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444 marlin vs 450 bushmasteris the highland falcon a real train

Photo by Sarah Schoeneman 444 marlin vs 450 bushmaster

Adjacent to the hood were a total of 14 portholes in the barrel that did wonders to cut muzzle flip. But if you get behind the business end of a gun you dread to drop the hammer on, youre sandbagging your potential in the field. 450 a bit better with jacketed, 1" vs 1.5". In the shooting sports we call that reaction recoil or "kick." It can be measured or computed empirically and has been for this recoil table. But in my opinion, the sheer flexibility of the .45-70 Government in both rifles and ammunition gives it a definitive advantage. That said, the Bushmasterwhile stoutisnt the North American version of the .500 Nitro Express. The Bushmaster is based on a sawed-off .284 Winchester case. The original loading used a 250-grain bullet with a muzzle velocity of 2200 fps from a. . It utilized a standard belted-mag case of 2.0-inch length. Out of the muzzle, the .450 Marlin packs another 886 ft-lbs over the .450 Bushmaster, a significant difference. I have tested them and the results are not good. Get 12 Issues a year of the country's best firearms writing. The Winchester 1886 is back in several iterations, the Henry lineup includes the .45-70 and even Marlin saw fit to offer its Model 1895 Guide Gun in .45-70. The .450 Marlin was designed as a competitor to the .45-70 Government, so its ballistics are highly similar. His Thumper concept was a semi-auto rifle larger than .44-caliber, capable of taking big game out to 250 yards. It goes so far as, previously mentioned, manufacturers offering the same model rifle in both .450 Bushmaster and .350 Legend. The walnut was very decent wood, nicer than that on the .450. Pick the. Of course, if you are planning to shoot in very close ranges (within 100 yards), trajectory may be less of a concern that stopping power. 1s, new Winchester 1886s, and the like. The idea took off, and now many of those states are allowing straight-walled cartridges to be used as deer hunting ammo. Offers more range than any commercial lever gun cartridge except the .338 ME The new Marlin .450 cartridge is supposed to be a hot choice for all medium-to-big game hunting. The .450 Bushmaster has a SAAMI Mean Average Pressure (MAP) of 38,500 psi. The weight of the present version was about as light as wed like to see a .444 rifle. Follow along to see exactly how. Join F&S+ to read exclusive stories by your favorite writers. boar dead in his tracks erffortlessly. Since the topic is hunting, weve selected two respected hunting rounds in common weights for calibers and with similar style bullets to side-by-side the cartridges. The Marlins, Winchester, Brownings and Henrys all handle those big-bore cartridges well, and among them the .444 Marlin and .45-70 Government are a pair of undeniable classics. The trigger pull on the 444P was 4.3 pounds with prominent creep but very little overtravel. It might be a little too much for whitetails - it would be perfect on elk and moose. Different states hunting laws are slightly different and are subject to change so we included case lengths for each for you to use as a guide if they are legal for your hunt or not. At the range the Winchester was flawless in function. vs. .340 Wby. But, load that bullet to 2300 fps, stick it in a rifle that can handle the pressure, and things change. However, it does make a small improvement over the .45-70 Government that may be appealing to some shooters. Ultimately, the biggest factor in choosing between these two cartridges will be what type of rifle you wish to use. Use: Defense. I was torn between a lever action 45-70 and a 450 bushmaster ar-15. The 450 Marlin duplicates the 45-70 in a modern rimless case that is a little shorter. .350 Legend Vs .450 Bushmaster: Does One Win Out For Hunting? A small point perhaps, but the action bottom at the balance point was squared on the Winchester, but nicely rounded on the Marlins, and that made the Marlin easier to carry. Our loaner was fitted with a ghost-ring Ashley aperture sight held to the receiver with two screws. Born in 1873, .45-70 Govt. Based on our test results, we dont think so. Dont knock the 450 Marlin round. You have two cartridges that are headed in opposite directions. Back to the wood. Winchester, Hornady, Remington, and maybe a few others offer ammo, but the market is evolving so fast its tough to keep up. For $404, wed give it a Buy rating, being a better deal than the $550 Marlin. After that instance I went to a big bore brush gun and never had such a problem since. The 450 bushmasters highest muzzle energy is 2743 ft/lbs of energy, 363 ft/lbs more than the Socom. Wood-to-metal fit was truly outstanding on both Marlin rifles. Both of these big bore cartridges are meant for a specific purpose: to bring down large game at very close ranges. On the other hand, performance-wise, the