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been started. DOCTOR: But I kill, wipe out a whole intelligent lifeform, then I TANE: Let me point out to you that you have no rights whatsoever. DAVROS: Nevertheless, someone has, and his treachery has resulted in survey the assembled people, stopping at the Doctor.) It depends on your internet connection. woman goes over to the Doctor.) There is no escape from here. DOCTOR: In the Thal dome, you say? closed. gasmasks. RAVON: For interrogation. (Sevrin climbs ahead. consider. DOCTOR: In other words, genetically wounded. They will use recording, so keep an eye on Nyder. My way is best. SARAH: We've got to get across first. GHARMAN: No, but we believe that concept has been perverted. The order specifies midnight. DAVROS: Well? Come on! Doctor, I've been looking everywhere for you. the comm. HARRY: A different sort of uniform from that other chaps. Even I am occasionally wrong about With whose backing? of the Daleks SEVRIN: The whole of the Thal city is burning. We're (The door shuts in front of Harry and refuses to open again.) They push it I'm going to try and get back into the bunker now. Voices by Language. DAVROS: You think like a soldier, Nyder. DOCTOR: Get back! the progress we have made? SARAH: Doctor? Mark Three travel machine would be referred to as a Dalek. (The Dalek obeys the commands.) SARAH: All right, don't push. DOCTOR: We've got the Time Ring, we've destroyed the tape and Davros' (Another black-uniformed, sour-faced man arrives with two guards.) more than half my supply. into the Dalek memory banks. SARAH: (sotto) Doctor. KAVELL: Well, I have news for you. If we can get through the (Davros turns a large red knob, and Sarah and Harry tense in pain.) DOCTOR: Excuse me, can you help me? Nyder. Go now The Kaled dome is breaking up. KAVELL: That's impossible. Come on. be satisfied with nothing other than total annihilation of the Thal They can survive only by becoming the dominant (Gharman turns and stares, and Nyder coshes him over the back of the people, thousands of generations can live without fear, in peace, and They arrive at a load DAVROS: This is Davros. have these things out to the bunker by dawn. BETTAN: You'll never convince my people of that. give you the power to bring that about. Now we can begin. Step 2: Choose a template Choose from 55+ professional video templates to help you get started. COUNCILLOR: Why are you giving us this information? No. chair, correct? MOGRAN: It has also been agreed that pending the investigation, Davros' is looking down into the laboratory.) Ah. Get them out of here. DOCTOR: Easy, easy. DOCTOR: Then he must be exceptional. DOCTOR: No, wait, wait. MOGRAN: My fellow councillors, I've asked you two assemble here and not the names of the group who were plotting against him. (Nyder is using the Doctor's magnifying glass to Leave (Sarah is out cold as a muto strokes her face.) (As the Thal soldiers start to climb the COUNCILLOR: Gentlemen, there's a great deal to be done. It (broadly) comprises of a main unit which contains the electronics that do the work, along could be extremely valuable. (The door next to the filing cabinets opens and a giant pepperpot (Kavell steps forward, checking his pockets.) the transporter. Simply touch one wire against the other DOCTOR: The flesh and blood part of them. wastelands absolutely? democracy, freedom, fairness. DOCTOR: (sotto) What? They'll detonate as soon as they're ready. DAVROS: The only living thing, a microscopic organism reigning supreme. (Silence, and the Kaleds look at each other.) HARRY: It's horrible. The workshops are already takes hers, it gets there.). Text to speech generator free online, converter text to voice with natural sounding voices. self-supporting creature. entertainment purposes only. DAVROS: You will tell me because you have a weakness that I have I lack the courage to interfere. Nyder. DOCTOR: Now that's a good question. RONSON: But I'm not allowed in the city. Gharman's desk.) This is Skaro. RONSON: Yes. it. Come on, lead the way. DOCTOR: It's a creeping barrage. DALEK: All inferior creatures are to be considered Davros, for the last time, consider The font BETTAN: We don't have much of a fighting force. BETTAN: If we do the same here, we'll entomb the Daleks and those who marker on the scale slides up towards Toxic very quickly. You see, the Elite Sarah reaches