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They increase epinephrine in the brain's reward pathways. Drugs, trauma, fatigue, hypnosis, and sensory deprivation typically produce Recollections of one's first family vacation to Disneyland are most likely part of one's According to the American Psychological Association's Div. aspect of an experience. The ________ is the tendency to recall the items at the beginning and end of a list more readily D. Marijuana can trigger increased sensitivity to sounds, tastes, smells, and colors. What is the markdown? Medical tests revealed increased activity of her central nervous system. It has been found most useful in preparing people for anesthesia , enhancing the drug response, and reducing the required dosage. B. D. dreams are caused by neurotransmitter levels. D. There is a limited amount of storage available for long-term memories, so older memories 7. Leonard is addicted to heroin, but is very careful about overdosing. Furthermore, it can get rid of cravings during the process, which prevents weight gain while. 67. When we are taking a math test, we are engaged in a high-level consciousness activity. A deeper level of understanding is gathered through shallow processing than through The longer the period of REM sleep, the more likely the person will report dreaming. Rachel Radcliff earns an annual salary of $126,000. D. thalamus and limbic system. C. corpus callosum/hippocampus Hypnosis is a trance-like mental state in which people experience increased attention, concentration, and suggestibility. Individuals in a hypnotic state are unreceptive to external suggestions. B. a change in GABA Discuss the physiological and psychological effects of sleep deprivation. Scientists propose that sleep restores, replenishes, and rebuilds the brain and body. C. hallucinogen. Hallucinogens, like LSD, MDMA (ecstasy), and marijuana, are psychoactive drugs that modify a person's perceptual experiences. 26. C. It is more likely to occur when individuals are sleep deprived. D. Leonard's drug tolerance had reached its limits and his US was confounded with his CS and A. Surprising as it might be, hypnosis has a high success rate on people that want to quit smoking or vaping. B. negative punishment. Which of the following is true of divided attention in the context of memory encoding? Which of the following is true of observational learning? _____ is a normal state in which the hypnotized person behaves the way he or she believes that a hypnotized person should behave. D. dreaming. Which of the following is true of the term "levels of processing" in memory? A. REM sleep is an active stage of sleep during which dreaming does not occur. General B. have difficulty falling asleep at the hour at which they would like. C. Jennifer's tests are based on recognition. C. instinctive drift. Individuals in a hypnotic state show characteristics of people being in a relaxed waking state. A. phonological loops 23. Sleep deprivation is associated with declines in alertness and cognitive performance, inability to sustain attention, decline in complex brain behavior and overall brain activity, decreased problem-solving ability, and problems with moral judgment. They enhance decision making. B. neutral stimulus/conditioned stimulus The adage "When in Rome, do as the Romans do" best reflects which of the following types of A. They decrease the risk of exposure to HIV. As Boris has never played chess C. Marijuana disrupts the membranes of neurons but does not affect the functioning of hormones. C. Your mother takes a nap after spending long hours surfing the Internet. B. Jennifer's tests have poorer retrieval cues than Stacey's tests. A. H.M. developed an inability to form new memories that outlive working memory. Jacob's friend Sarah loves the warmth she feels for everybody when she takes Ecstasy. C. less vivid. D. are a certified psychic. 5 B. norepinephrine Later, while watching TV, she finds a solution to her problem. Grounding Larry is an example of C. Homer's neurological dream activity. Thus, whereas Freud suggests that our dreams have deep unconscious meaning and cognitive theory claims that our dreams are an attempt to make sense of our conscious lives, activation-synthesis theory suggests that our dreams are merely a form of "cognitive trash" that has little to no meaning. D.Sleep deprivation syndrome, 54. C. It is the most powerful type of depressant. Which of the following is true of opiates? B. stage 5 and stage 6 Awareness and arousal are associated with different parts of the brain. C. William James's theory C. negative punishment. After several weeks of taking the drug, she noticed that she no longer fits into most of her C. negative reinforcement. B. psychological dependence. D. Autobiographical memories predominantly characterize the very first few years of life. Your little brother whines whenever he wants something. This technique will allow your _____ to flow. D. retrieval, When you are asked to recall your first day of kindergarten, you rely on ________, whereas when 70. B. B. A. positive reinforcement D. the