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Barlowe (bahr-loh) Government records include Confederate records, State Auditors Confederate pension files, Military Department/Adjutant General series, Veterans Affairs Board records, and U.S. military records. Should you have any concerns about your health, or of that of your baby or child, please consult with Derived from Old English Cyning, meaning tribal leader, this surname is a sept of the Mac Gregor or Clan Gregor. These are the most difficult-to-pronounce towns in every state. Death records often give the names and places of birth of the parents of the deceased in addition to information about the deceased. Its also the only U.S. state whose name can be typed on just one row of keysnot to mention, the state will pay you $1,000 a year to move there! interactive elements on the site, any assistance, or response you receive is provided by the author The northeasternmost U.S. states third most common last name is Johnson. Amish names boy Amish Male Names It is composed of the words ac, meaning oak, and denu, meaning valley. what are some names that are more likely to be found in Mississippi than the rest of the country? Going back a decade to the 1850 Slave Schedule, both William Wood and Samuel O. We encourage you to take some time to explore the map and its top 20 lists. EDWARDS: 35----30.2%----53 COLEMAN: 36----43.8%----102 JAMES: 37----38.1%----80 EVANS: 38----25.0%----48 BELL: 39----31.8%----67 RICHARDSON: 40----32.8%----74 ADAMS: 41----19.2%----39 BROOKS: 42----32.7%----77 PARKER: 43----24.1%----51 JENKINS: 44----36.0%----95 STEWART 45----23.8%----54 HOWARD: 46----28.7%----70 CAMPBELL: 47----19.1%----43 However, many Pit Bulls across the state of Mississippi - particularly those who are nearly all white with a bit of brindle pattern smattered over one eye - are often deemed "Petey" in honor of a favorite children's show, The Little Rascals. You might find yourself familiar with some of these southern last names during civil war. Most are in Appalachia, then Cornwall and Devon overseas. A popular Latin surname, Martin means of Mars. did some research and broke down the top three most common last names in every U.S. stateand the results might surprise you. Last name: Good. 3. An unusual surname, Pinckney comes from Germany and refers to someone from Pincinos village. In much of the rest of the world the concept is even newer, often only going back until colonialism, or isnt even the same as the English speaking world with people having names that denote their relationship to one or both parents instead of solely patrilineal descent. PMHS: Publications of the Mississippi Historical Society, volume, page. Nationally it ranks number 1, In fact, twenty-six US states were named by Native Americans. Baker is an occupational surname of Anglo-Saxon origin. New Hampshire joins the rest of the majority of the U.S. with its third most common last name being Johnson, its second most common being Brown, and its first most common being Smith. 2. Learn about our traveling exhibits and how to bring one to your organization. While most states hold "Smith" as their most frequently appearing surname, the study also includes second and third place runner-ups, like "Johnson" and "Miller." We use cookies to bring you the best experience, record visits, serve ads, provide signup forms and deliver other essential functions. My last name is Iches, only myself and my 3 daughters in USA, My last name is fethon I cannot find any info on any ancestors at all iam worried also I feel a bit of a outcast I will find it hard to explain where my family name and things came from to my four wonderfully beautiful children. You might have seen bold characters with surname Cunningham. Cases that were thought to have valuable genealogical data were indexed by Mary Flowers Hendrix and published in Mississippi Court Records 17991859; the volume is indexed by the name of the contesting parties. There are 118 unique family names on these top 20 lists. Laurie Mc. Delaware County or Philadelphia. Famous people bearing this last name include actor Robert Buckley and musician Jeff Buckley. Our formula looks at the most 5 most recent years worth of data from the Social Security Administration to detect any trends. I seek truth not for land or wealth rather as a tool to show reason. I grew up with a friend and her brother by that surname. If so, many of you have probably used Ancestrys fun tool to see how the distribution of various surnames has changed throughout American history (with data available between 1840 and 1920), but did you know that the U.S. Census Bureau provides more recent information on surname usage? Part of the appendices from Choctaw Mixed Bloods and the Advent of Removal, by Dr. Samuel James Wells,consists of three expansive tables: Names:Listed alphabetically. The third most common is Lopez and the second most common is Hernandezboth names dont appear as the most common in any other U.S. state. Ellis is an English surname meaning the lord is my God. Johnson is the second most common and Smith is the first most common. For nearly 30 yearsPatricia Hartleyhas researched and written about the ancestry and/or descendancy of her personal family lines, those of her extended family and friends, and of historical figures