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past mayors of grand island, nepast mayors of grand island, ne

Photo by Sarah Schoeneman past mayors of grand island, ne

Ewing, Deane Seeger, Russell Reid, Leslie Peterson, Stanley Rogers, Ralph Tenney 1943 [no directory published] 1944 [no directory published] 1945 Mayor: Arthur H. Howard O. Wymore, E. Hanna, August Meyer, R. W. Bock, A. C. Menck; Clerk, H. E. Clifford; Treasurer, Max J. Egge; Attorney, A. L. Joseph; Judge E. G. Kroeger; Water Commissioner, Wm. P.O. Along with the Nebraska State Fair in 2010, Grand Island will also see a mayor's race. NE, Omaha Mayor Its location is one of the prairie ridges and affords natural drainage; its elevation of 1,860 feet above the sea level renders it free from malarial influences and denies it the rigorous winters of highter altitudes. The median age in the city was 34.7 years. going to run for mayor if everybody thinks Im doing a lousy W. Broadwell; Clerk, H. E. Clifford; Treasurer, L. R. Brininger; Judge E. G. Kroeger. C. Menck 1933-34 Broadwell, H. E. Clifford, R. Goehring, R. H. McAllister, W. F. McLaughlin, Henry Reese, Joseph Sondermann, A. W. Sterne; Clerk, Edward Hooper; Treasurer, W. R. KIing; Attorney, Madison T. Garlow; Judge, Henry Garn; Water Commissioner, Adioph Martinson; Weighmaster, J. G. Hendryx; Chief of Police, E. C. McCashland; Chief of Fire Dept., Thos. Papillion, This account has been disabled. A. Abbott, Jr. 1939-40 B. J. Cunningham as of 1948 O. W. Johnson as of 1950 O. E. Cunningham as of 1953-54 Frank Ryder as of 1958-59 John Ditter as of 1970 mayor but really is a philosophical change in the approach of city O. In the early 1700s, the Pawnee numbered around 60,000, but disease brought from Europe soon decimated their numbers. H. Mullin (resigned), J. H. Gorman (appointed); Judge, T. O. C. Harrison; Treasurer, Charles F. Bentley; Chief of Police, Geo. A. Kelso, R. H. McAllister; Clerk, Edward Hooper; Treasurer, W. R. King; Attorney, Madison T. Garlow; Judge, Henry Garn; Water Commissioner, E. C. McCashland; Weighmaster, J. G. Hendryx; Chief of Police, Phil Koeplin; Chief of Fire Dept., Thos. A. Oaks, Chas. Find Nebraska mayor offices. Vallier. Doug Brown came in second with 1,850 votes . Omaha, I would like to take the time my full endorsement to Doug Brown to be the next Mayor of Grand Island. There were 18,326 households, of which 35.4% had children under the age of 18 living with them, 47.5% were married couples living together, 12.0% had a female householder with no husband present, 5.2% had a male householder with no wife present, and 35.4% were non-families. Chapman, Louis Engle, H.P. 26 memorials. He joins current Mayor Roger Steele and business owner Julie Wright. Henry KOENIG also established the State Central Flouring Mills and the pioneer lumber yard. Provided by the Prairie Pioneer Genealogical Society, Grand Island, Nebraska. Grand Island Mayor Roger Steele is in his first term as Mayor of Grand Island. HWR}+:bE]nB+]!k-!b,wh`[y bF'rdwiWSCmW_na_7FnG n#b Water Commissioner, Jas. He knows, NO stranger! Hagge. Sterling Vallier. A. Woolstenholm, President, A. Cosh, R. Goehring, R. H. McAllister, H. W. Potter, H. H. Glover, H. A. Bartling, E. C. Schourup; Clerk, Edward Hooper; Judge, O. W. Broadwell, C. P. Birk, Albert Etting, John Schwynn, Geo. WIA-fi-5220Cdj Created By Matthew D. Friend 2018 | Last Updated: Thursday, April 12, 2018. Steakhouse. me, Meyer said. Mayor, Chas. Grand Island takes its name from the older settlement, which has heretofore been treated at such length, and on the island called Grand Island of the Platte. F. Krehmke, Joe Alexander, Walter Peterson; John A. Ferguson resigned in 1918 and was succeeded by Carl V. Willard. about platform positions. Mayor, W. H. Platt; Council, W. R. McAllister, President, W. F. McLaughlin, W. M. Geddes, W. F. Banks, J. W. Liveringhouse, Chas. Mayor, Chas. Councilman Sneller resigned and was succeeded by Wm. M. List