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Photo by Sarah Schoeneman private land elk hunts

Chimney Rock Outfitters provides exclusive hunting of elk, mule deer, whitetail deer, moose and black bear on 35,000 acres of private land with a fair chase opportunity. These combined ranches total about 70,000 acres that lies in the foothills of the Capitan mountains in south central New Mexico. To book a trip or ask for pricing, reach out to us. 371 Kiehl Ranch Road, Winnett, MT 59087, United States. Our hunters are provided with a cozy, secluded Montana Hunting Cabin, home cooked meals, and personal Elk Hunting Guides. All hunts are set according toColorado Parks and Wildlife. The cost of the hunt includes: private landowner authorization, meals, guide, accommodations on some hunts, courtesy transportation during the hunt, and caping for trophy preparation of the animal. By keeping our hunter numbers low, it allows us to cater to each individual hunters needs. We want our hunters to experience the best Hunting in Montana and grow to love it as we have. Bulls from 340-380 plus are available during good moisture years in our premier units as seen in our photo album and on our TV show. We start out early before daylight, drive 44 to the hunting area from the lodge, and go into the area on foot. It is a morning and evening hunt and not a hike the hills all day type of hunt. They have had almost no hunting pressure. Be prepared to hunt the abundant resident wildlife populations when you and your personal Montana Hunting Guide step out the front door. The ranch is located about a 45 minute drive out of Grants, New Mexico and at an elevation of approximately 7,000 feet. From spot and stalk to sitting in a comfortable, heated blind, we are able to custom tailor a hunt to match a variety of hunting preferences and physical capabilities. He found the do-it-yourself non-guided hunt on private property to be most fulfilling and productive hunting experience available. The price of private Utah elk hunting largely depends on which animal you wish to hunt. In a normal weather year, this area will hold a tremendous number of bulls. The Elk Hunt will begin Saturday morning and run through Wednesday evening. The typical day will be to travel from Grants to the Ranch to begin the hunt, once on the ranch, we will be there all day. Early October is still in the rut and can have rutting action through most of the month of October. Calling is the primary tactic for the archery hunts. Deer hunts:Region R units 41,47,51,52,53, 121,122,124; Region M units 39,40,164, 125. Hunts are Sunday through Wednesday or Wednesday through Saturday with arrival mid-afternoon of the first day, either Sunday or Wednesday. These combined ranches total about 70,000 acres that lies in the foothills of the Capitan mountains in south central New Mexico. Elk Hunts We currently offer fully-guided private land archery, muzzleloader, and rifle elk hunts at eight different locations throughout the state of Colorado: Cripple Creek, Eastern Plains, Montrose, Cross Mountain Ranch, Moon Ranch, Seely Ranch, Four Mile Ranch and North Mountain Ranch. We allow flexibility to our hunting clients by offering hunts via foot and 44 accessible areas. We love spending time in New Mexico Elk country and cant wait to show you a great time while hunting big New Mexico bull elk! All mule deer hunts are the western classic mode of operation, spot and stalk, with minimal sit and wait when conditions warrant it. No license or tags are required for our elk and bison hunts. Elk Hunting in New Mexico is an experience you won't want to miss out on. Kiowa Hunting Service offers private land elk hunts in New Mexico and Colorado, as well as Private Land Cow Elk hunts in New Mexico. At Juniper Mountain Ranch, we guarantee you will harvest your animal. Colorado Elk Hunts and Other Big Game Some of the best Colorado elk hunts can be found nestled in a private, secluded valley and shadowed by the snow-capped peaks of the Continental Divide. J&D Outfitters and Guide Service, Inc. operates under special use permit from the USDA Forest Service and Pike National Forest. 