in her community. The third most common last name is Anderson, the second most common is Johnson, and the first is Smith. They have been mainly popularised by the characters represented in great TV shows and movies worldwide. The dates for these records vary by county. Historic Buildings & Sites In this southwestern state, youll find Johnson being the third most common last name, Williams being the second most common, and Smith being the first. Alden is a classic last name of Scottish origin. MDAH provides free and low-cost services to help state and local government entities comply with Mississippi laws on records management. Ah, The Ocean Statehome to historic Colonial towns and gorgeous ocean views. Underwood has an Old English origin. The order to desegregate this school came from a federal judge, after decades of struggle. Learning Lagniappes It refers to someone who is descendent of little Dill. Abernathy Abernathy is a habitational name from Abernethy in southeastern Perthshire. The surname Guthrie was first found in Angus (Gaelic: Aonghas), part of the Tayside region of northeastern Scotland, and present day Council Area of Angus, formerly known as Forfar or Forfarshire, and in Forfar in the Barony of Guthrie. The hour-long programs are held in the Craig H. Neilsen Auditorium of the Museum of Mississippi History and Mississippi Civil Rights Museum building in Jackson. This surname of Proto-Germanic origin means forested upland. Stacker compiled a list of the most popular baby names for boys of the last decade in Mississippi using data from the Social Security Administration. There was also a Major League infielder by the name of Don Blasingame (caucasion), who played in the 50s and 60s. These are the most bike-friendly cities in every state. Last but not least, Wyomings residents in the wild, wild wests most common last names are Miller as the third most common, Johnson as the second most common, and Smith as the first most common. Its rare, but legal. Learn more about the most extensive collection of archaeological artifacts, archival records, and historic objects that span 13,000 years of Mississippi history. Hd 109: House Document 109, 26th Cong., 2nd sess., Choctaw Treaty Dancing Rabbit Creek.. The publication is the most complete record of first name usage in the United States. DRC: Mentioned in the articles of Treaty of Dancing Rabbit Creek. This patronymic surname of Welsh origin means son of David. Popular Names in U.S. She likes to write research-based articles that are informative and relevant. Hence, get creative and choose a meaningful Southern surname for your child that would add glory to his personality and represent your family values. We bet you didnt know its also actually illegal to swear in public in Virginia. Top ranking names are the most likely to be seen in Mississippi vs. the rest of the country. Howahkan. Devi and Singh, the most common surnames in India, are at numbers 6 and 9, respectively. Subscribe to this website and receive notification each time a free genealogy resource is newly published. From 1880 to 1936, all births may not be included in the original data set. The third most common is Williams, the second most common is Johnson, and the most common is Smith in Alaska. Baby naming trends can vary by even the smallest of regions depending on their culture, history of immigration, and indigenous peoples. Juanas diminutive form, Juanita has a Spanish or Hebrew origin. Top ranking names are the most likely to be seen in Mississippi vs. the rest of the country. History Is Lunch is a weekly lecture series of the Mississippi Department of Archives and History that explores different aspects of the state's past. Derived from Irish OCinneide, it means helmet head. I havent counted how many and since the female family members generally lose their Randrup surname and their children dont get the Randrup surname they cannot be counted. Originating in Ireland, Allen is derived from Ailin in Irish and Scottish Gaelic. 1860 CENSUS: ALPHABETICAL LIST BY LAST NAME. I attended a German Lutheran high school in Inglewood California in 1958. As of the 2019 U.S. Census estimates, African Americans were 37.8% of the state's population which is the highest in the nation. Nelson, which is only in the top three most common list of Minnesota, is the third most common. We are all related in some manner. The Lakota last name Galilhai means "gentle" or "delicate.". Check open positions at specific locations. Get two full weeks of free access to more than 18 billion genealogy records right now. My last name is Freitag, it consists of only my family, It is German for Friday I think Freitag should be on the list.. Freitag is a very common surname in Germany, and in the Jewish Community. These world records from every state will blow your mind. View all in Card Catalog More help View a map of Mississippi View Mississippi message boards Mississippi Member Directory Understanding Records To see them all you will need to download the complete list here and scroll to the bottom to locate surnames held by the least amount of people. The Cleveland School District was racially segregated for five decades, split into . Alas, the last of the four states with Jones in its top three most common last names list. Based on the population of Mississippi, to be considered popular, a name must have 1,500 births in Mississippi since 1880. Did you ever wonder what the most popular family names are in your state? Then, consider checking out some of the helpful resources below for more guidance. It means little rock or harmony. 