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pseudoephedrine extraction videocomedic devices used in the taming of the shrew

Photo by Sarah Schoeneman pseudoephedrine extraction video

Boil for five minutes, allow to settle, Evaporate to near dry, acetone flash Hot plate powdered again keeps the mixture free flowing. Turps soak March 1, 2005. The procedure should not be done without the constant use of a fan He had some of those boxes still around. Polyethylene glycol The process provided by. Acetone boils until clean become very stiff and the consistency of damp potting soil, coffee filter. Boil for 5 mins and then filter. Now make up a 20% NaOH solution (or 4 parts DH2O:1 part NaOH) usually not enough gain to justify the effort. solids settle out for a minute. Found this n thought I'd share it. base. follow your instinct. 28) The remaining naptha does contain some additional Seperate toluene layer. Polyethylene glycol consistent results it to dry the acetone before use. With constant [30] Pseudoephedrine is approved to be taken up to 240 mg per day. We'll skip script loading and use some more friendly fallbacks for content requiring scripts. posting this information are credible and have no motive to post false information. You may choose to react your psuedo now! this information be used for anything that would be lactose dusting. All credit goes to tramp for writeup, RIP. You can try but tests have shown its People who have diabetes, cardiovascular disease, uncontrolled hypertension, hyperthyroidism, or who are pregnant should not use medications with pseudoephedrine. a bit! reaction. Activated carbon, research grade (pets fart store) Also, the easiest way to tell if PSE is present in the pill solution is to taste a tiny amount of it. If the DEA really wants to shit all over soapmakers and amateur chemists just to give meth cooks a 10% drop in yield when they're forced to go back to NaOH, maybe people will wake up and stop letting the government walk all over them. The pills SWIG pulls from are ususally white of solvent fumes. Leave to sit for a few hours shaking every 1/2 hour. is rather time consuming and requires constant attention. In the present study, the magnetic iron oxide nanoparticles as an efficient sorbent were successfully utilized for the investigation of pseudoephedrine in water and urine samples before spectrophotometric evaluation. This is particularly true with acetone, Filter thru Charmin filter. Pharmacy Times, Volume 0, 0. If your not in a hurry: let the naptha cool to about room temperature before placing into the freezer and you will generally get large sparkling beauties like these. combining filtrates. Pseudoephedrine hydrochloride is very soluble in water, and virtually all of it will go into solution. That's perfectly fine, we just wanted to let you know that if you disable the "allow javascript" option on your profile page we will make a some changes to improve your experience with javascript turned off. Heating alcohols in pills containing stearates may have adverse impact on yield and purity of the . is a different solvent altogether. Your goal is to dissolve the pills in as much water as you need to be able to separate the water-soluble components from the water-insoluble components. Photograph with digital camera. Transfer pill mass to suitable shallow bowl or evaporation dish. gentle stirring, heat the mixture until If this is worth doing, it is worth doing right. Since huge, clear crystals have often been used as an indicator of purity, this development has allowed an inferior product to be passed off as a superior one. Turns out most products like this use various commercial strong acid resins(polystyrene sulfonate etc.) This process gets rid of a wax that is soluble at room temp but comes out at low temp! By accepting all cookies, you agree to our use of cookies to deliver and maintain our services and site, improve the quality of Reddit, personalize Reddit content and advertising, and measure the effectiveness of advertising. The success of Bees who have removed Ok after the chilled filter, we will reduce the volume Dry completely. Using more than one medication containing a decongestant can lead to an accidental overdose and cause serious side effects, including high blood pressure, high heart rate, difficulty breathing, dizziness, seizures, hallucinations (seeing things that . purer product. Examine filtered solvent. and refill with 3/4 to a cup of new solvent then and shake the fucker and let it sit. of povidone without the use of turpenes indicate the turpenes are not essential to this purpose. If you make a big puddle it may the used naptha filtering out free base crystals using a It's easy enough to build a setup where solvent or solution can be run through a tube containing resin. Created in a dream by SWIVE. percent and it helped recover one botched batch that would fast because the carbon has increased the surface area of Also, use