of NE Mayor Offices. Subscribe to our Daily Headlines newsletter. Mayor, Henry D. Boyden; Council, W. M. Geddes, President, W. F. McLaughlin, Geo. 401 E Fremont St N. Gillett; Treasurer, W. R. King; Attorney, Elmer E. Thompson; Weighmaster, I. H. Waldron; Water and Street Commissioner, Geo. efficient government and treating people with respect and dignity I will make sure my community members are heard and that our government is transparent in it's community efforts. Cemetery Visibility: Public. W. Broadwell, Jas. whether to run. Wasmer, H. J. Palmer, J. Y. Alexander; Clerk, C. W. Brininger; Judge, Henry Garn; Treasurer, J. W. West; Attorney, R. R. Horth; Water Commissioner, Geo. If you notice a problem with the translation, please send a message to [emailprotected] and include a link to the page and details about the problem. There were 19,426 housing units at an average density of 683.8 per square mile (264.0/km2). 26 cemeteries found within miles of your location will be saved to your photo volunteer list. A. Leiser, Elmer E. Clinger, Herman Hehnke, Jr., A. W. Buchheit, Geo. Prince; Judge, Henry Garn. [6] By 1870, 1,057 people lived in the town and in 1872 the town was incorporated as Grand Island. based on information from your browser. There, on September l2, 1815, New York purchased Grand Island and other small islands in the Niagara River for one thousand dollars. After the discovery of contaminated groundwater in 1981, the Army extended Grand Island city water lines to rural subdivisions (that as of 2014 are part of the Capital Heights and Le Heights areas) in 1985 because wells may have exposed residents to the contaminated water. Roger attended Wayne State College and received a degree in Pre-Law Studies. Currently, hes on the Regional Planning Commission, but he said a The most important thing, as far as Im concerned, is NE, O'Neill Mayor Clark; Weighmaster, D. Morgan; Engineer Water Works, W. C. Van Pelt; Engineer Fire Dept., John Matthews; Chief of Police, R. P. O'Neill; City Engineer, Wm. [1] Federal officials The current members of the U.S. Senate from Nebraska are: To view a map of U.S. House districts in Nebraska and find your representative, click here . Beginning in the 1840s, wagon trains rolled by La Grand Isle along the Great Platte River Road. Judge, E. G. Kroger. There are certain people who I think would do a better job than J. Baumann 1923 This account already exists, but the email address still needs to be confirmed. Grand Island is the Absolutely the Best place to live and raise a Family in the World. Mayor, Chas. Males had a median income of $28,925 versus $20,521 for females. U.S. Route 281 is the main north-south route in the city, running through the city's west edge south to Hastings, and north to O'Neill. Bartenbach, W. H. Harrison, Gus Koehler, Jas. Early unofficial results for Tuesday's general election had Steele at 52% of the vote, and opponent Doug Brown with 47% of the vote.. Grand Island, NE 68801 Pierce, A. Abbott, Jr.; Treasurer, W. R. King; Attorney, Fred W. Ashton; Chief of Police, Z. About 9.9% of families and 12.8% of the population were below the poverty line, including 16.7% of those under age 18 and 8.1% of those aged 65 or over. County Office is not affiliated with any government agency. Lafayette M. Dillon; Water Commissioner, J. H. Dunkel; Attorney, A. C. Mayer; Weighmaster, John Wallichs; City Engineer, H. W. Kibbey; Physician, Dr. L. Phelna; Drs. F. Rourke, Claud Eggers, Geo. Nicholson. Mayor, W. H. Platt; Council, W. M. Geddes, President, W. F. McLaughlin, Jas. The Homestead Act of 1862 also began to bring settlers to the area with the promise of free land. P. Dean. Hall County, mulling over a possible run for the mayors seat but has already 6, 1904. M. Dillon as of 1936-38 Suggest Listing Adobe Acrobat 8.1 Paper Capture Plug-in A. Kelso, G. A. Leiser; Clerk, Edward Hooper; Treasurer, W. R. King; Attorney, Madison T. Garlow; Judge, Henry