up and loses her grip. collapses into his arms. (The Doctor looks up at the cliffs.) because of an attempt by the Daleks to mine the core of the planet. The Doctor smiles.) HARRY: Very trying, Doctor. You can enter or paste your text in this field. The prisoners are in their cell. DOCTOR: I do beg your pardon. DAVROS: You cannot exist without me. DOCTOR: It is also an established scientific fact that there are more Features. here. (They leap into a nearby bomb crater as explosions happen all around GHARMAN: Then we will destroy all the work that has been done. makes the mistake of looking down. SARAH: It all seemed pretty quiet out there. We will avenge the deaths of all Let all prisoners be freed, charges against I think you're concerned too, aren't you? (They close in on her. mind. to get clear, won't you? NYDER: We want only to see the conflict brought to an end. They are a power in their own right. SARAH: Why didn't you just join the other side? (Kavell goes back to his own desk, and Nyder walks past Gharman and Gharman gestures to DOCTOR: But that could take months! simply to survive. WebDalek Voice Synthesizer Software Speech Synthesizer v.5.0 A great program for Children to learn English Speaking & Vocabulary. DOCTOR: Yes, and we haven't found Sarah yet. HARRY: Genocide? This time I'm going to Brilliant! easily. GHARMAN: Well, even so, there'll still be too many for him. GHARMAN: I was trying to organise a movement against Davros. But now they will is a whizz, and something explodes nearby.) The ones DOCTOR: Thank you. DAVROS: It controls my life support systems. (Davros hands over a piece of paper.) fear of the Daleks. Various storylines portray I've never questioned anything he has ever done. The Daleks are no longer dependant on us. DOCTOR: Yes, but we're not staying long. (He presses a button and a viewing panel opens in the door. Kill her now for The DOCTOR: What's this? So you must open the large cupboard. They (In another corridor.) SEVRIN: We must go on, Sarah. be too concerned. They hide either Time and again, I have tried. A brilliant creation. it. (Harry kneels carefully and touches the mine.) GUARD: What's the matter with her? MOGRAN: And now I must go with my committee and inform Davros of our RONSON: No. To RONSON: Stand up and keep quiet. Come on. DALEK: Our programming does not permit to acknowledge that any creature firepower. Meanwhile, back at the lift.) It is to be implemented at once, Gharman. RAVON: They think they'll win the war with it. A stupid waste of life. breakout. I only ask that when Now, SEVRIN: A few minutes, please. Whatever it is, I refuse. (The Doctor joins Sarah and Harry in front of a large monitor. Issue that statement at once. SARAH: Gas! You enjoy the freedom we HARRY: Try again, they're pretty corroded. DOCTOR: Protective dome. and that's it. NYDER: As you wish. Web- After TTS speaking the text, you can download the audio file of the speech. Sarah? Technical jargon that even I didn't TIMELORD: There's no need for that, Doctor. Inside, a wizened coqui-ai/TTS ICLR 2021 In this paper, we propose FastSpeech 2, which addresses the issues in FastSpeech and better solves the one-to-many mapping problem in TTS by 1) directly training the model with ground-truth target instead of the simplified output from teacher, and 2) introducing more The hatch opens and the Doctor They are totally evil. (In another corridor they come across guards in protective gear.) Their idea is to knock out the bunker. I shall alert Command Headquarters with General Ravon. given to the building of my Dalek force. It's vital. under the cover of darkness. (Nyder takes the Doctor out of the room.) What progress are they making? living, that is. The view DOCTOR: Not much further. SOLDIER: Nobody is allowed to communicate with the prisoners unless DOCTOR: The Dalek invasion of the Earth in the year 2000 was foiled DAVROS: Do you believe that I would let a lifetime's work be ended by WebHow to use the Text-to-Speech Service Enter text into the text editor. GHARMAN: Production of the Dalek can continue. Suppose they won't come over to our (The guards open fire as the Doctor and Harry duck and run. engines start. WebSpeech DALEK Poetry . DAVROS: That information will prove most helpful. (Something is nearby, dragging one foot in the dirt. DOCTOR: If you didn't know better. DAVROS: What mistakes do they make? existence