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A Bonita Springs man on death row for hiring two individuals to murder his wife in 2015 has filed a motion for a rehearing in hopes of reversing a recent ruling. "Mark called from Florida and he said, 'What happened?' Rodgers chose not to speak on his own behalf, and the judge called it one of the most horrific crimes he ever tried. I know how this starts off. Mark, her husband of over 10 years, stayed with the girls. Teresa, then 46, was found on June 29, 2015, bludgeoned to death on the kitchen floor of the family's Bonita Springs, Florida, home. He was used to his wifes career and proudly supported her. Then a visit to her home revealed Teresa had made it back to the house that night but had never left. Sievers, the mastermind, got the death penalty. The couple dated for about three years and were engaged but broke things off before the wedding. But why did two men drive 1,000 miles to kill a woman? ", Speaking to the Naples Daily News, Teresa's brother, Patrick Tottenham, said, "We are obviously very happy with the verdict. [7], On May 11, 2016, Teresa's mother gained custody of Teresa's children as the case prepared to move toward trial. "I think he's a sociopath. Expect sustained winds between ten to twenty miles per hour, with wind gusts as strong as thirty [], For almost a decade, the government took hundreds of dollars each month out of the paychecks of a Florida woman named Michelle to recoup old student loans that were unpaid and overdue. About two years after Sievers and Fryer split up, a man named Greg Bolin married Fryer in a ceremony at the Church of God just up the road from his childhood home. "Jim was always kind of a troubled child," Ball said. He didn't provide any new information. "What I didn't know was apparently in his brain, he was hatching his first murder plot.". [13], In February 2017, the CBS News documentary show, 48 Hours, aired an episode that focused on the murder of Teresa Sievers. During his testimony, Wright admitted to killing Teresa Sievers. An award-winning journalist who has worked forRolling Stone and MTV News, Chris enjoys prog rock, cycling, Marvel movies, IPAs, and roller coasters. Yeah . Rodger's girlfriend helped police with their investigation and told them that Rodgers had admitted to killing Teresa Sievers. Curtis Wayne Wright describes in detail how he murdered Dr Teresa Sievers with a hammer, Teresa Sievers was a much-loved mum of two and holistic physician, Curtis Wright (left) and Mark Sievers had an uncanny resemblance to each other, Teresa was found dead on the kitchen floor of her home in Bonita Springs, Florida, Curtis Wright (left) and Mark Sievers in prison overalls, Jimmy 'The Hammer' Rodgers helped Curtis Wright kill Teresa. Her accused killers, Wright andJimmy Rodgers, 25, who is in a federal prison in Missouri on a probation violation charge, were seen on videotape at a Fort Myers Wal-Mart the day before the doctor's murder. They knew each other a long time, since their 20s, she said. Cassandra Williamson, 6, barefoot and dressed only in her nightgown, was seen by witnesses riding piggyback on a man down the street to her death on Friday morning, the St. Louis County police Chief, Ron Battelle, said, the Times story read. I think he could switch it on and off. Im sorry.. Years before he married Teresa in 2003, Mark Sievers was engaged to a woman named Shelley Fryer. Curtis Wayne Wright, convicted in beating Dr. Teresa Sievers to death with a hammer in 2015, was sentenced on Monday at the Lee County Courthouse by Judge Bruce Kyle to 25 years in prison.. Investigators learned from a GPS device in a rental car that Rodgers and Wright had driven from Missouri to Teresa's home at the time she was killed. He went from being a drug dealer to a multiplatinum artist as N.W.A. A sedan was in the left turning lane going North on Ben Hill Griffin Parkway, [], Saturday morning fires burned in Collier County for more than 12 hours and spanned more than 300 acres is only 25% contained. Crader said Shomaker told her that her boyfriend was out of state on a job for the construction company he worked for and mentioned he planned to make $10,000 that weekend. Sign up for PEOPLE's free True Crime newsletter for breaking crime news, ongoing trial coverage and details of intriguing unsolved cases. The American television series The Love Boat (Love Boat in its final season), set on a cruise ship, was aired on ABC from September 24, 1977, until May 24, 1986. Thats for somebody else to do. He then sentenced Sievers, 51, to the death penalty. A look at one of Southwest Florida's most notorious murders", "Evidence in the murder of Dr. Teresa Sievers", "Husband's chilling plot to kill his wife using his doppelganger best friend", "Sheriff: 'We were after Mark Sievers, we got our man', "Teresa Sievers' mother gets custody of kids", "Jimmy Ray Rodgers, convicted in murder of Bonita Springs doctor Teresa Sievers, sentenced to life in prison", "Man sentenced to death for killing doctor wife in