bell had become a conditioned response. D) It confuses witnesses, who end up providing inaccurate details about a crime. Tolman demonstrated that rats can learn to run a maze correctly even though they were never B. missing class Subconscious awareness can occur when people are awake, as well as when they are sleeping and dreaming. C. which is a form of respondent behavior, behavior occurs in automatic response to a stimulus. Identify The True And False Statements About Hypnosis. Every night when she goes The EEG (electroencephalogram) data of a hypnotized person indicates a predominance of alpha and beta waves. The presentation of a stimulus following a given behavior in order to increase the frequency of that WebIdentify the true and false statements about hypnosis. While hypnosis is often described as a sleep-like state, it is better expressed as a state of focused attention, heightened suggestibility, and vivid fantasies. Sleep serves many functions, including restoration, adaptation, growth, and memory consolidation. The EEG (electroencephalogram) pattern for REM sleep shows fast waves similar to those of relaxed wakefulness. While hypnosis is often described as a sleep-like state, it is better expressed as a state of focused attention, heightened suggestibility, and vivid fantasies. D. unconditioned stimulus, Classical conditioning can produce ________, which is a decrease in the production of antibodies WebIdentify the true and false statements about hypnosis. A. Barney rapidly increases the sales of his product and ensures complete sale of his stock so Implicit memory is a person's knowledge about the world. C. It is more likely to occur when individuals are sleep deprived. In the context of the B) It can help to cure cocaine addiction. A. storage failures. B. A. sensory memory. John, even though she has not spoken to John for at least four years. Your father falls asleep watching TV. A. Elaboration D. a sealskin coat, In the experiment with little Albert conducted by Watson and Rayner, ________ was used as an This state of mind is referred to as B.narcolepsy It negates the role of deep processing in memory. B. sleep apneA.C.a state called hypnagogic reverie. asleep and awakens frequently during the night. D. activation-synthesis. B. the hypnotized person behaves the way he or she believes that a hypnotized person should behave. This demonstrated that the rats called on their ________ In classical-conditioning situations, the ________ is unlearned, but the ________ is learned. C. Divided attention is the ability to maintain attention to a selected stimulus for a prolonged 84. B. daydreaming. C. brain damage. A. organizing 64. 113. B. insomnia. Kate, a long-time coffee drinker, complains of pounding headaches and lowered mood when she skips her coffee in the morning. 74. Which of the following statements about classical conditioning in humans is FALSE? D. contiguity. C. The EEG pattern for REM sleep shows slow waves similar to those of stage 3 sleep. B. dreams are random. Awareness and arousal are associated with different parts of the brain. C. Leonard's friend switched his drugs in order to teach him not to use drugs by switching his Luke, who frequently takes drugs, keeps complaining that his drapes are growing tentacles that are threatening to strangle him. D. Most REM sleep takes place during stage 1 of a night's sleep. C.Night terrors She tells you to sit at your computer for 15 minutes and write whatever comes into your head. A. visual structuring. B. classical conditioning 122. D. longer. A. classical conditioning B. depressant Which of the following statements is true of hypnosis? In observational learning, the first process that must occur is 42. C. ventral tegmental area and nucleus accumbens. According to research on alcoholism, which of the following individuals is most likely to become dependent on alcohol? B. demonstrating automatic processing. A. stage 1 D. It is a symptom of sleep apnea. When asked to memorize the 15 letters, C I A C B S A B C F B I I R S, Mary reorganizes them into CIA, D. The visual spatial sketchpad depends on the phonological loop for its operations. A. dietary changes. Drugs, trauma, fatigue, sensory deprivation, and possibly hypnosis can induce an altered state of consciousness. A. insomnia. C. non-REM sequence. The active ingredient in marijuana is THC, which specifically affects serotonin. D. Nightmares/Night terrors. B. GABA C. Stage 1 sleep/stage 3 and stage 4 sleep Unlike Freud's approach, cognitive theory does not investigate the latent content of a dream. accurately enough to retrieve them successfully. C. altered states of consciousness. The cerebellum and ________ play an important role in implicit memory. A. ventral tegmental area and nucleus accumbens. A. Nightmares/Night terrors Non-REM Dreams: The experience of mundane, dull, everyday events when asleep. UR. C. life experiences stimulate and shape dreaming more than the theory acknowledges. A. A. D. valium, 100. B. ________ are frightening dreams that awaken a dreamer from REM sleep. your computer for 15 minutes and write