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Photo by Sarah Schoeneman michael gregsten wife

Gregsten was ordered to stop at a milk vending machine and sent into a shop to buy cigarettes, and then to stop at a petrol station for more fuel. Mr Gregsten's body was tonight identified by his wife, Janet. The police raided the hotel, and questioned Nudds again, who then changed his story, claiming that Alphon had in fact been in the basement and 'Ryan' in Room 6 but, for reasons unknown, had swapped rooms during the night. As executor of Valerie's will, Professor Hobbs was the first to come across the documents and notes she left behind and he worked with Mr Stickler to ensure that the 'posthumous autobiography' was an honest and truthful account. Flatline intro and Come play with me intro and outro, Logo and website design Paulina Szymanska, James Hanratty: The A6 Murder Crime Files, Tributes pour in for Sloughs brave Valerie Storie Slough & South Bucks Observer, Man is charged with A6 murder The Guardian, Court told of A6 car chase The Guardian, Calls to Yard in A6 case The Guardian, Hanratty family in new appeal against murder conviction BBC News, Police denial of concealing evidence The Guardian, Lay by murder gun identified The Guardian, New search in lay by murder The Guardian, Lennon film on the A6 murder found The Observer, Fresh confession revives Hanratty doubts The Guardian, Appeal court to reveal Hanratty murder case The Guardian, DNA hampers effort to clear Hanratty The Guardian, Murder casebook: James Hanratty Crime and Investigation Network, A miscarriage of justice? The prosecution produced witnesses attesting that all the rooms were already occupied at the time and accused Mrs Jones of being an unreliable witness. 'What I do find distasteful is that the family's belief in their son's innocence has been boosted by campaigners who have given them false hope. While at Maidstone, Hanratty came to the attention of a researcher who lived and worked alongside the inmates; he was later to remark upon Hanrattys "gross social and emotional immaturity". cid exam previous question papers. Police believe the couple, both employees of the Road Research Laboratory near Slough, were confronted by a man with a gun as they were parked on Dorney Common in Berkshire yesterday evening. Even Valerie's own Member of Parliament, Joan Lestor, insisted Hanratty was innocent. Want the latest Bedfordshire news direct to your inbox? , updated This standard of travel plan isnt good enough in the modern age. After Hanratty received a unanimous verdict of guilty in court, a petition arguing his innocence was signed by 90,000 people, but an appeal was dismissed. By the age of 11 he had been declared ineducable at St James Catholic High School, Burnt Oak, Barnet, although his parents steadfastly refused to accept he was in any way mentally deficient and successfully resisted attempts to have him placed in a special school. Despite this, Michael was having an affair with his 22-year-old lab assistant, Valerie Storie. Hanratty telephoned Scotland Yard several times, saying he had fled because he had no credible alibi for the date in question, but repeated each time that he had nothing to do with the A6 murder. In August 1961, Michael Gregsten and Valerie Storie were sitting in their car in Dorney Reach, UK when an intruder forced his way into the backseat brandishing a gun. Gregsten was forced to drive down the A6 until he reached Deadman's Hill near Clophill, Bedfordshire. [27] Justice encouraged the initially reluctant Fox to help him expose what he believed to be the fabrication of the case against Hanratty. "They then left at about 7.30pm in a grey Morris car which I understood belonged to Michael's mother. The police then took the unusual step of publicly naming Alphon as the murder suspect. They were confronted by a man with a gun. First sergeant epr bullets june 30, 2022 | | 0 comment | 2:40 pm. However, only two days later, Storie gave a different description of her assailant to the police. On Tuesday, 22nd August, 1961, Michael Gregsten, 36, a research physicist, called at the address of his estranged wife at Sabine House, Abbots Langley, and after taking his 9-year old son, Simon, to play in Cassiobury Park, Watford, he collected his girlfriend, Valerie Storie, 22, from work, and he and Storie went in Gregsten's Morris Minor to the Old Station Inn, Taplow, near Slough. Jamal Edwards, a music producer and entrepreneur, died suddenly in February 2022. Results from testing in June 1999 were said to be strong evidence of a familial match - the evidential DNA was "two and a half million times more likely" to belong to James Hanratty than to anyone else. They compared his DNA to that found on Valerie's underwear and the handkerchief in which the murder weapon had been contained, and found a conclusive match. Even once she had been shot and was passing in and out of consciousness, she still managed to wave her petticoat to try to attract attention. Hi, It's truly a crying shame that all the postings on this fascinating forum have been lost, seemingly for ever. During one of the phone calls, he pronounced "think" as "fink".