Florida", "Inmate Population Information Detail Inmate J80689", "Mark Sievers, convicted in 2015 murder-for-hire of wife Teresa, denied death row appeal", "Mark Sievers, on death row for wife's 2015 murder-for-hire, demands hearing", "Teresa Sievers killing: Eleven hundred miles to murder", "Holistic doctor bludgeoned to death; husband, alleged conspirators accused in murder-for-hire", "Florida holistic doctor case: Teresa Sievers",, Violence against women in the United States, Pages using multiple image with auto scaled images, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License 3.0, This page was last edited on 7 January 2023, at 13:13. With God as my witness, that's what that cop said to me.". The Missouri woman said she thinks her daughter should open her eyes and get her marriage annulled, but Angelais standing by him. Nearly $120 was collected on the site in three days. Wright planned the murder with the victim's husband, Mark Sievers, he also told the jurors during both trials. One of the founders of seminal gangster rap group N.W.A., Eric Wright grew up on the streets of Compton, California. Get email updates with the day's biggest stories. His arrest for the Sievers murder last week changed that. ", Are you viewing this story on our app? Next to face a jury was Sievers and again, Wright was there to testify against his former best friend who he referred to as his brother from another mother. An appeal was automatically filed on Mark Sievers behalf. [2][8], Wright took a 25-year plea deal in exchange for his testimony against Mark and Rodgers. Had Teresa interrupted a robbery? Firefighters are battling several brush fires in Charlotte County; the one off McCall Road threatens several buildings, including a church. The men arrived at Teresa's home at approximately 6:00a.m. on the morning of Sunday, June 28, 2015. "My granddaughters have broken hearts that will never be mended, Groves said. Jimmy Rodgers is serving a life sentence in South Bay Prison. Hed rented a car that weekend, and the GPS showed hed driven to Florida specifically to the Sievers house. Sievers' attorneys told FOX 4 they plan to appeal the sentence if the death penalty is imposed. It was unheard of. He believed Teresa was planning on leaving him and would take the kids. We're just trying to keep our acts together. Shed been hit with the weapon at least 17 times, crushing her skull and causing devastating injuries. According to Wright, the homicide had been orchestrated by his high school best friendDr. GPS showed they drove the 17 hours back to Missouri in the early hours of Monday morning. A jury convicted Mark Sievers,. Teresa was a holistic physician who ran her own medical practice. It was there that he met Curtis "Wayne" Wright, an inmate 22 years his senior who was being held after police said they found a meth lab at his house. Curtis Wright was sentenced to 25 years in prison; with time served, leaving him to 22 more years. While Mark had initially been cooperative and handed over his cell phone to investigators, he later refused to cooperate. En route, they stopped at a gas station and were caught on surveillance tape. [11] On November 17, 2022, his conviction was affirmed by the Florida Supreme Court and his death row appeal was denied. Becker said Sievers made a comment that he had been trying to tell Wright he was bipolar since high school. Everyone grieves differently and Sievers had been miles away at the time, so any suspicions that hed played a part were quashed. Wideman said her daughter is now living with her and dealing with her husbands arrest. Cookies collect information about your preferences and your device and are used to make the site work as you expect it to, to understand how you interact with the site, and to show advertisements that are targeted to your interests. Wright, who expected to receive a portion of life-insurance money, recruited another. Wright, the third suspect in the murder, pleaded guilty to second-degree murder in 2016 in exchange for a 25-year prison sentence. Investigators believed shed arrived home from her flight, had walked into the kitchen and been attacked. [emailprotected]. Both men were arrested for Teresas murder. In 2015, holistic doctor Teresa Sievers returned to her home from a family trip ahead of her husband and children. Like Wright, Rodgers' arrest has left his family hard-pressed. He willgetcredit for 1,581 days already served in jail, the judge said. "I have no help with moving and have no income at this time so all money I raise will be used to get all set up so that I can start looking for a job and return to School for me and my babys. There were signs of a forced entry, but confusingly, cash and valuables in the house hadnt been taken. My granddaughters have broken hearts that will never be mended, Mary said. Sievers was accused of asking a longtime friend, Curtis Wayne Wright Jr., to murder Teresa Sievers. A Florida man was convicted of murder and conspiracy for enlisting his best friend to kill his wife in 2015, PEOPLE confirms. Teresa was a