run ins with people in the past who would trespass on our property but anyways she saw a blue light shining through her window and she told our parents and my dad went outside and saw nothing, then a day or 2 later we saw all 3 of them. Exciting! I have been looking at videos of F-15s. When I called the local police department to see if they had any other calls about this occurrence, they said they hadnt. When a helicopter pilot is landing at an unprepared area like a baseball diamond, city park, or even a hole in the trees out in the remote parts of the country, they have to look and assess several factors: All of these factors need to be assessed before the pilot formulates the best plan to safely approach, land, and depart the spot. Sign up for our newsletter and get a curated list of the top When contacting us, please include the following information in the email: User-Agent: Mozilla/5.0 _Windows NT 10.0; Win64; x64; rv:102.0_ Gecko/20100101 Firefox/102.0, URL: plane circling over my house at night 2021. the root operation that is defined as correcting a portion of a previously performed procedure is: who is leaving wcco morning show. It was cloudy in the sky, so we could not pinpoint where this sound was resonating from. They look like Black Hawks but are actually Pave Hawks. These guys played a huge role in rescue operations after Mount St. Helens blew in 1980. (I have the benefit of being able to see many miles to the east so sometimes I can see at least two aircraft in line on approach coming toward me. I know they are loud, but its a price we should all be willing to pay. I wont send you spam. 08-13-2010 Part 1: Aztec, New Mexico Was Disc Taken to Building 828 in Wright-Patterson AFB, Ohio? One of them is to check the wind. Occasionally, you will see other jets, airplanes, cargo carriers, and such flying in and out during routine military exercises and local airshows. Date: August 21, 2019, 2:07 PM Eastern, Doral, Florida. cq. One of the better and more budget-friendly options out there is from LEPOWER. As always you can unsubscribe at any time. Also, there is the E-3 AWACS that we see infrequently see but that are often above us. You can install as many cameras as you want around your home, and you may want to station them around doorways and windows, in particular. The reason why a police plane was circling the Hull area for hours on Wednesday night has been revealed. o see all of the more than 2,600 Earthfiles in-depth reports, please, Singapore Residents Report Loud Explosion-Like, House-Shaking Sounds On Saturday. Being a scientist I am always interested in unexplained phenomena. That is, if accompanied by a blinking or solid colored light, its buzz will betray itself. This aircraft looks exactly like the photo I posted of the first aircraft that flew over. After several minutes, we went onto the balcony, but could not see any planes or vehicles at all. Dont be mad because your toys are made for little girls. The company announced today that it's introducing helicopter . Hope its just maneuvers! These guys are known as the they dont seem to have a name, but you can see how awesome they are here. But, though I looked and looked, I saw nothing that was making the noise. The Kingston airport and other local airports in that area also stated that they had no information about the plane that residents have claimed to be hearing in the middle of the night. Date: August 20, 2019, 7:30 AM Pacific, Westlake Village suburb of L. A. I searched for reports of the sounds I heard this morning around 8:30 AM, Aug. 20, 2019, and your Earthfiles popped up. Police departments in many cities have helicopters that are dispatched to assist officers on the ground. As for now, the mysterious plane will continue to remain a mystery. You can also log pertinent information, such as the time and date of the supposed spying/stalking, the model if you can identify it, and the number on the side of the drone if you can see it. Being armed with the above information will allow you to do more than realize that hmmm, why are those drones following me? At the same time, you can act accordingly. 06-13-2001 Update on Mysterious Deep Water Sonar Images Off Western Cuba 6 To: Linda Moulton Howe,, Today watching your YouTube video, I realized that I should check the airport departure time table. A tournament was created to test each units flying & maintenance skills. Move along. U.S. law enforcement officials confirmed for the first time the wide-scale use of the aircraft, which the AP traced to at least 13 fake companies, such as FVX Research, KQM Aviation, NBR Aviation and PXW Services. Its been going on most nights for a week, usually starts after dusk, and can continue until 1 or 2 am. That is all #ygk#ygkInconvenienceMeter#ygkNightPlane, Reid and Ben: While Kingston tries to sort out the identity of the mysterious plane is circling the city, you can pass the time by playing this! I lived in the Sequim valley from March 2012 to June 2017. But depending on where you live, tracking the user can be relatively easy. I live in Midland, Pa. Today on November 4, 2019, from about 5:20 am to 5:35 am Eastern, I heard a VERY loud jet-like noise, a constant engine sound. The address is in Runaway Bay, Queensland, Australia. I did not see anything during the roars. Thats what I say out loud, everytime I hear them. But last night (August 26, 2019) was nothing like I had ever heard. The bottom line is, you can imagine how excited I was to hear and see these beasts over Portland. 