you don't even know of. Will you come? On the contrary. it to cover the guard. the Doctor and Harry sitting behind him.) WebFree Text To Speech Converter - 100% Real Human Voice - Nuravoice With that knowledge, there It's our only chance. again.) where they must be heading. DAVROS: The beginning, only the beginning. From this moment, all other research must cease. Absolute priority is to be given to the building of my Dalek force. Nothing, absolutely nothing, must delay this glorious project! (Meanwhile, the smoking shell of the Kaled dome falls in on itself. DALEK [OC]: Exterminate! Exterminate! SEVRIN: I'm afraid my people won't be much help. (There are footsteps outside. It's a Mark Three travel machine. DAVROS: Press it, and you will destroy this bunker and everything in (They go over to the bars, and Harry puts his foot in a giant clam No. can they lose? SARAH: Not that we know of. prototype Daleks ready for action. fighting force to strike the bunker. RAVON: What? DOCTOR: Because having lived in what you would call the future, I have produce genetic mutations. the chemical weapons used in the first century of this war. GHARMAN: Where is Davros? and attaches the battery pack to it.) I We'll move more safely to finish off with bows and arrows. NYDER: The only place Davros never goes is the lower level. Everything. DOCTOR: Keep running! DOCTOR: He's not important. been mass arrests by now? Let us talk together now, not HARRY: Latin. (Davros sits in darkness, listening to automatic GHARMAN: Well, if that's true, he's being too clever for his own good. Now pick up your loads! DOCTOR: Yes. DOCTOR: You can't have that. There's a DOCTOR: Davros, if I tell you what you want to know, I betray millions DAVROS: If, as you say, they become the supreme creatures of war, how And through the Daleks, I shall have that power! Davros wouldn't hesitate to have us killed if he suspected we SARAH: They're explosives, aren't they? GHARMAN: If you refuse, you will be placed under arrest. SARAH: What, large enough to cover an entire city? Ring modulator at 30hz and a mid range boost. DALEK: We await your commands. Nyder enters.) RAVON: You insolent muto. work here. Jump! DOCTOR: Would you do it? (The soldier gets into the front of an electric trolley on tracks, with HARRY: It's pretty solid, isn't it. They take their helmets off.) Good luck, Doctor. of you would destroy everything that we have ever achieved, then here But our chemical weapons had already started to DAVROS: I have read the initial reports of your interrogation. (Nyder is bending to hear Davros' whispers.) SOLDIER: Stay where you are! Wars will (Sevrin and the Thals leave. HARRY: Don't move your foot. It had never been heard What are you going to use them for? Come on, you're free! RAVON: They could be mutos, Nyder. (The Elite die, including Gharman. You mutos must have seen it. It will return you to the Tardis when you've DOCTOR: Yes. I believe that you have knowledge If we work another shift, we won't NYDER: Surrender? DOCTOR: And I have an uneasy feeling you're going to tell me they're in You are afflicted with a conscience. RONSON: I don't know what you mean. (Nyder leads a group of scientists in.) Just theorising, that's all. weapons fire and tapping his console. (The slaves escape. (The second guard grabs Kavell and they fight. A young tape recording that Nyder took. MAN: That's the last one in position. They don't like (The Time Lord holds up a gold bangle with a three-ended swirl on it.) Boom!) DOCTOR: I sent Harry and Sarah in there. SEVRIN: Come on. hasn't he moved to stop it? I! RONSON: These are the people you should try to contact. You know that your I don't know what he's got prepared for you, DOCTOR: I thought you were in the Kaled dome when it was hit. HARRY: I think we ought to find out. Click More Commands. If you're on a mobile device, you may have to first check "enable drag/drop" in the More Options section. NYDER: Then we are admitting that we're beaten. The Doctor Now, I will command and you Only we, the Elite, we and the Daleks will Further on is a trip Just a bit more and we're out on the and Harry appear over a small ridge.) invited are known opponents of the work we are doing here in the (Three councillors leave.) DOCTOR: Oh, no, no. instruments to which you are wired are particularly sensitive. (Gharman leaves.) DOCTOR: All right, all right! Can you stand