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Photo by Sarah Schoeneman poshmark bundle etiquette

Generally I dont bother buyers other than sending offers because I figure if theyre interested, theyll contact me. Banking services provided by Piermont Bank, Member FDIC. Also, drop your Poshmark closet and Ill check it out! Hi Haley, please reach out to so someone can help you directly. Thats because every order (regardless of its its one or more items) needs to have the accompanying shipping label that goes with it. She self promote and tag people who likes my listing. Hi LJ, Make An Offer shows up on listings in other closets, not your own listings. Thank you so much for your comment and question. You spent all the time creating the offer sign, so you want to ensure your buyers see it almost immediately when clicking on your Poshmark closet. I'd suggest taking a look at Poshmarks over 5 lb label prices, its REALLY high. The fact is that a lot of items that are designer are being priced more competitively nowadays so if people want slightly discounted items new options are now available for them to buy in malls or online. Please let me know if this helped, and I so hope youve been enjoying Poshmark. OneShop offers a helpful and easy automation tool that can act as your own sales marketing expert in handling shares, follows, and creating offers around the clock 24/7 for your Poshmark business. Thank you. Will pass along to our support to see about this issue. Support Center There's no single right answer or method. I sold 50 pc bundle and am wondering the correct way to print proper labels with overweight??? Hey, you! Re-share the sign often to be sure it is kept at the top (or at least the first three rows) of your closet. Are they just wanting me to send them an offer? Hi! Head over to the Poshmark Community Toolkityour one-stop destination for mastering the ins and outs of running a successful Poshmark business, connecting with the community, and more. It doesnt say sold yet, when does that show up? Im thrilled to hear you understand the Poshmark bundle process better now after reading this post! Just not sure how this works. Press J to jump to the feed. Whats the usual bundle rate? Heres my tip to make buyers happy with reduced shipping that doesnt take out of your pocket. Check it out, here! Hi, thank you for all the helpful Information about Bundling on Poshmark. As of now, there isnt a way to exclude certain items from your closet from the said discount, although I think thats a fantastic idea. But if that is not available I left it on an old sold items. This pro tip right here ^ has been my most successful strategy when offering a Poshmark bundle discount! I don't want ppl to waste $$. Bundles function as your shopping cart for a specific closet. The photo makes it appear like its lace and quality, but in person its like a poorly made sheet. It has been very helpful as a new Posher. xx Gabriella. It's not too much to believe we can co-exist, co-operate and thrive in the same community. However, like stated in the FAQs, offers are binding once accepted. So the seller resells for a higher amount behind my back! Lower the price of your item by at least 10% when Poshmark hosts Closet Clear Out or CCO to trigger reduced shipping for a certain amount of time. Our latest feature, Posh Stories allows you to bring your listings to life and share moments with your followers through short videos and photos. This exchange happened months ago, would it be terrible to comment and ask the potential buyer that if they were still interested, that I have the the same skirt and size in my closet? 1. Let me know if you have any questions. You have the option to offer a discount of 10%, 15%, 20%, 25% (and so on) on bundles of 2, 3, 4, 5 (and so on) items. How do I write someone who has blocked me? When you do have a 50% bundle discount does the percentage come off automatically? As a seller you can add listings to Bundles that your buyer may be interested in. Then they came back and bundled 2 new items but I somehow only accepted their first item, which sold it and wouldnt let me sell the 2nd item. As soon as a potential buyer submits an offer, youll receive an email and a push notification from us. For instance, you can bundle a pair of jeans and shoes from one seller and also have a separate bundle in a different sellers closet for a sweater and shorts. The names List Perfectly, Vendoo, Crosslist, Poshmark, Tradesy, Mercari, Depop, Grailed, Facebook Marketplace, eBay, Kidizen, and Etsy, as well as related names, marks, emblems and images are registered trademarks of their respective owners. My post man and especially my husband werent so extactic Lol. You can direct questions about the price along the lines of Thanks for checking out my closet! I think closet signs definitely help bring awareness for new users to show bundles can be made for a better price. Im sure you did just the right thing in this scenario its sweet of you to not be sure whats best to do in terms of honoring what offer. 