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Photo by Sarah Schoeneman when does vera find out about jake on wentworth

The Governor's Pleasure. Playing a dangerous game of her own, Allie claims responsibility for the accident to convince Tina of her allegiance. Vera learns from Will that Ann has found out about Marie and Will's affair, she says to deny everything between the two of the them. S4 E11 Under Siege (Part One). She is painted as a 'screw-lover', and rapidly begins to lose the support of the women. Ends And Means. This version of Vera is nothing like the Vera of the original to begin with. S6 E10 The Enemy Within. Will realises he's been played, and vows to expose the truth. The siege continues, not everyone will make it out alive. Franky's parole hearing is brought forward. Clean Slate. S2 E7 In episode two Jake is seen saying goodbye to Grace in the nursery. With the prison in lock-down Ferguson has to turn to Bea to quell the riot. Vera Bennett is the Industries Manager at Wentworth Correctional Centre. Vera watches with Jake, Joan's treatment in the psych unit. When the bus arrives and Kelly attacks a prisoner Jake runs on to the bus. Jake talks with Eve who says she would like some vodka as she has a shot before she goes to bed. She steps down from her governorship in favour of Will Jackson, opening a door for Marie Winter to manipulate the system. S3 E7 Prisoner Cell Block H Wiki is a FANDOM TV Community. Jake learns that Vera knows that he killed Jesper and he threatens Will that he will go down with him, so they later dig up Ferguson. Vera later talks with Will about Ruby and Marie, and says that she did it for Rita and what Rita did was for Ruby, Vera learns that Danny's death was an accident, and makes sure she takes the paperwork when Ann asks where it is. Allie makes a pact with Vera and Will which has devastating personal consequences while a crucial step in Boomer's quest for motherhood is achieved. Jake is also there when Liz wants to tango with someone but not one of the prisoners know how to, Jake decides to tango and tick of an item on Liz's list. S5 E8 Evidence. The arrival of Doreen's newborn heralds dark times for mother and child. Franky starts to put her escape plan into action, while Ferguson exploits Jake and Tina's drug-flow problem to her own advantage. Doreen got out of her cell, glancing at her friends before stepping out of the unit, walking into the corridors, her feet leading her to H3, stepping into the unit. When Will enlists Kaz and Allie to help expose Jake as the dirty officer, the effects ricochet through Wentworth, testing long-term alliances, love and loyalties. Franky and Bridget's relationship implodes as Franky insists on Ferguson's involvement in her murder charge. She smuggles evidence out of the psych unit, understanding she'll need to play the long game if she's going to defeat Ferguson. Vera served as Deputy Governor under several governors before serving under Meg Jackson, Erica Davidson and Joan Ferguson before receiving . Meanwhile, Franky is released from the slot and plans her imminent escape with Allie, only for Kaz to urge her to join forces and bring Ferguson down. Liz panics in the knowledge that Sonia is coming after her and takes desperate measures to protect herself, while Ferguson realises she needs to take drastic steps to avoid paying the ultimate price for her crimes. The next day Vera is in the education unit and Joan is there when she is about to garrotte her she is stopped by an angry Ann. S1 E8 His behaviour was exposed to Will, Kaz and eventually Vera. Vera makes her way to safety and is hugged by Jake. In episode two, Vera is first seen talking to Will about Reb's murder and Vera thinks that Joan could've done it because "Lou Kelly killed her goldfish." During what becomes an angry exchange, Bea is left with a shattering notion. Later watches Ferguson return to the prison, and faces her in the psych unit, warning her that he will accept her as Kath until her mask falls off to Joan. Vera talks with Allie and tells her that what Ferguson said under the LSD is meaningless. Vera Bennett Jake is later roaming the corridors when he tells Vera about the vomit on the floor. Jake is also present when Will says the food supplier will go back to the original. In episode seven, Vera is present when Will tells everyone about the threat that Lou has made to them. S2 E11 In episode six Jake tells Lou that she is needed in medical to have her finger looked at. Ferguson is losing control, and