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However, I must note that SPC Smith was not the cause those conflicts. This is the most important promotion statistic about going from major to lieutenant colonel. He was always well groomed and his uniforms were always Inspection Ready. He does his share of the work without complaint and appears to enjoy his job and being a member of the Army. This is important. Normally a single paragraph that reinforces your belief in the subject and summarizes your statement. The Army wants specifics on AR 623-3 and DA form 67-10-1a. He is one of the most calm members of our work center. The people who will read your character statement don't know the individual personally, want to judge him or her fairly, and are depending on you to accurately and honestly describe the subject's character. In this case, a middle third officer may have the right skills and experiences to supersede a top third officer. Majors should approach future career goals logically and sequentially. CW3 Texas-Ranger and I were never assigned to the same section at either location. If you marked "no" in a box, you have to explain in detail why. Finally, account managers and assignment officers have different responsibilities. Being a leader is where SSG Deleon shined the most. NAME OF RATER (Last, First, Middle Initial) a5. My Name is SFC Ryan P. Fasano. The fundamental purpose of the MER is to give commanders and human resources professionals the ability to formally advocate for the skills, experience, and knowledge required to accomplish specific missions. Reference Army Regulation 623-105. ". I recommend supporting him with his request to stay in the Army. Nevertheless, a large percentage of officers assume that if they do not receive KD opportunities as a support operations officer or battalion executive officer, promotion failure is guaranteed. Department of the Army Pamphlet 600-3, Officer Professional Development and Career Management, states that the length of a KD position should range from 12 months to 24 months. Of course, along with this focused description, you should also include your subject's other positive attributes. Your narrative is important, and developing a proper network will aid in transmitting your goals and desires. It is my belief that people of her character and work ethic are too rare to risk losing over a one-time, out-of-character incident and I earnestly recommend suspending any punishment. The mission-essential requirements (MER) list represents consolidated unit priorities for organizational manning requirements specific to the movement cycle. NAME (Last, First, Middle Initial) HELIXON, WILLIAM, M g. UNIT, ORG., STATION, ZIP CODE OR APO, 05; CW3 - CW5) OFFICER EVALUATION REPORT see AR 623-3; the prwonent agency is DCS, G-1 PART I - ADMINISTRATIVE (Rated Officer) . This group of officers is targeted for areas that allow more opportunities to strengthen their files. My name is Capt Mary Bella and I am writing on behalf of SPC Joe J. Smith. This will suggest to the reader that the incident was a one-time, out-of-character act, not likely to be repeated. Satisfied. This system allows officers the opportunity to market themselves by adding skills and experience that may enhance the gaining units' mission accomplishment. In fact, I once heard our Maintenance NCO praise him at a meeting with the NCOIC, saying he wished he had more Soldiers like him. SUBJECT: Character Statement for SGT Jones. Now, creating a OER Support Form Example Bullets PDF takes a maximum of 5 minutes. Each attribute/competency is broke down by level of rater box check that . The new Army OER form requires bullet comments for the following sections: First and foremost, I have one thing to say: ADRP 6-22 (. He would selflessly sacrifice his time on countless occasions, in order to lift the weight off his struggling peer's backs. Closing. Thanks! To achieve desirable career outcomes, an officer must consider the following 10 aspects. It is completely out of character for him and I can't help but wonder if there were mitigating circumstances. ASF Admin/Occupational Health Element Chief I have had to pull him aside multiple times to explain how the Drill Sergeant duties can run you down and burn you out if you don't take the time to charge your own batteries; but helping his peers seemed to energize him. dl- Character (Adherence to Army Values, Empathy, and Despite the unjustified provocation, SPC Morrison remained calm and in a respectful manner, explained our situation, and then just walked away. As an officer's performance changes, so does the five-year plan. These documents will provide the rated Soldier essential rating chain direction and focus to aid in developing his or her support form. 1. In the interest of helping all you young officers out there, (who will eventually spend the best years of your life in uniform, only to get passed over just before you have enough time to retire (seen it . I have been informed by SGT Jones about the situation that she is currently in. Discuss job description and performance objectives with rated officer within 30 days. My name is Gunnery Sergeant DeKinderen, Todd M., the 1st Marine Expeditionary Force (I MEF) G-3 Headquarters SNCOIC. SUPERSEDED DA FORM 67-10-2, 11/01/2015. Get some sleep. Leading by example is a manifestation of character and presence attributes." (FM 6-22 Leader Development, 7-23) . You must be ready to make decisions, move the mission forward, and lead by example. (3) (b) The rater will ensure that the rated officer or rated NCO receives a copy of the rater's and senior rater's support forms. Contributions are moderated and will not show up