33 Lbs in total, Hi!! Because one box cant use two shipping labels at once. It depends on the items, but that is a really low offer. Hi Helen! Note, this doesn't opt you into Poshmark-related emails. To do this you will open the Poshmark app and click your account tab on the bottom right corner and find the My Sales button. Youve now learned all about what the bundling feature is on Poshmark, how to create a bundle on Poshmark, how to use each of the bundling features on Poshmark, and even learned some pro-tips in the process! All emotions aside, a bundle of 10 items, unless you're selling something very small/lightweight, could end up causing a big headache. Usually I check their account to see if theyve left love notes and the price range they buy at as well as if they mention bundles - you can also see if other sellers commented on their MTP (meet the posher) photo which is typically a photo of themselves. Thanks so very much! Picture This: If a user is going through your Poshmark closet and liking an item or (perhaps lots of items) but not adding them to a bundle, wouldnt you want to let them know youre open to offers? Go under your account> My Sales/ My Purchases > Tap on the order > Problems/ Order Inquiry. Likewise, if Buy Now is selected on a listing with offers, all offers will be cancelled. And you can choose how much of a discount you want to give. Once youve added multiple items to your Bundle, tap the Buy Now button in the Bundle or make an offer. Features. Im smiling hearing that youre also obsessed with Poshmark it happens so quickly!! Or is that bad form? Hi Heatspot, when you decline an offer, this ends the negotiation. Does the new Make Offer button only appear on new posts? The seller communicated to me that they had to cancel because they werent making enough money from Poshmark. To break this down a little bit using your scenario. Im more than happy to, as I know it can be confusing when not talking in person. I bundle and send offers alllll The time and make tons of sales. A quick post about Closet / Poshmark Etiquette. . THIS!!!!! Why when I edit a listing, I do not see the make an offer option to add to the listing. You can easily change this percentage or turn it off at any time through your settings. It can be any of the above and more, but these are just some examples to get your ideas flowing! I am not sure if you are aware of the etiquette on poshmark. Yes!! Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. How will I know if a buyer makes an offer on one of my listings? Thank you again. Im glad to see Im not the only one experiencing these issues but its disheartening to see it happens so often. Please be sure to read cost breakdown. Sometimes if they add a few items Ill send an offer but thats about it. I personally wouldve done the same thing as you and waited a few hours to think about what to accept. You can share the bundle discount sign you created to another users likes by: This can work for many different reasons: I myself have personally purchased an item from a user who offered me a bundle discount without me asking. I do have a question??? You now have an Active Offers page which displays all of your listings with active offers. That's a lot of people! For example, if you offer 50% off a bundle of three items discount, and I add three items to a bundle in your closet, Poshmark will automatically show me the discounted price. Your set Poshmark Bundle discount percentage is 25% off any order of two or more items. You can view your total discount and review your order details on the Checkout page. We use double-opt ins to protectus bothagainst spam. I hope youre awesome and my sincerest apologies for the delay!! They are super new to Posh and didnt know how it worked. Here is the scenario I have a question about: Someone has made a bundle and Ive made them an offer on it, but they havent accepted the offer (its now been 11 hours) and now someone *else* made an offer on one of the items in the bundle. I understand that it is rude to comment about finding a product cheaper somewhere else but it is also unethical for a posher to list an item for hundreds of dollars more than they're worth and they should be called out. It's happening more and more, unfortunately. It could be their way of letting you know they are super interested instead of just liking it. I don't know where the seller's bottom line or motivation is set. I understand for some items that people may have paid more than it retailed for, but I wasn't about to pay over 50% more than retail on an item that wasn't in perfect condition. Share tips and tricks, make new PFFs, and banter about. Ive found that when a user is looking to purchase, they will be very actively trying to let you know by shopping around in your closet. Give it a try and sign up for a free 14-day trial. By offering bundle discounts to buyers, this helps sway a buyer to purchase them from you, instead of another Poshmark seller who offers a deal. Have you ever browsed someones Posh closet and liked several items but not been sold on the sale because of the price? Wouldnt it be cool to find more than one item you love from another users closet and get a deal for purchasing them both? I have definitely been putting the time into learning how Poshmark REALLY works. Great articleso informative and really helpful. Spread Positivity The love you spread will get returned. I appreciate your sharing of knowledge. New poshers should not get upset if they receive a lowball offer that has no interest in accepting a fair price because it just comes naturally with selling.

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