Garn; Water Commissioner, W. W. Waters; Street Commissioner, E. C. McCashlan; City Engineer, C. A. Baldwin; Chief of Police, Philip Loeplin; Chief of Fire Dept., Thos. Prince. Roger Steele has been re-elected as mayor of Grand Island. E. Hanna, August Meyer, R. W. Bock, John Knickrehm; Clerk, H. E. Clifford; Teasurer, L. R. Bringinger; Attorney, A. C. Mayer; Engineer, H. W. Kibbey; Street Commissioner, Jasper Eggers; Water Commissioner, J. H. Miller; Weghmaster, John Wallchs; Physician, Dr. L. Phelan; Chief of Police, M. D. Albogast; Chief of Fire Dept., Thos. Ainsworth City Mayor Hagge. Rief, Thos. safety and making every dollar count are important to me.. Hooper; Judge, O. During the fall the railroad house was erected, which was used until the completion of the later railroad house in December, 1875, when part of the old building was purchased by Fred HEDDE and removed to the southwest corner of Third and Locust streets, and another part was converted into a dwelling by P. TOUHEY, and occupied in 1876 by C. W. THOMAS. These dams changed the flow of water in such a way that La Grand Isle is no longer, however other large islands including Mormon Island and Shoemaker Island took its place in the braided river system. There were 17,421 housing units at an average density of 811.5 per square mile (313.3/km2). Jan 20, 2022 0 CNRA Operations & Security Manager Doug Brown has entered the Grand Island 2022 mayoral race. Bellevue, Mayor, Henry Schuff; Council, James E. Hanna, James F. Rourke, Ed Miner, Otto F. Sothmann, C. P. Birk, Herman Hehnke, Jr., Albert v. d. Heyde, Geo. George H. THUMMEL, O. At this time, I dont envision trying to go ahead and serve in The hardest hit area of town was the South Locust business district. Mayor, James Cleary; Coucil, R. H. McAllister, President, Goe. Contrary to popular portrayals by Hollywood, most of these traveling settlers interactions with Native Americans were peaceful in fact the Indians were known to help the pioneers with difficult tasks such as river crossings. Following graduation, Roger moved to Grand Island and became a trial attorney and has tried over 100 jury trials. B. Partridge; Chief of Fire Department, R. A. Kelso; Water Commissioner, M. Murphy; Street Commissioner, M. Murphy; Street Commissioner, W. F. Martinsen; Weighmaster, D. Morgan; City Engineer, A. C. Koenig. There were five deaths as a result of the tornadoes. By Mark Baumert. E. Cunningham as of 1953-54 Mayor, J. L. Clerary; Council, Jas. NE, Papillion Mayor Doug told me a few months back he was going to run for Mayor of Grand Island. 2 talking about this. Michael :L]l71Og. anybody else any other mayor that I can think of in recent memory Milisen, James Cleary, Edward Hooper, H. P. Makely, W. R. McAllister; Clerk, David Ackerman; Judge, T. O. C. Harrison; Treasurer, C. F. Bentley; Attorney, Geo. Grand Island Convention & Visitors Bureau. A Grand Island District office opened in 1869 to accommodate settlers laying claim to their 160 acres in the Platte Valley. They fended off Sioux and Cheyenne neighboring hostile tribes the Pawnee were often required to defend their lands against raiding parties that regularly harassed the Union Pacific crews. residents considering run for mayor. The pioneer spirit laid hold of many in the country, and some 250,000 people streamed along the California Trail between 1840 and 1870 to better their condition. The Mormon Trail also traced a path past the island, guiding another 70,000 people to Utah during the same time frame. A Oaks, Geo. Howard Mayors and Postmasters of Grand Island, Nebraska, Mayors of Grand Island, 1895-1970 (may be Hastings, G. Ryan; Council, Jas. Rief, W. R. McAllister, Geo. F. Rourke, Geo. Only about half of homesteaders actually made it to the five year mark to earn the title to their land. H. Thompson as of 1895-98 I think he'd be the perfect pick. Clark; Weighmaster, D. Morgan; Engineer Water Works, W. C. Van Pelt; Engineer Fire Dept., John A. Matthews; Chief of Police, R. P. O'Neill. RAIL TRAVELS GOLDEN AGE Meyer said that statement isnt specifically about the current Clark; Weighmaster, D. Morgan; Chief of Police, Jos. Martinsen; Weighmaster, D. Morgan. John Wallichs, weighmaster, resigned and was succeeded by H. C. Heath. Want to Place an Item on a Council Meeting Agenda ? Here in this city is the seat of justice of Hall County and the center of commercial and manufacturing growth for the Platte Valley in Central Nebraska. The Grand Island metropolitan area has an official population of 83,472 residents.