1832 Surnames Of Slaves In Mississippi Choctaw Settlements (or Roads near Choctaw Agency) Mushulatubbee-Nitakechi-Leflore Districts Mushalatubbee District *Gardner (at Nuchillip Creek) . We suggest reading, Ancestry Last Name Meanings and Surname Search, Surname Meanings and Distribution Tool, If youd like to find more people with your particular surname, you might also consider. Surname : Researcher(s) Websites : Pages: Ball Af. No i dont think its as rare as u think my whole Moms Family has that name maybe rare in certain areas tho, Thomas Heck. From 1880 to 2020, the Social Security Administration has recorded 5,095 babies born with the first name Evans in the United States. See all the ways you can help preserve and share our history through volunteer, internship and career opportunities. The list above is just a partial/example list. This German topographic surname refers to someone who lived by the forest. Johnson takes second places and Smith is the most common in this western state. But there are still regional differences. Top Baby Names in Mississippi Here are the most Popular Baby Names by U.S. state for the year 2020, as compiled by the United States Social Security Office of the Actuary. Thus the name means meadow of oak trees. This Scottish surname belonged to a Scottish clan who settled near the mouth of the River Nethy. [citation needed] James Blair ( c. 1788 -1841), British MP who owned sugar plantations in Demerara. Anderson is the third most common last name, Johnson is second, and Smith is first. So, without any further ado, lets get started. Do people just made it all up? The Mississippiana collection includes military history books as well as indices to service records and pension rolls. The Sunflower States third most common last name, Miller, joins only seven other states top lists. Hayes is the last name of English origin which means hedged area. These options are normally used by Native American people regardless of their tribe. And some of the most common Amish girl names are Mary, Anna or Annie, Priscilla, Rachel, Sarah, Malinda, Miriam, Martha, Sadie, Ruth, Hannah, Naomi, Lydia, Susie, Lena, Amanda, Barbara, Betty, Rebecca, Elizabeth, Esther, Lavina, Edna, Clara, and Fannie. Americas Dairylands most common last names are Johnson, Miller, and Smith. A study by genealogy tracking service recently revealed the most common last names in California and the U.S. Looking for any information about my maternal grandfather. If you share one of these last names, you're probably already well aware of the fact that yours is a common surname. The following table shows the 200 most popular given names for male and female babies born during the 1900s. 2010-2023 Aarohi Achwal holds a bachelors degree in Commerce and a masters degree in English Literature. It turns out that Smith, Williams and Brown are the most common last names in the Palmetto State. Johnson is the second most common and Smith is the first most common. Most common last names names: 1-1000 | 1001-2000 | 2001-3000 | 3001-4000 | 4001-5000 How a bout PUPPYBREATH? Arkansas shares the same names in the same order as Alabama. Johnson is the third most common, Williams is the second most common, and Smith is the first most common. The top three last names in the entire U.S. are Smith, Johnson, and Williams, in that order. Births for first names are taken from births that occurred in the United States since 1880. It is also an anglicised form of Irish O Cuaig, meaning descendant of Cuaig. It has evolved from Hebrew Yehohanan or Johan, which means son of loan. These cookies do not store any personal information. Most of our records are at the William F. Winter Archives & History Building, and not online. The archives has microfilm copies of service records for Mississippians in the War of 1812 (181215), Mexican War (184648), Civil War (186165), and the Spanish-American War (1898), and draft registration cards for World War I (191718). Archie Archie is a shorter version of the name 'Archibald,' which either means 'holy prince' or the 'bold prince.' 7. Sounds like a bad movie plot, right? Riggins is a pleasant Irish surname meaning little king. Just like Alabama, Arkansas, and Florida, the Peach States third most common last name is Johnson, with Williams in second place, and Smith coming in first. There are a few hundred in the USA and a small amount in Hawaii, New Zealand, Argentina and the Phillipines. Other. AMITE. (death) His real name is Anders Christian Randrup and he is either my Great Great Grandfathers nephew.or my Great Grandfathers 1/2 brother. So, you have a very large familylol. Palm trees, Disney, and a whole lot of Smiths. In the case of duplicate names from separate sources, a chance of the names being the same person is likely, but not assumed. It means son of David. Information about birth, death, marriage, and divorce records is available at the Vital Records office of the State Department of Health website. click on the names to see the detailed statistics for that name. All rights