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Wander into the welcoming cafes in Oia, a village teeming with whitewashed buildings and blue-domed roofs. Sit front-row for a flamenco dance, and savor a paella dinner during an evening in Barcelona. The religious complex broke ground in the 11th century decorated with 500 columns cast from rare marble and stone, as well as sensational gold mosaics spanning 45,639 square feet. Legend has it, youll be guaranteed return to The Eternal City. If you must carry valuables on your person, do so in a pouch or money belt concealed under your clothing. From shabby to chic, you'll find it in France. You land at Romes Fiumicino Airport and travel by private escort to the comforts of your hotel in the heart of the ancient city center. This whirlwind Europe vacation package begins in Barcelona . 16 day food tour to Paris, Pisa and 4 other destinations in France, Italy and England. The most popular month to visit these countries is August, which has the most number of departures. From the majesty of Rome, the magic of Venice, the mystique of Florence and beyond, Italy delivers a dream-come-true experience. Call us at (800) 543-0865^. Sign up for free and earn commission on every booking by registering as an accredited TourRadar Agent. After breakfast, you visit the Louvre Museum and meet your guide in front of the 20th century glass pyramid marking the gallery entrance. Take an Italy vacation package, Spain and Greece vacation! Discover the century-old secrets of winemaking while you sip on vintage wines in Beaune, the epicentre of the classic Burgundy region. Walk past temples and marble-lined sanctuaries in Delos, the birthplace of famous Greek gods. You can spend time doing excursions, using the amenities in the area, and have an all-inclusive vacation. From the French Riviera to Italys Amalfi Coast, Paris, Barcelona, and Rome, this is a romantic journey crossed three superlative countries. After breakfast, your private transfer will escort you to the airport for your flight to Rome. The summer months bring an influx of tourists and increases in hotel rates, and higher temperatures. You will have a private escort to the train station where you board the scenic fast train bound for Venice. With 4 nights here youll easily have time to take a quick trip to Pompeii or Mount Vesuvius, too! You reach the island of Burano, which houses a quaint fishing village accentuated by the vibrantly painted homes. The French masterpiece depicts four people playing cards around a table. 58 Commercial Road Recognized for successfully marketing packages and proposals to different clients. Zicasso offers a variety of Spain, France, and Italy tours. Sail along the Amalfi Coast and tour ancient ruins, including Pompeii. A short train ride away, Montpellier will be next on your agenda! Watch Movies Under the Stars at our 300-square-foot outdoor theater. Sip on Italys red wines, or sample Greeces white blends. You leave Athens early in the morning to reach the stunning village of Delphi, situated on a mountainside at 1,837 feet above sea level. The French Gothic architecture contains hidden details that add layers to the grand design. Embrace the embellishments of royalty at Versailles and traverse the quiet streets of an island fishing village in the Venetian Lagoon. Pools, blossoming flowers, and elaborate fountains adorn the gardens 1,976 acres. On a Greek cruise, dine on Montenegrin cuisine in the home of a local chef, appreciate 14th-century Venetian art at St. Tryphons Cathedral and taste regional wines along the riviera. Home to endless culture, stunning architecture and buzzing nightlife, Rome is one of the classic quintessentially European hubs to tick off your travel checklist. Discover a city frozen in time between the medieval and Renaissance eras capped by the masterpiece of the Duomos dome, the largest unreinforced brick dome in the world. Florence, Venice, Burano, Mazzorbo, Delphi, Poros, Hydra, Paris, Versailles, Rome, Aegina, Athens. From hotels and flights to tours and rental cars, Expedia makes traveling on the cheap easy. Then sail to Naples and Sicily, depending on your itinerary. Wander the halls of the Vatican Museum to see works by Raphael and Michelangelo, as well as Michelangelos Piet on display inside St. Peters Basilica. Maybe its the mind-boggling historical wonders. Enter your criteria and we'll find the best offer across car companies. Wear sneakers for easy trails and hiking boots with ankle support for harder trails while hiking through Cinque Terre. 24/7 support and local assistance for every moment of your vacation. Whatever it is that entices you to Italy, chances are one visit wont be enough. Take an Italy vacation package, Spain and Greece vacation! For drivers under the age of 25, additional fees and/or restrictions may apply. Youll stay in Nice where a twilight stroll along the Promenade Des Anglais is a must! Major strengths include research, problem-solving, negotiation skills and . Our enticing adventure packages will take you on an unforgettable Italy and Greece vacation filled with delicious food and vibrant cultures. The mosaics leading right to left depict stories from the Bible including the tales of Creation, Noahs Ark, and the Tower of Babel. Save on Europe Packages Bask in extravagance as you witness the castles of the Loire Valley and the charming villages of Santorini. While shopping in Paris, avoid rummaging through clothes to find the right size. At breakfast, the aroma of frothy cappuccino combines with the scent of decadent chocolate, which emanates from the patisseries serving freshly baked pastries in the morning. Embark on a Mediterranean cruise through the Aegean Sea and stroll through highlights of Italy and Greece while also visiting hidden gems like Montenegro. Then youll make your way to the glittering French Riviera. See the Picasso Museum in the Gothic Quarter, Spot Gaudis distinctive architecture in Parc Guell. Who knows, you might even take them