5-Day Private Land Open Range Elk Hunts $7,000 Meals Lodging Guides Exclusive access to private land We take you on a 7-day quality elk hunt (one day in, one day out, 5 days hunting) in the mountains of western Colorado. Dreams are made here every September and we would love a chance to help you achieve yours! We hunt on 5000 acres of private land and in the Gunnison National Forest by special use permit USDA-Forest Service. We have taken hundreds and hundreds of giant bulls on these late hunts, and the draw odds are absolutely incredible relative to the quality of bulls typically available. November 22-26, 2023, 21: $8,000.00 each + tax11: $9,000.00 each + tax. To maintain this vision, we offer only a limited number of archery hunts so as to not interfere with our resident elk herds during the critical rut and we only take about 30 rifle hunters per year. Unlike other elk hunting zones, the special southwest zone has no harvest quota. Our Rifle Elk hunts take place in Unit 12 which is in west central New Mexico. (CALL FOR DETAILS) (541) 676 - 5390. The elevation ranges from 6000 feet to almost 8000 feet in elevation. This is a six-generation family-owned sheep ranch. We provide our clients with some of the Elk Hunting Gear theyll need, in addition to offering comfortable accommodations, personal attention, and expert advice. I thought that I would add some information or thoughts about elk hunting and hunting in general in New Mexico for the reader read more, Elk Guided/Public Land Fully Accommodated. We provide full meals with every day of your Montana Elk Huntmorning, noon, and night. We have multiple options for private land and public land DIY and Drop Camp hunts. Cabin Guests Enjoy Exclusive Recreational and Hunting Rights on 700+ Acres of Prime Elk, Mule Deer, Antelope, Bear, Coyote, Bobcat, and Mountain Lion Habitat surrounded by Low Pressure Private land. This is an exclusive big game hunt for rifle hunting enthusiasts who are looking to be the only hunters on 40,000 expansive acres of prime Hunting in Montana land nestled against the Tobacco Root Mountains. Hunting is done on private or public land but his main hunting is done on private land. We offer bow, muzzleloader and rifle hunts; no draw is required to obtain these tags. Our region of Wyoming has a large number of resident elk, with high country meadows for summer range. Arizona early archery bull hunts can be booked for 7, 10 or 14 days. You can count on one of our experienced elk hunting guides to assist you in your elk hunt in Colorado by placing you in the area with the highest probability of coming home with an elk you can be proud of. This will increase your odds of drawing by 2 to 3 times on most hunts. Juniper Mountain Elk Ranch has a large selection of monster bull elk. In Unit 12 we offer mainly private land rifle elk hunts but we do get a few unit wide tags that are very desirable. FWCO Elk Hunts are conducted in Hunting District 410, right in the middle of the famed Missouri River Breaks! Accommodations will be in a motel in Grants, at hunters expense, and the meals will be in restaurants in Grants at Kiowas expense. J & D Outfitters is a family owned business that has exclusive hunting rights to several thousand acres of private mountain ranches, as well as several ranches across the Eastern plains of Colorado. In addition, we are just 17 miles from Craig, Colorado, also known as the Colorado elk hunting capital, hosting some of the largest elk herds in Colorado. Cost is $250 per day for lodging, meals, guide, transportation, and game care. Hunt 1: Cow Elk Hunts are currently FULL Season: August 15 - Dec 31 Duration: 2 Days Waterfowl Waterfowl hunts are conducted from November - January. Guided access to thousands of acres prime hunting private and public land. $11,500 for 11, includes landowner tag We currently offer fully-guided private land archery, muzzleloader, and rifle elk hunts at eight different locations throughout the state of Colorado: Cripple Creek, Eastern Plains, Montrose, Cross Mountain Ranch, Moon Ranch, Seely Ranch, Four Mile Ranch and North Mountain Ranch. We are targeting mature 300-350 bulls, and larger bulls may be available in our top areas when conditions are right. You can expect to hunt resident and migratory herds of Montana Elk depending on the time of year. This ranch is 12,000 acres in size. This is property which has not been exploited by hunter pressure. Our elk ranch has over 12,000 acres under high fence. He has a very high success rate throughout the season and runs both archery and rifle hunts. Spot and stalk, blinds, and tree stands are used. All Rights Reserved. on a typical day one of our guides will pick you up before daylight and proceed to the ranch you will be hunting. Use the Outfitter Request Form to check on availability, ask questions or book it. Late