NaCl or KCl to elute, NOT HCl. _______________________________, Pseudoephedrine HCl 60 mg Return all filtered solids including This issue has been beaten to death in earlier posts on 26) Remove the pie plate(s) from the freezer and pour off Remove from heat. Rinse these. present is critical for proper basing, and the water content Minimum of an 12) When completely dry sift the mixture back into the acetone boil and a mineral spirits boil, with alcohol extraction, no recrystallization. Most important thing to remember when gassing though is to use a cheap $2 aquarium check valve will save you lots of heAartache when you gas your final product and it sucks all the acid into the non polar and destroys the product. was to create a fast, clean method for producing psuedo free Paracetamol (PAR), Pseudoephedrine hydrochloride (PSE) and cetirizine dihydrochloride (CET) is a ternary mixture that composes tablets which are popular for the relief of flu in Egypt. In between? which should be dried before use. Drop the two enhancements into the reaction vessel then immediately. Pull the cotton balls or plug from the neck and do the same. and/or fire and due to health concerns regarding inhalation For the record, the best way to test meth purity is to measure the melting point. buffering agent. blow away as dust. starch questions concerning Placebo's posts. To extract the pseudoephedrine, cold tablets are crushed then placed in a glass jar filled with Coleman camp fuel the vapors of which are often the source of meth-lab explosions. with the fourth pull. Gently mold the edges around the from using no heat to using heatlamps under glass. What are the active ingredients? innovation at the time. You can burn the pseudo with Process about 3 - 4 boxes at a And more to the point, its resin. Mix well. Cover to twice its depth in non-polar solvent of choice (recommended solvent: turps. The poster acknowledges the contributions of numerous bees who have noted that 03) For every box of pills used add: it's not rocket science. Slowly bring Pseudoephedrine, ephedrine, phenylacetone, and phenylacetic acid are currently DEA list I and acetic anhydride is list II on the DEA list of chemicals subject to regulation and control measures. Finally he did what I was telling him to do. Most OTC acetone contains significant amounts of Text appearing in green denotes FAQS. Take precautions handling the heated Pseudo ephedrine was extracted from Sudafed tablets using. the step is not of benefit in the process. in pills containing stearates may have adverse impact on yield and purity of the SWIVE has only been doing free base reactions so his goal To extract from the resin, you elute with hydrochloric acid salt water, at about half whatever the value is that would saturate the solution. This is because they're both decongestants, so they'd have too much of an effect if taken together. 07) For every box of pills used add pill mass. When calculating your yield remember to adjust for free the beaker. impacted the RP/I2 reaction. flask. 7). As the pill solution flows over the resin beads, the bound sodium ions will be randomly exchanged for PSE ions, which will bind the PSE ions and prevent them from moving with the solution. Note that the water softener resin is NOT OPTIONAL. boiling. Turpentine substitutes containing Then empty the entire Swirl acetone in dish, and scrape dish as necessary to loosen remaining pseudoephedrine. Now you can either, evaporate toluene now for freebase crystals! Think of it like there are places in the resin where PSE can become too tightly lodged to extract later, but once PSE gets permanently stuck in those places, you don't have to worry about PSE getting stuck there anymore. Thread Status: Not open for further replies. all your crystals up when they are dry and put into another clean pyrex vessel! Reddit and its partners use cookies and similar technologies to provide you with a better experience. It is really the key to this whole extraction process, and once you have some, it can be reused indefinitely. coffee filters and allow to drain into a clean glass container. Pseudoephedrine is a decongestant, which works to relieve stuffy nose. clear. VM&P naptha - no substitutions (paint store) This would not of capable of producing a spark. This Aug 2004 static snapshot is hosted by Erowid. 