to the cleaners! Looking for a cruise vacation from Southampton? As one of the greenest islands in Greece, Corfu is an emerald treasure amidst the colorful Mediterranean landscape. Soon after, youll arrive in Barcelona and discover Gaudis cakebread architectural style permeating the city. It was rebuilt in the early 20th century and retains copies of the fabulous frieze, the original of which is not located in the Delphi Museum. The flying buttresses created much-needed support for the heavy, soaring structure but also crafted an elaborate archway on the exterior. Then walk in the footsteps of Emperors at the Colosseum, and receive a blessing from the Pope at St. Peters Square. The stunning collection of coves and inlets that surrounding this sleepy island are the perfect place to unwind, unless youd prefer to get a taste of Mallorcas world-famous island parties, of course! The renowned sculptor created the piece when he was 24 years old. Copyright Fodors Travel, a division of Internet Brands, Inc. All rights reserved. A cruise tour is a voyage and land tour combination, with the land tour occurring before or after the voyage. Vineyards and orchards juxtapose the cobblestones, marble, and waterways of Venices main island. For an afternoon full of games, join fellow travelers for Bingo, or compete in scheduled group tournaments. This is our first private tour and I must say it met all our expectations. Unless otherwise noted, optional services such as airfare, airport transfers, shore excursions, land tour excursions, etc. Compulsory seat reservations on high-speed rail, night trains or ferries. The final stretch of your highlights tour brings you to Athens, Greece. Got a study or career break coming up? packages, and independent trips for France Luxury in 7 days. Travel with a personalized itinerary and experiences designed for you. Up to 50% OFF. The Temple of Apollo retains the foundations of the original structure as well as Doric columns, which date back to the fourth century BC. Or walk in the footsteps of celebrated artists that called these regions home like Picasso and Dali and allow their work to spark your creativity. Learn from experts like our staff or perhaps other guests nearby and put your skills to the test. Now its widely recognized for its architectural masterpieces and spirited customs. A refurbished Doric temple known as the Treasury of the Athenians was initially erected in the 6th century BC with marble for the island of Paros. 2 nights Venice. On a Mediterranean cruise to Livorno, travel to Florence or Pisa where artifacts abound. Combine France and Italy with an exclusive vacation package to some of the most popular cities in Europe!Paris (the romantic City of Lights, the Eiffel Tower and The Louvre) will steal your breath before flying to Venice (with sumptuous palaces and dreamy waterways).Take the train and observe the charming countryside en route to Florence (Michelangelo`s David, Botticelli`s Birth of Venus, and . Learn more about the Costco Travel difference. The interior hosts an array of spice aromas, which derives from burning frankincense and myrrh. By clicking Accept All Cookies you agree with the use of analytical and tracking cookies. Famous for its beaches and spirited lifestyle, Mykonos is the heartbeat of Greece. The pediments once contained sculptures that depict the stories of the Trojan War. %[if (pickUpAgencyName) {] Any Interrail or Eurail passes if required, based on the best value for you. Head to the top of Fillopapou hill, overlooking the Acropolis for the best photo opportunities, Explore famous Greek sites the Parthenon, the Theatre of Dionysos and the Temple of Poseidon among many others, Drink Greek wine and cocktails al-fresco at one of Athens many bars and enjoy the vibrant nightlife, Overnight Travel to Sorrento 26 hours(Bus to Patras, Night Ferry to Bari, Train to Naples & Ferry to Sorrento). Sign up for free and earn commission on every booking by registering as an accredited TourRadar Agent. Expand All Introduction Day 1: Athens Vacation package to Italy and Greece. Or soak up a day of relaxation on the beach with the citys Cycladic architecture as your backdrop all on a Greek cruise with Princess. Europe is the home of the Roman and British Empires, the Italian and Dutch Renaissances, Spanish cuisine and French wine, long stretches of cliff-clad coastline and cobalt waters. A combined Italy and France tour is a great way to spend your holiday. He used remarkable detail to create a realistic effect that depicts Mary holding Jesus after the crucifixion. Maybe its the tantalizing aroma of garlic. Byzantine churches and neighborhoods with village-like ambiance accentuate the charms of the city in the shadow of the rich past. Its not true Renaissance if youre not in Tuscany. The fields lead to rows of private houses and a gothic villa once owned by famous Venetian resident Giacomo Casanova. Up to 50% OFF. How Zicasso Works In 3 Simple Steps 1 Describe your dream Spain, France, and Italy tour. Many islanders fled to Greeces largest city for work to erect the Royal Palace of King Otto, the first king of a united Greece. All Rights Reserved. A fantastic vacation package, combing three wonderful destinations across France and Greece. The fantastic collection displayed across eight curatorial departments is almost overwhelming in its showcase of historical aesthetic, the evolution of art, and the combination of popular and overlooked masterpieces scattered across the galleries. Kotor is enrobed in ancient houses, palaces and churches that speak to its 12th-century origins. In Sicily especially I think the private tour is a big advantage as there are many places where only small vehicles can go through. %{= pickUpAgencyName } This ancient and quaint port city perched on the eastern coast of Sicily, lies beneath the imposing and breath-taking Mount Etna. Before entering the museums, you visit the interior of St. Peters Basilica.

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