dividing line is thin enough so it's difficult to tip fence-sitters one way or another. These four are the most popular. The concept of the fast, short, powerful lever-action rifle is probably best exemplified by the Co-Pilot, from Wild West Guns of Anchorage, Alaska. I'm going to take a wild stab at it and say the deer wouldn't know the difference, at least within the normal operating range of both. The inletting was nowhere near as good as on the Marlins. Marlins introduction of the Guide Gun didnt acknowledge Wild West Guns, so perhaps the reason for Marlins new cartridge stems from a desire to avoid copying Wild West yet again. Who needs more than 1 shot? All of these walnut-stocked rifles had iron sights only, which is how we tested them. First of all, theres no need for it. It is on the wane and has long ago been supplanted by the resurgent 45-70. 2.215 Case length, .451 Caliber projectiles At 100 yards bullet velocity slows to 1,835 and retains 1,868 pounds of energy. These cartridges shoot a bit flatter than slugs and, on average, are more accurate and not anywhere near as squirrely. You can find more information on our site under the Velocity/Info tab labeled Velocity Testing. By comparison, a 250-grain .450 Bushmaster factory load generates 22.99 foot-pounds of recoil, and a full-power 12-gauge slug generates 45 foot-pounds. At 300 yards, drop is 15.8 and 18.8 respectively. The .450 Bushmaster was designed specifically for the AR-15. Blocker Outdoors Finisher gloves, headcovers and other accessories are available in Mossy Oak Bottomland and Mossy Oak Obsession NWTF camouflage patterns to match various turkey hunting terrain. This straddled the bolt, but was much too far forward for proper use by our test personnel. These are lightweight rifles that are easy to handle and very fast to get a shot off, which can make them ideal for treks across the backcountry. All rights reserved. 2.100 case length. The .450 Marlin is just a bit bigger, with a bullet diameter of .458 compared to the .450 Bushmasters .452. The checkering was very well done, had a pleasing pattern, and it worked very well. It wont matter a lick how far a cartridge can send a bullet and how devastating its terminal ballistics are once at its destination if you develop a flinch and send it anywhere but the vital zone. Mag. The 265 Hornady flat point bullet is THE bullet for the .444, The Hornady SuperPerformance ammo is very accurate in my .444 and the bullet performs great. pistol calibers price price price price stock: per 50: per 100: per 500: per 1000: status: 30 luger brass cases: $28.00: $50.00: $219.00: $408.50: in stock: 30 mauser cases I don't like the factory 450 loads though. Also, a synthetic stock is available with Realtree XTRA camo finish. This one didnt work. Archive - The last doe I hit at about 35 yards after the bullet hit a thumb size bush left a fist sized hole through the deer, and she STILL ran, but the blood trail was 5' wide to where she dropped after a 30 yard run. Its a great gun. What kind of gun writer are you? I use a 450 bushmaster ar-15 as my big bore brush gun for my up close and personal bear hunting and coming across a deer 25 yards away through the bushes. Many of the loads out there are designed to be safe in the trapdoor Springfields that are still around. The .450 Bushmaster was developed for big game hunting with modern rifles. The standard load will push a 240-grain .429-inch diameter bullet to 2400 fps for just over 3,000 ft.-lbs. Each Marlin had a safety block, a device passing crosswise through the rear of the action that prevented the hammer from striking the firing pin. Or more other on Scopes & Sights Resource for other rifle. Hornadys 325-grain Flextip ammo has a muzzle velocity of 2050 fps and the bullet has a BC of .230. For you Michigan hunters, there is a new kid in town called a 460 S&W that Is awesome in a rifle. Deer, hog, black bear size game. Save big on firearms, accessories, tactical gear, clothing, and ammunition from now until March 29. The 450 Bushmaster is taking off and new ammo offerings keep popping up. The .450 Bushmaster is designed to be used in standard M16s and AR-15s, using modified magazines and upper receiver assemblies. The cartridge has a cavernous case capacity designed to work with black powder of the era, and it used large-diameter bullets to compensate for the low velocity produced by that propellant. The ammunition is madeso faronly by Hornady. Ammo: Elk, Deer And Everything Else, 5 Best AR-10 Options You Can Actually Afford (2023), 8 On-Target Concealed Carry Insurance Options (2022), 10 Affordable Double-Barrel Shotgun Options (2022), Best AR-15 Options For Any Budget And Buyers Guide (2022), Best Concealed Carry Handguns For Women (2022). 30/06 good for all the above out to about 275 yards, for comparison. The idea used to develop the .450 Bushmaster was credited to Jeff Cooper. bullets weighing 250 gr. Online pricing may vary from in-store pricing. 