season archery elk hunts are Arizonas easiest elk hunts to draw, perhaps the most challenging, but definitely one of the most rewarding after your bull is on the ground! There are no modern facilities at this bunkhouse. UCO offers both guided and unguided National Forest hunts that take place in the Snowcrest, Greenhorn, and Gravelly ranges. All Rights Reserved. The quality of elk has gotten extremely good during the last decade making this a world class hunting destination. The property, a 7,000 acre cattle ranch, and the surrounding area host a large population of elk. Top Notch has secured exclusive hunting rights on the best private land elk hunting ranches in New Mexico. We focus our attention on providing high-quality rifle hunts for elk, mule deer, pronghorn antelope, and moose. On our premier unit-wide elk hunts (landowner tag-no draw required) in September and October, bulls from 300-350 are our target, and bulls over 370 are taken occasionally in these units. Because this is private Montana property, the elusive success rate numbers certainly go up. hunting: our hunts are conducted on many private ranches throughout southern colorado. Luxurious accommodations, delicious meals, abundant game, trophy-class animals, an attentive staff, expert guides, and an extraordinarily high success rate ensure a great hunting experience; a Buffalo Creek Ranch Experience. The hunter is responsible for: their personal gear, weapon, transportation to the prearranged meeting area, meat processing, taxidermy, motel costs and NM elk license. LOCATIONS: Northside Unit. Hunt Difficulty: Low to medium impact. Bar K Ranch is located in the West Elk mountains of northwest Gunnison County in west central Colorado, game management unit 521. Visit the Colorado Division of Wildlife website where you can: Purchase over-the-counter elk licenses, Apply for limited draw licenses (application deadline for fall hunts is usually around April 1st), Plan for future Colorado elk hunts by applying for preference points. Early September is the pre-rut and the bulls will be starting to bugle. We have a high percentage of shot opportunity for a hunter to harvest bull elk. Our elk ranch has over 12,000 acres under high fence. The Drybuck Mountains may be just a short distance from Boise, but they provide an out-of-this-world opportunity for private hunting. You are hunting at 7,500 to 10,000 feet in elevation, the lodge is located at 9,500 feet. Our policy on our private land hunts is to not book in advance several years. 4064295601 kiehl@midrivers . While Hunting in Montana, you might leave on foot, 44, vehicle or a combination thereof. Well this outfitter is different. The better shape you are in the easier it will be for your guide to get you in position to get that perfect shot. The ranch is hunted very lightly per hunt, thus the high success rate of the hunt. Check out the following Best of the West episodes that highlight late season elk hunts with Diamond Outfitters: Our New Mexico guided elk hunts take place on both public and private land. All rifle hunts are by draw with the application window for Colorado closing April 5th, 2023. The land varies from open and rolling alfalfa fields to junipers and cactus. Early October is still in the rut and can have rutting action through most of the month of October. The terrain is mostly rolling hills with canyons covered by juniper and pinon pine mixed with some grassy flats. 2015 O'Hair Ranch / Chimney Rock Outfitters, 2015 O'Hair Ranch / Chimney Rock Outfitters. Hunters have averaged a gross Boone and Crockett score over 380" for the past 5 years. Along with our trophy elk hunts we also offer guaranteed buffalo hunting as well as free range hunts with excellent success rates. This time can be easier to call in bulls because they are gathering their herds. Due to the hunting ranchs terrain, the location of the Montana Hunting Cabins, and the use of 44 vehicles to easily access hunting areas, Private Land Elk Hunting is possible for any hunting enthusiast. Ace Outfitters offers guided elk hunts during archery and rifle seasons, and limits each camp to only four hunters per week. You will be hunting mostly private ranch land for the cows, depending on the days you select you may never see another hunter except in town. $11,500 for 11, includes landowner tag We have hunted this ranch for the last five years and have maintained a 90%+ success rate for rifle bull elk hunts. Since your accommodations include a private