compassionate healer, but she was outgoing and always pushed for what she believed in. Or by navigating to the user icon in the top right. On Saturday, June 27, 2015, Jimmy Ray Rodgers and Curtis Wayne Wright Jr. rented a car and entered an address in Bonita Springs, Florida into the GPS. All roads [], High temperatures will climb into the 80s and low 90s under mostly sunny skies. Stealing car stereos and, you know, car parts, and now he's moved into stealing cars. Photo by Roberto Rodriguez, The church in Hillsboro, Missouri, where Ronnie Bolin served as a minister before he went missing in 1996, photographed Friday, October 23, 2015. Mrs. Amanda Hopkins, age 51, of Toomsuba, went to her heavenly home on Wednesday, March 1, 2023. That will be with me for the rest of my life and Im truly sorry. I said, 'I don't know. Rick Scott for a warrant to involuntarily extradite Wright. Wright said Sievers had promised to pay him $10,000 to kill Teresa in a sickening murder-for-hire scheme. Wright is currently facing a charge of second-degree murder in the death of Dr. Teresa Sievers. Prior to coming to the Daily News in 2012, she worked at papers in North Carolina and in Texas. "I just tell her that justice will prevail.". After arriving home and before leaving for work the next day, Sievers was murdered. Three separate people have since been charged and sentenced in connection with the murder. A Missouri circuit judge has set a Sept. 30extradition hearing for Wright. Investigators would later discover there were five insurance policies on Teresa totaling $4.433 million. Wright's most recent ex-wife, Kathy Becker, 47, said Wright tried to get her to write Rodgers in jail as a pen pal, something she wasn't comfortable with. In 1996, she graduated from the Ross University School of Medicine in Dominica. Fryer said she was introduced to Sievers through her mother, who worked with him at a 7-Eleven in Manchester, Missouri. His plea agreement required that he provide substantial assistance. On Aug. 20, 2010, Rodgers was booked into the Sainte Genevieve County jail. After investigating the case for several months, detectives arrested Curtis Wayne Wright, 47, who said he was Mark Sievers childhood friend. Detectives have continued to look at Wright as a person of interest, most recently making contact with him just before he was extradited to Florida in the Sievers case. When word of Teresas death became public knowledge, other theories started to circulate. Wright is accused of recruiting Jimmy Rodgers, 51, a former jail cellmate, to help him. According to police, Sievers was the mastermind behind his wife's murder. Three years later the couple divorced, and Teresa met another man called Mark Sievers through his sister, with whom she was good friends. Bolin reconnected with Wright when his family moved back to Hillsboro in the middle of high school. Sievers plotted to have his wife murdered by recruiting his longtime friend, Curtis Wayne Wright Jr., who agreed to commit the murder with the promise by Sievers . FILM Notting Hill 1111 j Tuesday 10.45pm ITV11 (Border only in Scotland) d) A timely Valentine's Day showing for Richard Curtis's riotous romcom that transplants a Hollywoodd mega-star . This database contains family trees submitted to Ancestry by users who have indicated that their tree can be viewed by all Ancestry subscribers. Detectives say both Rodgers and Wright were spotted at a nearby Walmart on the night of the homicide. "I will never forget what that cop said to me," Bolin said. High humidity will make our afternoon feels like temperatures reach the 90s in many spots. There were three pilot movies, followed by 245 regular episodes over nine seasons, followed by five specials. Greg Bolin said he did his best to avoid Wright, even though the two men lived less than a half-mile from each other at the time of Wright's most recent arrest. The motive was the money that Sievers promised them once the job was done. Mark had driven her to LaGuardia Airport in New York City earlier in the day so she could catch a flight home. He made a deal and was allowed to plead guilty to second-degree murder if he testified at Sievers and Rodgers trials, in return for a lesser sentence. She was the valedictorian of her high school class. But ever since he was a small kid, he'd had guns and was obsessed with them.". He'd previously agreed to a plea deal where he pleaded guilty to second-degree murder. The video went viral on their YouTube channel and has since received over thirteen million views.