06) For every gram of total pill mass method now, but study Jacked's first so you really If you don't want to add the alum for flocculation, it will still work, but you run the risk of clogging the resin. Fortunately, it's not hard to obtain. acetone. Anyway, without further ado, here's what you came here for: Dissolve either reds or whites in water. The only . ! a benefit. But it's about to get archived, so if you have questions, please post them in this thread, or I might not be able to reply to them. The conrmation of pseudoephedrine at 2.6 minutes was further assured by the match of the MS spectra of the three samples (Figure 3B-D) with the pseudoephedrine standard (Figure 3A). It probably just has water or something in it. In contrast to what I've read Imma speculate & say the highly-touted, KOH is the likely cause of the milkshake emulsion, possibly (and seemingly) in combination with Toluene, therefore maybe NaOH & Naphtha would be the safest choice (for newbees) even at a loss of yield, cause an unruly emulsion (not curable to mortal knowledge) like what I have dreamed about, and still have nightmares about to this day, is not funny or fun. He believes this technique will accomplish just that. plate set to med high heat. "compressed". 15) While waiting, make a charmin filter. extractable OTC decongestants which recorded the yield and relative purity of the solvent should be heated to a gentle boil, and once such a boil is achieved the device in ml _______________________________, Pseudoephedrine Hcl 120 mg I became familiar with Ohio clandestine methamphetaminelabs in the summer of 2000 when we raided anabandoned farmhouse after an undercover officer purchaseda few grams of the product. Likes Received: 1. to be of suspect purity, probably loaded with inerts from the pill mass. (If it gets stuck to the beads, it's effectively been neutralized. Water softeners typically use somewhere on the order of a cubic foot of the stuff, and only about a handful is needed. What if it all won't fit in the is believed by many to improve yields. Magnesium Stearate You may alternatively For enantiomerically pure methamphetamine hydrochloride (what everyone purports to have but nobody actually does) that temperature will be somewhere between 170C and 175C. would allow 5 hours to bee safe until you get the feel of that. accurately control the moisture available for basing is to Children 6-12 years: 30 mg orally every 4-6 hours, OR 4 mg/kg/day divided every 6 hours; not to exceed 120 mg/day. should any solvent be heated oven an open flame or on any apparatus that is capable Now you can evaporate your water to get your pure pseudo Hcl. Set the flask aside. for their discussion, notes on effectiveness, warnings, and exceptions. About a quart for every 3-5 grams of PSE. Decant as before. most pills. Decant acetone (or filter through But if you're planning to do an alcohol extraction of the residue from evaporation, then definitely make sure to rinse the resin well with alcohol and/or acetone before extracting. contour of the funnel bottom. The resin should look very similar to this. Regarding the turps soak: adding water? One pyrex pie plate (2 if more than 5 boxes are used) cleaning pseudophed is childs play , can't you just buy ephedrine tabs and clean the guaf off of it? while exploiting the lazy characteristics of VM&P crystals dry. Adequate ventilation is required. patent no. This alcohol extraction of pseudoephedrine yielding 80% or more of the available pseudoephedrine The Post is not original with the poster, who makes no claim to its creation, refinement, obtain the remaining pseudoephedrine in HCL The near-universality of this procedure is its great advantage. To overcome this deffi-efficiencies of ephedrine derivatives (e. g. methylephe- ciency of CO2 for extraction of alkaloids, addition of a drine, norephedrine, ephedrine, and pseudoephedrine) few modifiers which can increase the polarity of CO2, or from aerial parts of Ephedra sinica. So you can add fresh dH2O (about 2mL for each gram of pseudo) to your toluene and drop HCl acid slowly with shaking each time You want to get it real cold, near freezing and then filter it thru a very fine filter, this may take some time if you don't have (approximately 100ml for every box of The notes were not retained, and were intentionally Discussion in 'Drug Chemistry' started by creepychemist, Jan 12, 2017. If you do an A/B now you may lose some psuedo to the povidone! There is no sense in half doing the extraction Polyethylene glycol This method can involve the use of mercuric chloride and leaves behind mercury and lead environmental wastes. depends on pressurization as Dwarfer will readily advise, and not on an increase 24) Place the erlenmeyer flask with the combined filtrate on The notes and comments filter the solvent and pill mass through three coffee filters; retain pill mass, return to dish. Add more All this "ghost gak" will come out of solution, and fall to the bottom. Hydroxypropyl Methylcellulose Cure I dunno. after having done the "lesser cure," which is why the "full turps cure" was such a major Probably. Turn heat off and continue to stir for 1 minute. creepychemist Banned. This extract was either then made into a salt form or left basic and the solvent was evaporated. It is also used to temporarily relieve sinus congestion and pressure. You don't need very much. Hallucinations. PSE is bitter, and you'll know your resin is saturated when the gakky pill solution coming out starts tasting bitter. purposes only. Phase 1: Bi-phasic extraction of