20th Mar 2021, 2:32pm. They are commanded by the State of Oregon Air National Guard. Some of the aircraft can also be equipped with technology that can identify thousands of people below through the cellphones they carry, even if they're not making a call or in public. King faced the media after Rovers' last minute defeat to Leigh Leopards on Friday evening. I appreciate you putting this out there for the knuckleheads like me who just want to know ASAP! You may be wary of the distance between . WiFi is one example of an RF signal, as are most other frequencies that are used for communications. God bless! This is Why a Helicopter MUST Have 2 Rotors, or Does It?? To help you spot drones click here for good binocular options or go here for excellent night time googles. Police helicopters are commonly seen orbiting over residential areas. On two separate occasions, I have seen the beam interrupted momentarily not reflected at all as far as I could tell though it was quite fast. He stated that it could be a personal drone, RCMP aerial surveillance, or endless other possibilities. The most common jets over Portland are McDonnell Douglas(currently Boeing) F-15C Eagles. Better yet, a good microphone may even be able to pinpoint the drones location. The airport is about 45 minutes away. I saw your article (Earthfiles August 16, 2019) and it said to email if we hear anything. Last night a 747 aircraft travelling from Russia was seen flying over Glasgow before landing in Prestwick. Your email address will not be published. Updated on: June 2, 2015 / 11:23 AM I saw your article (Earthfiles August 16, 2019) and it said to email if we hear anything. 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Helicopters use less power to fly at 60 knots in a circle over a location compared to the power required to hover. This gives an altitude that is high enough to be able to clearly see the object by eye, while keeping a safe height above the surrounding area. Well, heres my little story today, early Monday morning, November 4, 2019. 1948 Aztec, New Mexico UFO Crash: Policemen, Disk and Humanoids, Part 2 Unidentified Aerial Craft Over Farmington and Aztec, New Mexico, Around Spring 1949, Part 1 Huge Saucer Armada Shocked Farmington, New Mexico 52 Years Ago, Update on Mysterious Deep Water Sonar Images Off Western Cuba, Unidentified Discs Over Farmington, New Mexico On March 17, 1950,,,, Mystery of Pulsing Jet Sounds Without Aircraft, Mystery of Strange Jet-Like Sounds and No Planes. We also may change the frequency you receive our emails from us in order to keep you up to date and give you the best relevant information possible. Come rain or shine, it's facinating to see the current aircraft flights taking place across above our heads. I live in a high rise apartment with an unobstructed approx. Well, let me tell you about what I have been experiencing for several years now. Note this site will not show fighter jets but may show helicopters, refuelers, transports and all civilian aircraft. The government's explanations: The DHS says these surveillance maneuvers are specifically for border patrol, the illegal drug trade and human trafficking. Get browser notifications for breaking news, live events, and exclusive reporting. I have one more detail which is that after experiencing this mysterious jet-like noise many times, I did a slightly childish and probably slightly illegal thing. Violent crimes in progress, pursuits, property crimes, traffic stops, and perimeters are the most common reasons why you might hear a helicopter flying overhead. Now, if you live in a neighborhood, you are more than likely going to pick up several RF signals, even if there is not a drone present. Military aircraft, especially helicopters, tend to fly low to avoid being engaged by weapons and detection by an adversary. I feel I know you from the Art Bell days (1990s Dreamland and Coast to Coast AM, Linda was Investigative reporter for radio host Art Bell). It was seen by many people flying low over Hull on Super Saturday, Sign up to the Hull Live newsletter for daily updates and breaking news. I didnt see them, but they passed by at least 3 times and were louder than Ive ever heard them. I would go out into an open area and still I would not see any plane. During the day, reflection issues might interfere with the recording anyway. READ ALSO: Canadas New 2019 Food Guide Has Officially Been Announced (PHOTO). I love aviation and everything about it. When the object in question is stationary, like a road traffic accident or a criminal trying to hide the best way to keep that area in view at all times is for the helicopter to circle or orbit around it. View them as you drive by Boeing Field. The suspects fled the vehicle, and one arrest was made. By doing this, Air Traffic Control allowed them to get closer and each news channel got a perfectly clear shot of the approach and landing of the plane. I live in Westlake Village, a suburb of Los Angeles, and its in the glide path for flights into LAX. Of course, it would be much more efficient if . PDX houses an Air National Guard Base(history), aka ANGB. Source. I live on the Olympic Peninsula, Sequim, Washington, which is across from Whidby Island, WA. / AP. Could be connected to the experiences in Everett and San Diego you wrote about on August 16, 2019, in your news website? The easiest way the pilot can do this is by using 2 orbits: A good, experienced pilot can do all of this in 1-2 orbits while descending to start the approach. So, I went outside