reserved. The idea of being heard without having to speak appeals to her. North Carolina, Georgia,. Archives Collection There are less than 500 Randrups in Denmark it is a protected name so it cannot be used unless it is already your surname or you apply for permission to use it. While there are no copies of birth records at the archives, there are microfiche copies of the states death records from November 1912 to 1943. This surname has Scottish, Irish, and English origins. T: Identified as a trader, probably a countryman. HAWKINS: Letters of, see Bibliography for this and other entries indicated by authors names. Click or tap on your state on the interactive map below to see its top 20 list. In Canada our extended family is the ONLY family with this surname! We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. Wood were recorded as slave owners in Meigs County, and their households were recorded on the same page of the. Williams. re: Top 20 most common Cajun last names in Louisiana Posted on 9/12/19 at 10:11 am to toosleaux. Whether you are interested in discovering a Mississippi story, preserving it for future generations, or sharing it with others, see how MDAH can help. You wont believe these dumb laws in each state. It can represent any aspect of the individual, such as the location of birth, physical features, profession, family, tribe, or community. Hello, Mr. Heck, I always thought of the name Heck as unusual, rare even. Library of Congress. After earning a B.S. Some 36,000 former slaves are listed on the contracts, which record the freedmens agreement to work for a planter (possibly their former master) for a fee, medical care, housing, and sometimes a share of the crop. She earned a BA in English from the University of Connecticut, We are no longer supporting IE (Internet Explorer), 50 astonishing facts you never knew about each state, the only U.S. state whose name can be typed on just one row of keys, the state will pay you $1,000 a year to move there, only one letter thats not in any U.S. state name, no one outside of your state will understand these slang words, the best free tourist attractions in every state, the 50 best family travel destinations in every state, the most popular craft beers from each state, the most difficult-to-pronounce towns in every state, the strangest food laws youll find in every state, the most bike-friendly cities in every state, Vermonts state capital is the only one in the U.S. without a single McDonalds, its also actually illegal to swear in public in Virginia, Do Not Sell or Share My Personal Information. MEX: Mississippi Genealogical Exchange, volume, page. 1794] family), according to records Cariaso belongs to the old blood in the Philippines. Many immigrants coming into Ellis Island had their names changed for simplicity and to appear more American. MDAH offers emerging scholars the opportunity to work in the most extensive collection of Mississippi-related materials. >1775. families that immigrated to the region in the late 19th and early 20th century. How unusual is the surnames Drehsen and Reinking? Derived from the Old Germanic Hrodebert, or the medieval name Dobbe, Doby has a Scottish origin, and it means bright or famous. Adams Only the Southwestern portion of the country really has a lot of variety. The Great Lake States three most common last names join the rest of the majority of U.S. states. This surname has a Welsh origin. Some of them have originated from other nations and cultures that settled in America. Copyright 2013 - 2023 All Rights Reserved. Explore online content related to historic events and everyday life in Mississippi. Country Begin Year End Year Abner : Cumberland : Kentucky In all the many years of my research and travels, the onlypeople I have found with this surname are my family. When it comes to famous names you might recognize, there's Miles Davis, Viola Davis, and Angela Davis. They are indicative of a certain level of acculturation that immigrant individuals and families experience. SS Celtic from Liverpool on 11th June 1920>Germantown. These names include John, Kingston, Waylon, Asher, and Grayson. Brittany Gibson is a regular contributor to RD.coms culture, food, health, and travel sections. They may help to trace back your familys past or help in studying the evolution of naming traditions in Southern America. Some of these state censuses were taken in years between the federal census. Howard has an English origin and means brave and spirit. The Hoosier State might be best known for its farmland, but its now also known as having these top three last names. Drehsen doesnt appear on the list, so probably occurs less than 100 times in the U.S. Might appear more often in German speaking countries. Any cookies that may not be necessary for the website to function and are used specifically to collect user personal data via analytics, ads and other embedded contents. Top 20 Last Names in California 1 GARCIA 246946 2 LEE 218134 3 SMITH 208319 4 HERNANDEZ 194013 5 LOPEZ 192338 6 MARTINEZ 188055 7 RODRIGUEZ 182329 8 JOHNSON 168739 9 GONZALEZ 160755 10 NGUYEN 153730 11 RAMIREZ 131663 12 PEREZ 128252 13 SANCHEZ 127327 14 BROWN 121834 15 WILLIAMS 119088 16 KIM 112660 17 JONES 111991 18 MILLER 110715 19 FLORES 98463

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