[18]. About Public Member Trees. "It's tiny," she said. I don't know if it was the position you were in was by luck or because it was pre-planned, but good luck to you., More from his testimony in Mark Sievers trial: Curtis Wayne Wright Jr. testifies, describes how Teresa Sievers' slaying was planned. Juliette said Rodgers did general labor work, power washing, working on machines, cleaning, and was always on time and never any sort of trouble. [12] On December 1, 2022, Sievers filed a new motion for a rehearing in hopes of reversing the ruling. After high school, Wright's girlfriend became pregnant, something he was not prepared for, according to Bolin. In 2001, an Illinois inmate named Corey Lynn Fox confessed to killing a dozen people, including Bolin. "He talked about him like they were friends," she said. There were several life insurance policies on Teresas life, totalling over $4 million. All three men were found guilty of the murder. It was a brutal end for a woman who was trying to save lives. This is a case in which 21st-century technology became vital, prosecutor Cynthia Ross told 48 Hours. The jurors deliberated for four hours before rendering a verdict, and now Sievers faces a possible death sentence when the case shifts to the penalty phase next week. Authorities say that the plan was made in advance, leaning on the fact that Mark and the children remained in Connecticut on vacation as Teresa headed home to work. Wrights plea agreement required he provide substantial assistance to prosecutors against the two other subjects in the case. You have robbed usall of the most brilliant, unique and compassionate doctor and human being.. Curtis Wayne Wright Jr. was 51 at the time of his sentencing. For almost 50 years, Doc Watson was the most illustrious name in traditional American folk music. In 2014, a tipster told detectives Ronnie Bolin's body was dissolved in a cast iron tub on the Wright property, then thrown in a wood chipper. We hold that time very closely." Juliette said he didnt know Rodgers before he hired him but did put him through the same sort of background checks anybody who applies goes through. Originally charged with first-degree murder, Wright admitted to helping kill Dr. Sievers, and bargained down to second-degree murder. [3] Mark said he would pay Wright to help him, so the two men then planned how to murder Teresa. ", Mark Sievers gives a personal statement to the judge before being sentenced to death. Prison is prison.". Then, Wright testified against both Mark Sievers and Rodgers. In fourth grade, Wright moved away to another school district, where he became friends with Mark Sievers. Your lawyer did a good job for you, Lee Circuit Judge Bruce Kyle told Wright after the sentencing, Naples News reported. "We're cautious with what we talk about," she said. A motion filed by a Bonita Springs man on death row for hiring two individuals to murder his wife in 2015 that sought to reverse a recent ruling has been denied. READ NEXT: Greg Harris Was Sentenced to 40 Years in Prison For Manslaughter in Chiquita Tate Killing, Dr. Teresa Sievers Murder: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know, Please review our privacy policy here:, Copyright 2023 Heavy, Inc. All rights reserved. A 2002The New York Times storydetailed the last day in the life of Angelas then 6-year-old daughter, Cassandra., Law & Crime Network (@LawCrimeNetwork) October 16, 2019. Since Wright had been jailed, his wife has been quiet and crying, according to her mother, and has been working as a waitress three nights a week inValley Park, Missouri. He's accused of recruiting childhood friend, 51-year-old Curtis Wayne Wright Jr., to help carry out the gruesome crime. The two men then drove over 1,000 miles to the home of Teresa Sievers in Bonita Springs, Florida., Cathy Russon (@cathyrusson) January 3, 2020. The entire family is in counseling after Wright's arrest,Wideman said. He said he won't rule out other arrests in this intricate investigation. Rodgers initially faced a first-degree murder charge and the possibility of the death penalty. [9], Mark Sievers was found guilty of first-degree murder. Just last week, the judge denied Mark Sievers request for a new trial. Sievers was found guilty in 2019. Four days later, Ronnie Bolin's car was found abandoned at a car wash in St. Louis with the driver's door open and the keys still inside. They went off to a local supermarket and were seen on CCTV buying trash bags, wet wipes, black towels and a lock-picking kit. A week later, her funeral took place at Unity Church in Naples. Bolin said. Curtis Wrights the only one that ever hit that woman and hes lying to you to save his own worthless skin they said. Im confident well see it all the way through the complete closure. 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The sentence forCurtis Wayne Wright Jr., 51, of Missouri, was previously agreed upon via a plea deal in 2016 when the man pleaded guilty to second-degree murder. Were they connected? Chris Harris has been a senior true crime reporter for PEOPLE since late 2015. "Everybody knowseverybody. In August 2015, police acted on a tip and arrested Rodgers and Wright in Missouri. "We just drifted apart," she said recently from her home in Illinois. He was just 30. The murder was committed less than a year after Rodgers was released from federal prison, according to WINK News. Online records confirm Wednesday's guilty verdict against Mark. More: 'It's bittersweet, but justice has been served,' brother of Teresa Sievers says. Have a tip or story