the walls are closing in. Vera talks with Marie and says that no one in the prison is the same since the siege. Bea sets in motion her final, audacious plan to exact revenge on Brayden Holt. Later when the riot happens Jake forces prisoners to the wall and helps stop the riot beside Vera and Linda. Vera asks Reb if he knows about what happened with Rattray, Reb denies knowledge and walks away, Vera tells Marie that she will be charged with assault on Rattray, which forces Reb to tell Vera the truth. did hephaestus divorce aphrodite Order Supplement. "You were right about Jake," Vera says. Divide And Conquer. Judas Kiss. Conspiracy to Attempted Murder, Corruption, Illegal Euthanasia, Blackmail, Conspiracy to Evidence Tampering, Assault, Interference with a Corpse, Conspiracy to Perjury, Evidence Tampering, Conspiracy to incite a Riot Marie Winter, arrives in Wentwort. The Velvet Curtain, S1 E6 Categories. In episode eight Vera is present when she learns off of Will that Ann is recovering in hospital and is stable, Vera and Will try to get Allie to cooperate in giving them a name. Vera asks if Jake was assaulted, and he says no. Vera doesn't say anything. Vera became close to Matthew Fletcher until the two broke up. S7 E8 Jake tries in season 6 to help Will with his guilt and he doesn't realise his actions gets Nurse Radcliffe fired after drugs go missing from medical as Jake was the one who acquired drugs for Will to get some sleep. He was brought in to replace the character of Fletch in Season 4. Jake later takes Marie to see Rita. Jake gets another officer to escort Eve back to the unit. Boomer, Liz, Vera and Will are the only characters to appear in every episode with Linda following close behind only missing one episode the pilot. S7 E3 To The Moon. Vera "Vinegar Tits" Bennett (Kate Atkinson) takes over as the governor in Wentworth.Foxtel. Meanwhile, Doreen sets up a greenhouse project for the garden, and meets male prisoner, Nash, with whom she shares an immediate attraction. Vera in episode 7, informs Rita that the doctors need to operate immediately and Rita asks if she can go and see her, but Vera says she'll speak to Will about it, Vera then grills Will about why he released Marie from the slot so early and says that just because Marie is grieving her son its not a good look for drugs to be seen. Three months after Jacs death, new arrival Joan Ferguson makes an enemy of Franky, while Bea discovers a new purpose. After which he set out on a mission to track down her killer until he found out about her affair with his good friend Matthew . Meanwhile, Liz has a difficult reunion with her daughter Sophie and is unsure when Doreen proposes she be the alternate carer when the baby comes. As Sonia tries to spin her "Angel of Wentworth" PR into an innocence campaign, her past crimes threaten to derail her. In episode 10, Vera goes into labour while being taken hostage in the laundry along with the others, is taken hostage by Sean to get pain relief when one of his cronies is shot in the arm. S8 E7 Bea is released from the slot and is immediately confronted by Lucy - if Bea doesn't punish Tasha for her break in prison rules, Lucy and her crew will be forced to. Meanwhile, Boomer's position as Franky's muscle is under threat. S3 E1 Does Jake find out Vera is pregnant? Meg told Vera she needed to stop making friends with the prisoners, and start looking at what was really going on. First Blood. Vera later bumps into Rita and tells her something about Ruby, and seen with her again telling Vera that he is seeing Marie go with him all the time, Vera fluffs it off as it happens because she's top dog, but Rita says "during the night though? S7 E9 S6 E8 Loose Ends. Meanwhile, Ferguson draws closer to achieving her quest to destroy Vera. Like Kate Atkinson, who plays Vera Bennett, said: " [ Wentworth 's] just . S8 E2 In episode ten Vera struggles to settle Grace as she deals with Ferguson's upcoming committal hearing and the stress of the prison. No Place Like Home. An increasingly guilt-ridden Jake tries to defy Ferguson and protect Vera but realises too late he's as trapped. Mercy. When Ferguson takes her revenge on the prisoners by bulldozing the garden project, Doreen turns her anger on Franky. "Bea fans won't. There was nowhere else for the character to go. Goldfish, Part 2. Jake later leads to her into the yard. Ferguson is rattled when she discovers that Bea will be supporting Jesper's evidence in court. Vera is faced with the ethical problem of investigating who