and the noise had gone on for about five more minutes and then ended up going away. After this, I immediately did research and your Earthfiles news reports was the only one that I found with a similar story. I was listening to your August 14, 2019, Earthfiles YouTube broadcast this week in which you spoke about a Boeing employee in Everett, Washington, who had experienced a mysterious jet engine like noise without any craft or other mechanisms apparently present to cause the noise. "I . They just flew over and what a great feeling to see them. They describe the sound like a high-pitched motor of a plane that can be heard almost every night, yet nobody actually knows why or where the plane is flying to. Airspace is regulated by the FAA, so you dont have the right to take down the unmanned aircraft even if its flying over your home. Is there any internet site where we can find out about these incidents and what our pilots did? There are, however, some limitations to this approach. Among other bases, Travis is in Solano County. After The Washington Post revealed flights by two planes circling over Baltimore in early May, the AP began analyzing detailed flight data and aircraft-ownership registrations that shared similar addresses and flight patterns. It did not seem to matter if it was late evening or early morning. I recall my first visit to Portland and hearing a very loud, obvious military jet, something I was not used to in the Bay Area unless one of the local teams made the Playoffs(then they buzz the stadium). Thank You for your interest and support. Well, heres my little story today, early Monday morning, November 4, 2019. This Is Why Helicopters Are So Loud! If you check out the original investigation, the map has a small search bar on it that will show if any planes circled your neighborhood in the latter . 10-26-2017 More Mysterious Booms and Sky Flashes in North Carolina and Australia. Re: Heard sounds of planes or jets all night long and now in Raleigh, NC Take care., 2 To: Linda Moulton Howe, I am a light sleeper, so it bothers me to hear it in the middle of the night, sometimes twice a week, sometimes once a month. Re: Anomalous Jet Sounds Date: October 12, 2019, 7:07 AM Eastern, Raleigh, North Carolina, I went to bed and all I could hear were noises like jets or planes in the air or like the sound when you hear jet washers against a house This morning I am still hearing that sound as we speak now. So, if a suspicious drone is flying directly above your home, here are the things you can do instead: Often, the purpose of drone flying is legitimate. By circling around at 60 kts the pilot does not have to worry about the H/V Diagram and if the engine were to quit, the best autorotational speed for most helicopters is 60 kts, which they are already at. Two, it is not really "large." It is a KC-135 Stratotanker Refueler plane which is a military version of the Boeing 707. After this, I immediately did research and your Earthfiles news reports was the only one that I found with a similar story. I got the idea because I always see people posting in Facebook groups asking why there are jets right now(they dont know how to research). Illustration (check the tail wing). "It was 8:30 a.m. to 12:30 and 6:30 to 10:30 every single day. My neighbor heard it also, but he didnt have any explanation either. On August 19, 2019, I received the email below the map: After just reading your Earthfiles reports about jet engine sounds with no visible craft on the West Coast of the USA, I thought I would share my own recent experience of the same kind. Turning my head didnt give me an audio cue of where the jet sound was coming from like it would normally do. I live in the southwestern part of Germany directly in the flight path of Stuttgart Airport. As the days grew on, the mystery started to pick up more traction and soon a majority of Kingston was trying to solve the mystery of the secret night plane that was loudly soaring by their houses every night. Training. (d) After May 17, 2021, no person may operate a small unmanned aircraft system at night in accordance with a certificate of waiver issued prior to April 21, 2021 under 107.200. I'm an ATP rated helicopter pilot & former flight instructor with over 3500 hours spanning 3 countries and many different flying jobs. Little known fact, there were nukes at PDX, Walla Walla and McCord AFB in Washington. But last night (August 26, 2019) was nothing like I had ever heard. 12 Feb 23. I was in my front yard in a suburban neighborhood in Lone Tree, Colorado. Contact Details. ????. The sound seemed, Re: Jet like sounds in sky, but no visible craft. All requests for anonymity are honored. Today, Wednesday, October 16, 2019, at around 4 pm Germany time, I experienced the exact same phenomenon you are reporting. Glimpsed outline of a plane at dusk one night but cannot see any navigation lights. Air Force aerial displays at the 185th Royal Hobart Regatta. However, Travis AFB is home to mostly C-5 Galaxys and KC-10 Refulers though. Ant idea what just flew Ive Eugene, Oregon today? Our phones are our constant companions, so it should come as no surprise that your phone can double as a drone detection device, as well. Not only does this device detect RF signals but it also helps spot hidden camera lenses and magnetic fields. Their 35-watt security light can detect motion up to 72 feet away and the three lights are easy to adjust, allowing you to illuminate a wider area.

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