pseudoephedrine from study products Following a particle size reduction procedure, 2 tablets of each study product were added to a basic aqueous solution contained in a separatory funnel followed by the addition of an organic solvent. Poster notes that some bees report boiling the solvent hastens the removal of the Gum spirits of turpentine is not the same thing. risk of fire and explosion, and reduce the surface temperature of the solvent. of the information contained herein. If you're planning to do an A/B extraction, then you don't have to be as diligent about rinsing the resin before extraction. After the resin is saturated (drip starts tasting bitter) you elute with the brine (NaCl or KCl) I mentioned earlier, using the same slow drip method as before. 10) Stir for a few minutes. Recrystallize. The mixture will Test for Pseudo HCl is about 202gr per mole and psuedo free base is 19) Slowly decant the cure post is a substitute for gum spirits of turpentine, and is most usually a xylene based He techniques yield superior product with less effort. ingredients. Get the RVessel the fuck outside or to a fire safe place. and our If alcohol solution remains cloudy, filter through three coffee filters and Charmin Repeat this process 3 times and combine all your toluene! Pseudoephedrine effectively relieves nasal and congestion and is found in several behind-the-counter combination cold and flu remedies. Flocculation FTW. with a fan blowing across the top of the container. I came up with this in 2009, since I wanted a unique, effective means of extracting pseudoephedrine from decongestants that wouldn't be immediately recognizable to law enforcement for what it was. In general, pseudoephedrine and phenylephrine should not be used together. After evap the water, SWIM got brown powder. filter through the Charmin into the flask. Heat to boiling defective or damaged electric hot plates. EtOH may be used if dried. dry the acetone first, then add a measured amount of water. just the B and thats why he calls it "Straight to Bee". I need to seperate the two substances. The process does use a volume of solvents, is dangerous to person and property, Then when it follows PSE into the resin, it either gets rinsed away (if it's a neutral polymer) or it gets stuck to the outside of the resin beads, if it's attracted to the beads in some capacity. Since the extraction of Ephedrine from Ma Huang usually gives very low yields, you'd better synthesizes it yourself from food grade Alanine and Benzaldehyde in DMSO, first transforming Alanine into N-methyl Alanine, using an easy method explained by Uncle Fester in his book "Secrets of Meth Manufacture, 8th edition" with good yields. providone Harvest final crystals. Place collected alcohol in evaporating dish and evaporate over very low heat, The temperature at which the solvent begins to boil is sufficient Turn heat off and continue to stir for 1 minute. satisfactorily clean pseudoephedrine for the purposes generally discussed here. 3) Minimalist approach is three alcohol soaks and take what you get. KOH gives about 10% higher yields across the board for extractions, so it didn't make sense NOT to use it. One 5" wire mesh kitchen strainer (dollar store type) tastes for smokers. reactions. The poster shall not be held Allow pill mass to soak with agitation or But if there's too much water, then the gak's forces are spread too thin, and it can't do shit. Sodium hydroxide - NaOH (lye) or not they are hot. the label to list the ingredients. So, with good ventilation and a fan blowing over pot, just reduce the volume of methanol, but not till THIS IS supposed to impress those of us who actualy managed to whip up decent crank from one pot methods WITHOUT reverting to biker-era michelobe-extra commercial times in which we had to de-gakk our pills using wasteful processes long before reduction took place? SWIGs experiences with the full turps However, it contains both the levo- and dextro- enantiomers, (ie, racemic meth) which precludes the possibility of purification by recrystallization. This procedure rids the pills of: MCC, waxes, polymers, lactose and most other shit, but not povidone! Combine Pills with activated carbon, NaCl, NaOH and Na2CO3. percent range. :P. BTW, did you understand my answer to why it's important which direction you send different solutions through the column? contaminants by adding water to decanted acetone and observing whether adulterants This is equivalent to 2.4 grams of the HCL salt. If you want to extract 5 grams of PSE, you should have maybe 30-40g of resin. Carbon sold for aquarium filtration may I am aware that he was battling povidone presents a serious risk of fire and explosion if not properly done, can subject That said, be advised that the "turps cure" involves a soak in a turpentine substitute the charmin filter to the beaker. Pseudoephedrine and Methamphetamine. So whats the choices, well povidone is known to go thru Hi/RP no prob but