idea? Because Sievers had told them to. She said the area of Missouri that they are in is like a little commune. His felony conviction begat a federal charge of unlawful possession of a firearm in 2009. "Other than at night when they're locked down, the doors are left open and they can come out into the day room," Schott said. Wright admitted to the killing while testifying on behalf of. A judge in Jefferson County, south of St. Louis, signed off on the extradition of Curtis Wayne Wright Jr., 47, of Hillsboro. Angela Wideman, 42, married Wright in May, two months after her 24-year-old daughter tragically died,only to have her husband jailed over his alleged rolein the death of the Bonita Springs doctor. While Curtis Wayne Wright Jr., 47, sits in a Missouri jail on murder charges in the death of Dr. Teresa Sievers, his wife of less than four monthsis again dealing with a tragic situation. ", The paper reports Assistant State Attorney Cynthia Ross said, "This is only the first stage and there is the second phase that is coming next week, so it's time for us to get back to work.". Wright told Mark that his only option was for her to die. Wright's most recent ex-wife, Kathy Becker, 47, said Wright tried to get her to write Rodgers in jail as a pen pal, something she wasn't comfortable with. The fires are in the Golden Gate Estates on Wilson Boulevard and Jung Boulevard. They also recommended death. Everyone assumed the shock was making him act out of character. His mother died in 2000 when he was 9 years old. List of death row inmates in the United States, "On her birthday, friends and family remember slain Bonita doctor", "Sievers a year later: Lives that disappeared behind the headlines", "Who killed Dr. Teresa Sievers? The area near where Greg Bolin, a former friend and classmate of Curtis Wayne Wright, remembered seeing a cast iron tub used to hold water for horses, photographed Friday, October 23, 2015. Curtis Wayne Wright Jr. was 51 at the time of his sentencing. Police also turned their attention to patients who might have had an issue with Teresa whose focused determination could sometimes come across as abrasive but any leads came to nothing. On October 23, 2019, a Lee County jury found him guilty and on December 12, he was sentenced to life in prison. Fast forward to today, the three of them still [] "I asked him straight up, 'Did you have anything to do with my brother?'" Juliette said thatin the construction industry its not unusual for applicants to have a record. The final suspect connected to the 2015 death of a Bonita Springs doctor was sentenced to 25 years in prison at the Lee County Justice Center on Monday. It can never be long enough, but my client did what he needed to do and was a very importantpartof the trials. I wish that there was a way, anything at all I could do to change what happened, Wright said as he turned around to look at the victims mother in the gallery. Ronnie Bolin's body has never been found. The trailer Shomaker shared with Rodgers was owned by JV Contracting, Juliette said during a segment on the "Nancy Grace" show. That July, local law enforcement in his hometown of Paris arrested Rodgers after finding him with a Stevens brand .410-bore shotgun. Wright's attorney filed a bond motion for Wright on Tuesday and lawyer Daris Almondsayshe will fightFlorida prosecutors' attemptsto extradite him, according to a report in theSt. Louis Post-Dispatch/ [4], In December 2015, Mark Sievers was charged with murder after a connection was found between him and Wright. But Teresa had left them to enjoy a few more days, and had caught an earlier flight back home to Bonita Springs, Florida, so she could go into work. Wright had made the trip with Jimmy Ray Rodgers, 29, a man who had given himself the nickname Jimmy The Hammer Rodgers. The two became friends, at one point taking turns as the wizard in the school's production of "The Wizard of Oz." He admitted he and Rodgers had killed Teresa. They said that Wright then recruited Jimmy Rodgers, who was a former cellmate of his, to help him carry out the crime. The process, called garnishment, is legal, and the U.S. Department of Education can order it for someones wages, tax returns and Social Security [], A man was sentenced to 12 years in prison after changing to a guilty plea in court on Monday. Sievers was found guilty of first-degree murder and conspiracy to commit murder for his role in the plot to kill his wife. When asked who had killed Dr Sievers, he replied, I did and Jimmy Rodgers.. Before he was sentenced, the judge asked if hehadany statements to make. You can find out more and change our default settings with Cookies Settings. Prosecutors said at trial Wright tapped Jimmy Ray Rodgers, 29, to help him out with Teresa's killing, which they carried out with hammers, reports the Naples Daily News. Arthel Lane "Doc" Watson (March 3, 1923 - May 29, 2012) was an American guitarist, songwriter, and singer of bluegrass, folk, country, blues, and gospel music.

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