Montana Hunting Cabin on the hunting property, there is no motel to travel to and from. Some of the newly paved highway 69 is a proposed part of the 'Frontier Pathways Scenic Byway' passing the landmark Gardner Butte just as you come thru town. Elk Hunting. Wyoming Elk Hunt Pricing 1X1 Guided Trophy Elk Rifle or Bow Hunt 5 DAYS $7,500 per person All meals and lodging included. We offer both rifle and archery elk hunts in combination with deer and bear hunts. However, there are many factors that will affect the outcome of your hunt. Anyone Big Game Hunting in Montana in this particular area has the potential to harvest up to 5 animals including Rocky Mountain Elk, whitetail deer, mule deer, and Antelope Montana. This is an intense adrenaline adventure for any bowhunter looking for a great Colorado archery elk hunting experience. Contact me for more details on these hunts. Cow elk hunts are a lot of fun and a great way to fill the freezer. Elk Hunters arrive on a Friday and depart on the following Thursday. These turkeys are old with long beards and big spurs. Colorado has the largest Elk Population in the Country. Ruggs Ranch offers three Archery Elk Hunts that are limited to 8 hunters for each hunt. The price includes private landowner tag, meals, lodging, guide, transportation while hunting, game retrieval and game storage while in camp. For more on what to expect while Private Land Elk Hunting, read more about the accommodations we provide for our Elk Hunters. New Mexico Elk Hunting Private Ranch & Guaranteed Elk Tags - Muzzleloader, Rifle, Archery Private Land Hunts New Mexico Elk Hunting Ranch See our hunt schedule and SPECIAL LAST MINUTE 2022 DISCOUNT ON BULL ELK HUNT along with 2023 pricing here. Typically you will be seeing 260 up to 330 class bulls with the potential for the opportunity at a 350 class bull or better. Hunters will . The quarry consists of a large herd of resident ranch elk, and scores range above the 330 plus mark with many scores exceeding the 360 mark. Our hunters typically see a 80% success rate and have several opportunities to harvest an animal during their hunting season. The primary tactics for the archery hunts will be calling as long as the bulls are receptive to calling. Our hunts are spot and stock type hunts. Guided Elk Hunts have a 2 hunter to 1 guide ratio. Each private land ranch differs by terrain, elk population, the number of hunters on the ranch per hunt, accommodations, and other variables. Some of this ranch is relatively flat and open while other parts are more mountainous and rugged with thick cover making shots anywhere from 20 yards to 500 yards. In the past we have taken bulls up to 370 B&C. These hunts require NO DRAW and are sold on a first-come, first-served basis. Disclaimer: All prices are per person unless otherwise noted. With thick cover and canyons our shots vary anywhere from 20 yards to 500 yards. As all our guests quickly learn, your every need is met. We hunt trophy bull elk throughout the west on public and private land targeting mature 330+ bulls. Get your hunt scheduled today for a prized trophy bull elk. During your semi-guided elk hunt, you will experience large numbers of elk and low hunting pressure. There's also plenty of nearby public hunting and hiking on Little Sheep and Sheep Mountain. The ranches are in unit 37 which is known for its world class bulls. $ 9.99 for 1 year. We invite you to come and enjoy this beautiful resource with the famous Teton Peaks, Centennial Mountains and Sawtooth Mountains as our backdrops. This is because many of these ranches are working ranches. $632 for state licenses and stamps If you fail to draw then you may purchase a license voucher from the rancher that will enable you to buy a license across the counter. In fact there are about twice as many Elk in Colorado than Montana and about as many as New Mexico, Idaho, and Wyoming combined. We hunt 1000's of acres of private land hunt in eastern Oregon near John Day for the Rio Grande turkeys. In doing so his hunts fill up long before the Wyoming license application deadline. We have counted over 12 bulls and hundreds of cows in one herd, and our guides have encountered several herds in a single day. Each season, we will only book 1 or 2 hunters per season on this ranch. Archery Elk Hunts are generally the 2nd, 3rd and 4th . This is not a get out and hike 10 miles a day hunt but the hunter must be able to cover some distance to get to the elk. Early September is the pre rut and the bulls