let Bea into a restricted area. Vera in her office watches Linda spray Judy on Ann's orders and reports her for it. When Vera throws him out of the office he bumps into Joan. Vera was sent home to 'take care of her mother', which she does by overdosing her on pain medication. When the prison explodes Jake is frantic as he is trying to find Vera when he asks Will where Vera was going he says 'the exec level' where Will says there is no more exec level. Will Jackson is a Correctional Officer of Wentworth Correctional Facility and was a main character of the Foxtel series Wentworth. When word gets out that Franky is to be released back into the compound, Jacs plans a brutal attack. S1 E3 Jake is later seen in the security room wanting to take Grace for the night so Vera could get some sleep. But in the end manage to suspend Miller after setting him up. With Bea and Allie finally out as a couple, Kaz forms an alliance with Tina's Asian crew to help take Bea down. Jake is later asked by Vera to look after Grace for the night, Jake agrees and then asks Eve again to give him some more ideas to get rid of colic. Marie enlists Sheila's help to take out Lou, with tragic unforeseen consequences. Jake informs Allie that they have CCTV of the killer and that they were wearing a hoodie when they committed the crime. Mere Anarchy. Wentworth actor Robbie Magasiva says Bea's death 'opened up the door to other characters'. Vera watches Ferguson and when she hears the code black, she turns off the light and walks away. The Fixer. Metamorphosis. In episode five, Jake is first seen in the staffroom when Ann screams at the staff. Jake Stewart has clearly been unhappy about the arrival of former colleague Sean Brody at Wentworth. Jake later watches on as Joan as an LSD freakout and tries to stop her but gets thrown against a wall. Or does she ask her sister to take care of Joshua, and get him out of Ferguson's reach for good? Vera later tells Will that she is so worried about Ferguson she tells him to ring the courthouse, where they learn Ferguson has been committed to stand trial and that she is coming back in the prison in the brawler. Wentworth is a drama series that is broadcast on Australian television. Wentworth. Will discovers something about Meg that sends him on a downward spiral, pushing him dangerously close to the edge. when does vera find out about jake on wentworth. Poking Spiders. 2. The Long Game. Jake is jealous of the bond forming between Vera and a new colleague. Mind Games. Will is in a happy place and seems to finally be able to put the past behind him is shocked when he is the focus of a murder investigation. Liz gets drunk with Sonia and hears a graphic confession to Don's murder. He tries to help her up but is pushed away. Vera served as Deputy Governor under several governors before serving under Meg Jackson, Erica Davidson and Joan Ferguson before receiving the promotion to Governor after the Wentworth fire. Later Vera learns from Jake that Greg was in the creche with Joan, and Vera threatens Joan and tells her that "she'll kill her herself" and then tells Reb that he has to see Miller because his TOP surgery has been approved. S9 E1 Season 8 Part 2 will have 10 episodes and is expected to be the final season of the series. "Bea fans won't agree with that, but to ensure the standard remained where it is now, Bea needed to go . Jake is found by Vera when he is reported missing by another officer. The Things We Do, S1 E5 Vera and Rita go back to Wentworth and Rita tells her to get some sleep, Will is standing in the entrance to the slot furious. Meanwhile, Maxine is diagnosed with breast cancer and can't bring herself to tell the other women. Franky has commenced her sessions with Bridget, and in a candid moment admits to a desire for revenge against Bea. In episode 5, Jake sides with Vera and says that the memorial is a bad idea and during the memorial he talks with Linda who holds a fire extinguisher who tells him that the prison "isn't burning down on her watch." Wentworth Season 9 Release Date 'Wentworth' season 8 premiered in its entirety on September 30, 2020, on Netflix. Meanwhile Lucy sees an opportunity to turn things to her advantage. Jake later finds out a plot to use the workshop to escape, when he checks the workshop after Doug Williams reports an issue to him, Jake checks it out, but is distracted when Sonia Stevens (Wentworth) collapses. Vera saves Joan from being lynched by the other prisoners.

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