until reviewed. FIELD GRADE PLATE (04 For use of this form, a. This assertion, along with Army Regulation (AR) 623-3: Evaluation Reporting System (ERS), implies that character is the foremost leadership requirement: The Army Values, empathy, warrior ethos, and discipline are critical attributes that define a leader's character and apply across all grades, positions, branches, and specialties. O-6s typically attend the Army War College. I first met SGT Jones in April 2011 at WLC, on Ft Stewart. Each officer has a specific YMAV or DEROS that identifies when they are eligible to move. Organizations should communicate routinely with their assigned account managers in order to effectively influence the process. Here is where you make the case for the subject by describing your experiences with him or her and giving examples of the subject's good qualities. She embodies her job as assignments manager and places her job and the Army first in her life, and wouldn't have it any other way. 3. Secondly, a major must actively establish a reputation as a field-grade officer and pursue KD opportunities immediately. 4.3. Contact Disclaimer. Talent management affects all officers regardless of their current performance. # 1: S4 Officer It must directly describe traits that support the person's character and counters the alleged bad behavior. Bottom third officers are at risk for having promotion denied and basically have no chance of selection for battalion command. DEI Best Practices: Expanding the K-12 pipeline,,,, Contact Disclaimer, non-confrontational, calm, patient, cooperative, dependable, thoroughly follows instructions, fair, competent leader, responsible, mature, good listener, good communicator, counselor, determined, driven, persevering, diligent, works independently, without supervision, has initiative, involved, invested, committed, loyal, devoted. I was previously assigned to Chaos Company, 3rd Battalion, 54th Infantry Regiment as the Senior Drill Sergeant of 4th Platoon and assisted in the activation of the Battalion and the 197th Infantry Brigade. Approximately 51 percent of the officers who enter these types of assignments will not exit them in the same performance tier. HRC intends to publish responses, which PPTO will forward when available. The way officers perform far outweighs their assigned positions. I feel certain that our Section Chief would agree. The submission of a detailed MER is critical to enabling HRC to select the right officers for specific organizational requirements. I met SSG Deleon on August 25, 2019, on the day he was assigned to Chaos Company. Because he or she is being judged by strangers who don't know him, character statements will be required for his defense. c. COMMENTS . In summary, I am surprised to learn of the behavior SPC Morrison is charged with. Take the time to make the next move a family decision and not just about the position available. Fill oer support form character bullets: Try Risk Free. All officers need an advocate to portray their narrative during the assignment process. LT Smith security mission was responsible for securing 25 square miles of land and enabling the first . Medical support, educational interests, or exploration opportunities are all worth consideration. o expressed himself in an open and candid manner; facilitated teamwork. SFC, USA Initial Field Grade Counseling. And the supplemental NCOER? To contribute examples, enter them below. Officers must routinely update their two-to-five year plans, incorporating changes to accurately project future accomplishments. I currently serve as a Mortar Platoon Sergeant in 1st Brigade, 4th Infantry Division. Communicate with your assignment officer routinely, especially if you are in the cycle to move. My name is SSG Smith and I am writing on behalf of SGT Jones. nature (e.g. Assignment officers need time to work on special circumstances that require external coordination, such as by-name requests, nominations, and accommodations for enrollees in the Exceptional Family Member Program, and Married Army Couples Program. " You are fair and treat everyone in the office as an equal. You're just asking for sleepless nights. An OER with negative comments, "no" block checks, or negative ratings (referred OER), is career threatening for the Officer who receives it. Body. PERIOD'COVERED:'''!FROM%(YYYYMMDD)!THRU%(YYYYMMDD)! Combat training center and joint assignments represent the next target. While TDY with her at Ft Meade, I had the opportunity to witness her instructing other NCOs about the GTC, its purpose, and its proper use. I have the opportunity to work with SPC Smith when I provide nurse coverage for the ground transportation of patients in the aerovac system. !! Ask the subject of the character statement if they have any information that could help project a positive image such as a list of accomplishments, organizations that he or she belongs to, or any other relevant information. Rated officers or NCOs should not write their own evaluations, period. Spend some time thinking this through so that you can come up with material that will cast doubt on the charges. One of a major's first priorities is to complete the Command and General Staff Officers Course regardless of assigned method. For example: OUTSTANDING LEADER: Lead a 25 man platoon into Afghanistan for a 60 day security mission. LCpl Trejo was soon promoted to Corporal, then shortly met me at the rank of Sergeant, and eventually being promoted to his current rank of Staff Sergeant. He is a graduate of Intermediate Level Education, Pathfinder School, Airborne School, the Joint Planners Course, the Joint Firepower Course, and the Mobilization and Deployment