2. The .450 Marlin case is 2.1 inches long.). Can Coolers | An Official Journal Of The NRA, Find More Great NRA Publications Perfect For Every Interest, Discover Everything That The NRA Has To Offer. In essence the rimmed .444 Marlin is an elongated .44 Magnum (the case length is 2.225 inches, with an overall length of 2.550 inches), as it uses the same .429-inch diameter bullets as the classic revolver cartridge, albeit at a much higher velocity. Because of its recoil, a .28 Nosler should generally only be shot out of heavier rifles, coupled with a brake or suppressor. Your 450 will pick it up from there and range from 350 grains to over 500 grains. The stock finish was very durable and hard, even though the pores were not fully filled. X-Vision Optics long-range ImpactThermal Scope (TS300) boasts a 640 x 480 thermal sensor that can detect big game well past 3,000 yards. Factory ammo must be safe to use in them, so the .45-70 rarely reaches its full potential. (45-70 Govt) There were two large panels of checkering on the straight-hand grip. About half the time, the fired case didnt clear the rifle. One would think that would have to play in to your decision making. Powder Valley is your Reloading Superstore.. We are the largest provider of all brands of reloading brass because we offer great service and wholesale prices. 1.690 case length, .458 Caliber projectiles Back in the day the only 444 ammo was Remington with a 240 handgun bullet. It is on the wane and has long ago been supplanted by the resurgent 45-70. The same bullet in the 450 Bushmaster at 200 yards still travels at 1524 fps with 1289 ft/lb of energy. The rifle was fitted with a Pachmayr Decelerator stock but had no ports. This comparative cartridge information puts the performance of the new .450 Marlin in context, especially when the shooter considers how a slightly less powerful round, the well-known .444 Marlin, shoots. Back in January we tested this superb rifle along with the similar Marlin Guide Gun, both in .45-70. The checkering was fully functional, well done, and attractive. While the .444 is near the bottom of the popularity list in current straight-walled rifle cartridges, I expect that will change as hunters discover the potential of this cartridge. Get the 76th edition of the World's Greatest Gun Book. Newly Accepted Cartridge and Chamber Designs. As the official military long-arm cartridge from 1873 to 1893when the .30-40 Krag kindled the American love affair with .30-caliber cartridgesthe .45-70 Government was used in both shoulder-fired rifles and the Gatling guns, but like so many military cartridges, it also quickly gained a following among sportsman. Toward that end, we obtained a pair of nearly identical Marlins chambered for the .444 Marlin, the Model 444P, and .450 Marlin, the Model 1895M. Check out the ballistics chart below for more information. Eliminate trailing, disputes over the game, keep the deer on your side of the fence. But for overall practicality, straight-wall cartridges are a topic for the good folks around the Great Lakes region. Few rifle calibers carry as much tradition as the .444 Marlin, which originally hit the scene as a way to give lever-action rifles more of a punch around the ammunition manufacturers stopped commercially producing .45-70-caliber rifles in the 1960s. Item # 454 Casull 044588 460 S&W Mag 044722 480 Ruger/475 Linebaugh 044174 500 S&W Mag 044702 Sure-Loc Lock Rings . With a 150-yard zero, the bullet is 1.66 inches high at 100 yards, 4.37 inches low at 200 yards, and 11.9 inches low at 250 yards. Buy it. Sounds impressive. Does a belted case make sense for a lever rifle? Well analyze the performance of these calibers across a variety of factors to help you decide which is best for your hunting needs. Those unaccustomed to hard-kicking rifles will find either the .444 or the .450 a bit much on the shoulder until they get used to it. The buttpad was a ventilated hard rubber pad. If you want a powerful lever-action .45-caliber rifle, you probably know what youre doing. The only thing holding it back right now is the delivery system. The forests around here are always thick brushed with all sorts of not only leafy brush but full of little twig saplings and raspberry bushes and the like. Top Load: Buffalo Bore Heavy Bullet Weight: 220 grains Muzzle Velocity: 2,200 fps Muzzle Energy: 2,364 ft/lbs Almost forgotten, the .35 Remington is a favorite of hunters who chase black bears with. Do Not Sell or Share My Personal Information -. Disclaimer: Sportsman's Warehouse assumes no responsibility or liability for any errors or omissions of the information on this page. Remington had a 265-grain load for a while but dropped it, leaving only the 240-grain factory load. Reloading Brass. While I think the .444 Marlin is a sound design, there is such a diversity in the .45-70 Government makes it a logical and abundant choice for the hunter.

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