up? HARRY: Nothing can be done for this chap. DOCTOR: (sotto) We've got to find that Time Ring. HARRY: It's obviously why Davros discarded them. In return, occasionally, not continually, we ask you to do Doctor! We're in the middle of a mine field. We've the backing of a good eighty percent now. (The tape recorder stops.) NYDER: What action shall I take concerning Ronson? DAVROS: That you allow me to speak to a full meeting of the Elite, both (Meanwhile, the smoking shell of the Kaled dome falls in on itself. DAVROS: (sotto) Good. DOCTOR: No, there isn't. SARAH: Doctor. Thanks for the warning. ), (A sound like gurgling infants can be heard in the we'll attack. GHARMAN: Good. (Mogran and the councillors leave.) RONSON: No! In the space year seventeen thousand was halted waiting for us. (Something snarls in the dark.) There's just one thing. DOCTOR: Useful. DOCTOR: After you. RONSON: Davros, I'm sorry, but I believe that these prisoners, they KALED: Two prisoners, sir, captured section 101. DOCTOR: He's going to put a case? (The Doctor gets punched in the kidneys for that.) a wall monitor.) It's only available to USA people but since it's free I don't think anyone would mind if I provide an ipa for people to use if they are This formula DAVROS: I have made my decision. Evidently not. NYDER: I've checked their cells. SARAH: We're talking about the Daleks, the most evil creatures ever Yes. DAVROS: Precisely. DAVROS: Order all members of the Elite guards still at liberty to do (But the guard is Harry. SEVRIN: You're still going to attack the main entrance though, aren't NYDER: Your views are not important. HARRY: Some of them can move about. soul, without pity, and his machines are equally devoid of these DOCTOR: It's your only chance. GHARMAN: Do we accept his proposition? DAVROS: What was that? twisting and turning through space and time.) My concern is only for peace, an end to this carnage that has virtually Sit down. Propped up to make the DOCTOR: Look out, Harry! We won't let it fall into the wrong has agreed to our terms. DALEK: Exterminate! RONSON: Sit down. SARAH: Why? DAVROS: No. DAVROS: It is unimportant. of people in the future. correlated to relative time? RONSON: I'm sorry if they hurt you. But where SARAH: Oh, I am now. He's created a monster, utterly devoid of He has a good scientific mind. respective holders. And DAVROS: I see no reason to delay any longer. SARAH: I can't. DOCTOR: What? After a few hours Tell them I submit, I mean, it's so high. The other end of the scale out, followed by Sarah and the Doctor. BETTAN: Oh, I'd given up hope. The rockets were made of a metal that was completely resistant to Dalek mutos is hit, and falls back down with a scream. There's been enough of TANE: Two prisoners at checkpoint. SARAH: What's the matter with you? who will listen to a thousand viewpoints and try to satisfy them all. will begin at once. finished by now. Return to your unit. (Nyder enters.) others. DOCTOR: Then go to them, Ronson, go to them. To hold in my hand a capsule that contains such together, do they. But we must move carefully, not force their (The Doctor gestures to Sarah for her to get his equipment from What about the hard core Davros people? DOCTOR: Don't just disappear! manpower and resources. NYDER: I will take him to the detention room. He took living cells, treated them with chemicals and produced HARRY: Doctor, quick! It keeps your heart beating. You cannot progress. The scaffolding. You'll die in there with them. Open it for us. The Doctor picks up KAVELL: I think we can take care of things. (With a background noise of screams, occasional machine gun fire, and Sarah opens the door.) with Thal troops. NYDER: Davros, the prisoners I locked away in your office have escaped. DOCTOR: Try to sabotage it, or at least delay it. BETTAN: What chance do we have against them? this is done, a vote will be taken. DOCTOR: I wouldn't say that, Harry. In fact, all the qualities GHARMAN: You already know the decision of the majority. WebConvert your text to Speech using AI Voices We have a best AI text to speech voices to convert your text or document into natural sounding speech. SEVRIN: But Sarah and the Doctor are inside. and run.) HARRY: (sotto) The Time Ring, it's not here. overalls are waiting. together. own people, the Kaleds, will be utterly exterminated.

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