Course. Serving in the Army is a great opportunity, but it represents a short time in our lives. . If an Officer just received a negative OER, it is advisable to retain a military lawyer to assist with an appeal. He was not afraid to admit when he lacked knowledge of certain procedures or tasks; knowing I had the most experience on the trail in our company, SSG Deleon would come to me for guidance or advice to ensure he didn't look unprofessional in front of the Trainees. - Leads. The number one rule is that as your performance changes, so should your future goals. We include documents based . Oraganized by categories: Character, Presence, Intellect, Leads, Develops, and Achieves. EMAIL ADDRESS (.gov or .mil) . From an assignments perspective, the goal is to match the right skills and experiences to the right position. - Develops. - Presence. EDIPI: 1298475886/USMC. You can't do it all yourself. 45- The MSAF programs was eliminated June 08. Expressing a willingness to go further in defense of the subject by providing a phone number or offering to show up at any hearing will double the letter's effectiveness. The body is the majority of the letter. DA FORM 67-10-2 - Example judicious in their comments. He doesn't like confrontations and will avoid them if at all possible. Talent management must be viewed holistically. Networking at the field-grade level is integral to continuing career progression. Put first things first, and place your efforts on the immediate next step of getting promoted to lieutenant colonel. As a point of clarity, units and officers must understand that vacancies do not equate to validated fills. The below comments are not to replace the Army's definition, nor are . In addition, I have had the opportunity during the last month to interact with him during PT sessions three times a week. Try and start your FITREP bullets with a hard hitting action word or words, IN ALL CAPS, and then elaborate on it. I supervise the Headquarters section of the G-3 consisting of two Noncommissioned Officers and one junior Marine. It is your responsibility to double-check the information you find on this site before you use it professionally. No less than 6 hours. o Incorporates Army Directive 2015-11, Unmasking of Army Officer Evaluation height/weight and APFT data. - Achieves. Officers rated in the top third of their peers represent the best in the field, and these officers will have the opportunity to serve in joint assignments, as general officer aides, or in other nominative assignments reserved for the very best. His drive and motivation played a key role in the accomplishment of the Unit's mission: taking civilians, turning them into Infantrymen and training them to be the Force's future leaders. Covey's third principle, which he calls "put first things first," helps leaders to discern urgency from importance. Should only be used for: The best Most Qualified (MQ) reports within a mature profile Highly Qualified (HQ) reports that follow an MQ for same rated officer with discretion, for the very best officers with HQ reports in small Field Grade Officers play team ball. LEAD. DSN 530-XXXX. Based on my experience and observations working alongside of SSgt Trejo, I highly recommend him for retention in the United States Marine Corps. SPC Smith is one of the technicians who work in the Aeromedical Staging Facility (clinical operations). | Army Organic Industrial Base Modernization Implementation Plan, Army Civil Works announces publication of a formal review for Nationwide Permit 12, October 2017 Nominative Sergeants Major Assignments. To me the rater and senior rater are there to make sure the self evaluation stays honest. It is a sign of lazy leadership if your leaders cant perform the duties expected of them, especially when properly evaluating and rating the soldiers/officers beneath them. Assuming that you are the rater and not senior rater keep in mind that you are charged with only rating the officers performance during the last rated period. During my time at HRC, I learned many things about field-grade officer career progression that I want to share. List incidents that you observed where he accepted orders or even punishment without argument. Top third officers are on track for promotion and will compete extremely well for battalion command. o is a motivated troop but needs further guidance in o has unlimited potential but requires more experience before o must realize the importance of finishing assigned tasks without supervision, o failed to use time wisely, consistently failed to complete duty assignments, o frequent unwillingness to cooperate in working toward unit goals affected readiness, o failed to fulfill his leadership's intent for positive and appropriate EO practices, o needed to be consistent with leadership style and maintain formality when in presence of Soldiers, o an excellent technician but needs to work on tact and communication skills, o understood his role as a senior leader but failed to contribute to the mission, o failed to keep track of the Soldiers under his supervision, o sometimes requires supervision on how to talk to Soldiers, o demonstrated poor judgement without consideration of results, o has good potential but requires more experience applying daily soldier leadership skills, o good Soldier, but fails to self improve by applying sound personal management skills, o demonstrated a serious lack of integrity and poor judgment without consideration of results, o compromised integrity by submitting altered documents; poor example to subordinates, o encouraged soldiers to advance by cheating for each other, poor example.

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