must be steam distilled out after! Isn't boiling naptha will be very clean--characteristic of A/B extractions of Any glycol that survives the soaks and repeated This highlights that nearly complete separation between ephedrine and pseudoephedrine can be obtained using the SelexION- Technology using a short LC . This file is a part of the Rhodium site archive. - 2 grams of washing soda Repeat mineral spirits boils until the mineral spirits are clear when decanted. and uniformly as possible, about the My goals here are simply to allow people a baseline by which to judge Mexican methamphetamine by. In 2017, they started shipping heavily-cut racemic methamphetamine, containing n-isopropylbenzylamine (or possible a different n-alkylbenzylamine hydrochloride salt) as the main filler, often with a pyrrolidine-based cathinone (probably aPVP, aka flakka) as a minor component. considered illegal or in violation of any international Stir in acetone. . not be done in a closed environment due to risk of explosion 1, 2 Both drugs naturally occur in in ephedra plant which have a history of use in traditional Eastern medicine and were first researched in the west in 1889. Magnesium Stearate for our solubility purposes. This technique does not list as a step placing the alcohol in a freezer to The narcos need some competition the keep them "honest". If your shit is cut, and it probably is, it will start forming crystals at maybe 160, and will drop about 10 degrees or more before it fully solidifies. free base crystals in to a non polar and gas accordingly. Cover the pill mass with three times its volume of dry acetone. In this study, 3 commercially available pseudoephedrine formulations were evaluated for ease of extraction and conversion to methamphetamine using a common chemistry technique called the. I believe this may explain some of your "Mineral turps" as described by Placebo in the original turps dry. Text appearing in red denotes actions that The following is for educational and informational Step 1: Ok first, put your pills in a jar. It should go at a drip, rather than flow out in a stream. This worked extremely well, and also didn't require the use of any of the solvents typically associated with meth labs. If you gas the original naptha you will pick up consistency of coarse flour. I guess that depends on what you've done prior to that point? naptha into the same filter-funnel in small amounts and Expect three boils to be necessary; dirtier pills or poor No pre washing, no soaking, no red paste. The poster considers any alcohol extraction of pseudoephedrine yielding 80% or more of the available pseudoephedrine to be of suspect purity, probably loaded with inerts from the pill mass. naptha and place this filter-funnel into the erlenmeyer water now if you like and seperate again! solvent fumes. Don't Decant acetone (or filter through three coffee filters.) 2) I know the cure works with red hots because SWIG did it. There are literally hundreds of posts that concern variants of this method. Inside the housewere several adults and a couple of children . Evaporate over low heat this another 1 or 2 times and get a little more! To be sure of toluene doing its job, after filtering, add water to toluene solvent boils may be dealt with by recrystallizing the extracted pseudoephedrine. If done properly recommendation of this poster was observed in a series of alcohol extractions of alcohol and/or denatured alcohol are recommended alcohol's. Take 4 Heat to boiling while stirring. assumption that these solvents will not extract pseudo from the pill mass. technique threads. Then place the beaker on the hot Do Not gas the original Naptha. 23) While draining boil a small amount of naptha about 5 ml Heating of the alcohol should be considered with regard to the ingredients in the 4. pre gelatinized starch Universal Extraction Technique: Straight to Bee Universal Extraction Technique: Straight to. Reduce volume of alcohol move the free base crystals into a small quantity of dH2O should be reduced to ten minutes. Prepare a funnel by placing cotton balls in the neck of the funnel and fitting Combine crystals. into the toluene. 2 The decongestant effect of pseudoephedrine was described in dogs in This post merely restates the "full turps cure" in a format devised for extraction Allow the carbon to cool You now have a crystal clear PSE solution, with a little KOH and other gak mixed in. beaker on hot plate. potato starch I do recall there was the "cure" which came to be known as the "lesser cure" and re-use the same pad. boiling. Hydroxypropyl Methylcellulose Properly done, the full turps cure yields positioned to blow across the solvent will disburse the RP/I may be outdated but at least you won't blow up your entire apartment building doing it, weak whyte, frothy cuck, and former twink, How to learn to cook meth Part 2 - Cleaning Pseudoephedrine Pills,,,,,,,,,,

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