will be starting to bugle and can be easier to call in because they are gathering their herds. These combined ingredients create a recipe for an elk hunting nirvana. There is no guarantee in hunting. Paul was able to read the elk and set me up for an unbelievable opportunity for my first elk. Jim Sween, NE. We have exciting opportunities to hunt New Mexico bull elk by either drawing a tag, or choosing to hunt one of our several ranches with a New Mexico landowner tag. Quick View. Additionally, hunting on adjacent public lands often pushes elk onto our property as they seek reprieve from the pressure. The accommodations and hospitality were beyond my expectations. John Loveday, NY. The head will be caped, and you can take your trophy with you or we will relay the trophy to a taxidermist that we utilize. The lease of the property includes . Utah Cow Elk Hunts. From the field to the freezer; we have you covered. Vehicle access is moderate. These private land elk hunts provide high success rates and lots of action. This hunt occurs in Southeastern Colorado in Game Management Unit 83. Phone: 208.663.4585Email: cindy@junipermountain.netWeb: Guided Merriam Turkey. We offer the hunters that hunted with us this year, the first right to return. Private land elk and deer mule hunts will often include a fair amount of time in a vehicle. While we manage for opportunities at the biggest and best animals possible and have an average 95% success rate in harvesting mature bulls and bucks, we believe the reason we all hunt is for the experience, and the Buffalo Creek Experience is surpassed by a few. We have both 5 and 6 day elk hunts available. Located at ~7500ft the property allows hunters of most physical conditions to enjoy the pursuit of game. As a result, animals harvested tend to be mature, trophy big game animals. The one thing you as a hunter can control is physical conditioning and it is always important to be in the best shape possible. Available in units 16,19,22,23,24,118,120,124. Part of our operations are conducted on Pikes Peak Ranger Districts. We have hunted this ranch for the last seven years and have maintained a 90%+ success rate for both archery and rifle. Depending on conditions, clients may ride a short distance with one of our experienced hunting guides to the hunting site by snowmobile. Airport pickup can be arranged if flying into Alamosa, Colorado. The archery and early October hunts (often the muzzleloader season) provide the most exciting bugling and rut action, but mid-October rifle hunts still have some leftover rut activity to enjoy while increasing your chance of success with a mature New Mexico bull elk! Clients for New Mexico elk can certainly benefit from our Zero Outfitter Fees program but it is only recommended not required. Private land elk hunts for the special southwest zone Kiowa county Oklahoma. VIEW GALLERY. New Mexico is known for its incredible Rocky Mountain Elk population and private land hunts are a great opportunity to get a shot at a trophy bull. Elk - Private Land Kiowa Hunting Service offers private land elk hunts in New Mexico and Colorado, as well as Private Land Cow Elk hunts in New Mexico. This ranch has been highly successful, not extremely physical or challenging. Cayuse Hills Outfitters offers fair chase private land hunts for Elk, Mule Deer, and Antelope. Elk Hunts. Elk are amazingly adaptable and can live almost anywhere - forest, deserts, mountains and plains. 2023 Sage Peak Hunting. Elevations range from 8,000 to 10,500 feet. We take Rifle, Muzzle-loader, and Archery clients. Lasal Delores Triangle LE Bull: The Lasal Delores Triangle LE Bull unit is a late season bull elk hunt. Top Notch Outfitters private land archery elk hunts are conducted on select ranches in south central New Mexico. Get in touch to discuss your best elk hunt yet! Private Land Log Bunkhouses (Electric, Shower & Water) (Min 2 hunters to reserve - 4 hunts available per dates) Mesa River Property $2750 per hunt 1st - 2nd - 3rd - 4th Seasons 5 Day hunts OTC - No Lodging & Meals On private ground Unit 22 Min of 2 people to book (Min 2 hunters to reserve - 4 hunts available per dates) New Castle $2750 per hunt Guided Elk hunts, Mule Deer hunts, Antelope hunts, and Oryx hunts. To learn more about the different services we offer, simply browse our site or contact us to learn more about the Guided Elk Hunting and other kinds of Hunting in Montana that we have to offer.

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