whatever comes into your head. A. 13. tests include only essay questions, whereas Stacey's end-of-semester tests include only B. Its a type of mind-body medicine. . B. Opiates A. a white rat D. They involve individuals actively focusing their efforts toward a goal. C. hypnosis. to make it pleasurable. D. Episodic memory/Semantic memory, Which of the following is subdivided into episodic and semantic memory? B. B. Rodney mows the lawn more than once a week so as to get $10 from his mother every time D. They decrease a person's appetite for food and sex. If someone responds oddly to a stimulus (when no longer hypnotized) as a result of a hypnotist's suggestion, he or she will try to find a reasonable explanation for it. The drug she took is most likely a Lea is in C. hallucinogen. 7 and 12 95. A. serotonin D. hypnagogic reverie, Controlled processes D. Implicit memory is also known as declarative memory. 10 C. negative reinforcement. She recently began taking medication to help her sleep. 105. B. Organisms learn the association between two stimuli. D. They decrease dopamine levels in the brain's reward pathways. private experiences. B. might lead to an increased probability of daydreaming. The removal of a stimulus following a given behavior in order to increase the frequency of that C. the horses Which element in this scenario represents the latent content of the dream? B. B. habit. D. during non-REM sleep. This is known as divided consciousness. B. This is an example of The United States has the lowest rate of adolescent drug use of any industrialized nation. A. hippocampus/corpus callosum B. stimulants D. It produces high, steady rates of behavior that are more resistant to extinction than the other A. Heather reported a boost in energy and a sense of well-being after taking a drug. D. broca's area and the hypothalamus, A. the basal ganglia and prefrontal cortex. Controlled processing requires active conscious effort. misbehavior toward his little brother decreases. Research on the effects A. nondeclarative memory. Lily has been battling insomnia for a very long time. C. habituation _____ drug dependence is the physiological need for a drug that causes unpleasant withdrawal symptoms and a craving for the drug when it is discontinued, whereas _____ drug dependence is the strong desire to repeat the use of a drug for emotional reasons. B. Daydreaming occurs when the individual is doing something that requires full attention. C. learned helplessness A. soon be there to take your order. Those who tend to become completely absorbed in what they are doing and who immerse themselves in imaginative activities are likely candidates for hypnosis. A. D. There has been strong declines in adolescent use of LSD, Ecstasy, sedatives, and cigarettes. C. procedural memory. True Statement (s) Drag appropriate answer (s) here The split-brain procedure is conducted only in people who have severe seizure disorders (epilepsy). WebIdentify the true and false statements about someone with split brain. D. The term discovered memories avoids the negative connotations of the term recovered Betty has dissociative identity disorder. B. occur during REM sleep. D. unconditioned stimulus (US), Which of the following is the best example of an unconditioned response? 30 ( Society of Psychological Hypnosis ), hypnosis is a procedure during which a health professional or researcher suggests while treating someone, that he or she experience changes in sensations, perceptions, thoughts or behavior. C. caffeine Your English professor gives you some advice on how to cure writer's block. A. among older adults. Pavlov's dog salivated to the sound of a bell because According to the serial position effect, if you are a waiter trying to remember all the orders for a, According to Sigmund Freud, dreams symbolize, ________ is an altered state of consciousness or psychological state of altered attention in which the. Which of the following should be included on your list? D. positive reinforcement. B. barbiturate D. subconscious awareness. C. Alcohol strongly affects women more than men because of the differences in body fat and stomach enzymes. It occurs usually due to the use of sleeping pills. C. may cause Helen to be at increased risk for heart disease. C. Dissociated/neodissociated A. B. will result in decreasing levels of cortisol in the body. The social-cognitive-behavior view of hypnosis. C. They damage other people's property. Jennifer accidentally plays a radio channel that she has never heard before. A. barbiturate. 66. ________ involve sudden B. C. He will want to drink more tequila right away. Frank buys a new smartphone and tries exploring the phone's features as soon as he reaches home. D. increase long-term memory. bumblebee sitting on the petals. C. depressants Someone who can be hypnotized may be highly suggestible. B. exhibiting controlled processing. C. Autobiographical memories are the simplest of all. 90. Hypnotizability refers to the extent to which a person's responses are changed when he or she is hypnotized.

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