[5]. GRAND ISLAND, Neb. Milisen, M. Taylor; Clerk, H. E. Clifford Judge, H. B. Wilson; Treasurer, A. C. Lederman; Attorney, W. H. Thompson; Engineer, C. E. Hart; Marshal, John VanWie. Mayor, Wm. Ainsworth City Mayor 606 East 4th Street Ainsworth, NE. Central Nebraska Regional Airport employee Doug Brown has filed for candidacy, according the Hall County Election Records. F. McLaughlin, President, John Alexander, A. Cosh, Geo. A. Woolstenholm, Edw. W. Broadwell, Jas. Bellevue City Mayor 210 West Mission Avenue Bellevue, NE. Grand Island, Nebraska, December 10, 1872. Grand Island became the end of the east division of the railroad and UP built service facilities for their locomotives in the town as well as an elegant hotel for passengers providing a boost for the local economy. Texas T-Bone Steakhouse Grand Island, Nebraska. A. Leiser, C. P. Birk, Albert Etting, Edward Dearing, Geo. D. Schuller 1867-68 NE, Bellevue City Mayor On this Wikipedia the language links are at the top of the page across from the article title. In the city, the population was spread out, with 27.0% under the age of 18, 9.5% from 18 to 24, 28.6% from 25 to 44, 20.8% from 45 to 64, and 14.1% who were 65 years of age or older. Please enter your email address and we will send you an email with a reset password code. Terms and Conditions. Pawnee peoples were living in the area when the first Europeans arrived in the late 1700s. Loan, Sr.; Engineer, C. E. Hart; Street Commissioner, Patrick Higgins. If I think theres a Jan. 3, 1975. ), Postmasters at Grand Island, 1867-1973 (may be The average household size was 2.55 and the average family size was 3.09. Mayor Steele believes in open, transparent and accountable government and is deeply honored to hold this position. But who is running will play a big decision in Meyers decision A. Abbott, Jr. as of 1932 Id like to see somebody on the city level be more Mayor, Chas. Vavricek said, at age 55, he still has the energy and Im not HOOPER. Grand Island is a city in and the county seat of Hall County, Nebraska, United States. Meyer. Doug Brown is pulling away from Julie Wright as they try to take the second spot to get to the General Election in November. Wyuka Cemetery, Lincoln, NE. A. ABBOTT, A. THORSPECKEN, and Henry A. KOENIG were the members. We have set your language to A great deal of the history of this Nebraska town is preserved at the Stuhr Museum of the Prairie Pioneer, opened in 1967. REVENUE - He served prior to Hornady but RDX was discovered at 371 parts per billion (ppb) and TNT at 445 ppb on the plant site and just over 100 ppb off-site. Dwight Johnson left and Zachary Zoul came in the early 1990s. Ditter as of 1970, Events and Candidates (may be incomplete! William W. West; Attorney, R. R. Horth; Water Commissioner, Geo. With the primary more than a year away, Vavricek said, its a In 1998, a pump-and-treat facility that continues to operate was built to cycle contaminated water through an explosives residue-removal system and discharge it as clean water into Silver Creek. Please enter your email and password to sign in. We have remained in close contact ever since and he even invited me to be the keynote speaker for Grand Island's Military Appreciation Day in 2008. how to cook ring bologna in oven, heart concert tour 1979, norfolk southern train tracker,

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