[20]. A strong, disabled woman's story. It is not known why the trial was moved to Bedford, just nine miles from the murder scene, although this afforded easier access for the now-paraplegic Valerie Storie, who had received treatment at nearby Stoke Mandeville Hospital. The Criminal Cases Review Commission announced yesterday that the case of. Hanratty's family and their supporters have continued to contest this conclusion and to press for a further review of his conviction. He told Gregsten to pass the bag but, as Gregsten moved, there were two shots. Michael Gregston was murdered by James Hanratty 1962. Secretly, however, she was drafting the contents of a book and writing hundreds of notes. Storie screamed, "You bastard! In the 'Storie papers' is a script containing her stronger feelings on the matter. Usher admitted remembering Hanratty and the suitcase, and partly remembered the name of the man as 'Ratty'; he was located by private detectives working for the defence, but was never called as a witness. They had finished the planning for the weekends rally, Valeries maps folded away in her shopping basket. The journey continued along the A5 through St Albans, which the gunman mistakenly insisted was Watford, before joining the A6. Alphon claimed he gave Gregsten two chances to get away but "each time the bloody man kept coming back". The following extract describes the moments leading up to the events on that fateful nightin August 1961 that turned her life upside down Valeries shopping basket rested on the back seat. Surely we could do much better?, Man in his 70s attacked in his home by burglars in Luton. She retreated into her own world, while at the same time listening, watching and making notes of what was being said.". Streamline your workflow with our best-in-class digital asset management system. Bedfordshire Live spoke to Paul about the newly-released book, which is titled The Long Silence - just as Valerie had intended. It was not yet dark, but twilight had set in and visibility was not perfect. This image could have imperfections as its either historical or reportage. [37][38] However, they further went on to note, in the summary of their judgement: The DNA evidence does not stand alone and the Court refers to some of the more striking coincidences in the light of the DNA evidence if James Hanratty was not guilty. At the trial Nudds also stated that the man, upon leaving, had asked the way to a bus stop for a 36A bus, though his statement to police had merely mentioned the 36 bus. AboutPressCopyrightContact. Having recently re-read the late Paul Foot's excellent book "Who killed Hanratty", which he painstakingly researched for over 5 years I remain convinced (rightly or wrongly) that the original suspect, Peter Louis Alphon, is the real murderer of Michael Gregsten. Michael was 14 years older than her and married with two children, though he was in the process of separating from his wife. In October 2000, the Court of Appeal ordered the exhumation of Hanratty's body. As always you can unsubscribe at any time. 2023 Getty Images. Gregsten at first refused, but the man became aggressive and threatened them with the gun. Save up to 30% when you upgrade to an image pack. The two were facing each other, their arms resting on the backs of the seats as they spoke quietly when there was a tap on the drivers window. They drove around the suburbs of North London, apparently aimlessly. There was plenty of evidence that Hanratty had been in London all day on Monday 21 August: in the morning he had deposited a suit into a dry cleaners' in Swiss Cottage; he had been to his friend Charles France's house on the Monday afternoon, and visited the Vienna Hotel in the evening. I looked in his eyes and he looked in mine. He ordered them to drive to . She was of the opinion that it is for all of us to make the most of what we have been dealt.'. We choose the most important stories of the day to include in the email, including crime, court news, long reads, traffic and travel, food and drink articles and more. The sudden intrusion did not seem real. What Is The Case Of Michael Gregsten's Suicide. The prosecution was led by Graham Swanwick QC, later a High Court judge. In police line-ups, Storie did not recognise Alphon, but eventually identified Hanratty. With the gun still pointing at them, the man said, I have been on the run for four months. Paul's book describes the events in great detail of the night in illuminating detail, based on Valerie's accounts. Alphon was recorded by PC Ian Thomson as saying "there can't have been any fingerprints in the car otherwise mine would have given me away". Valerie and 36-year-old Michael Gregsten were held captive in their car for five hours by a gunman who forced them to drive 60 miles from Buckinghamshire to Bedfordshire before shooting them. [24] The Committee attempted to assist Hanratty in his defence, and later tried to disprove his conviction. At about 1.30am on Wednesday 23 August, the car was on the A6, travelling south, when the man said he wanted a 'kip' (sleep). I had found the guilty person. The day before he died he wrote a letter to his brother Michael in which he said: "I'm dying tomorrow but I'm innocent. "Im a desperate man. It was clear he either had not driven before, or was unfamiliar with a Morris Minor. Where was the money going to come from? She then began to draft a book telling her story of what happened that night on the A6, and of the suspicions she endured for years after, but tragically she died in 2016 before she wrote it. Michael was 14 years older than her and married with two children, though he was in the process of separating from his wife. Search above My evidence has never changed, neither have I ever had any doubts. Shortly afterwards, he began psychiatric treatment as an outpatient at the Portman Clinic. With the gun was a handkerchief which provided DNA evidence many years later. The other piece of evidence tested, a sample from Valerie Storie's underwear, provided two different sets of male DNA - one that corresponded to Hanratty; and one which the Court of Appeal interpreted as coming from Gregsten.[34]. Paul Foot and some other campaigners argued elsewhere that the DNA evidence could have been contaminated, in view of the fact that the small DNA samples from items of clothing, kept in a police laboratory for over 40 years in conditions that, as they argue, "do not satisfy modern evidential standards", had to be subjected to amplification techniques to yield any genetic profile. She refused and, having managed to free her hands, tried to disarm him but was overpowered; after he threatened to shoot her, she relented. Hanratty claimed that his suitcase had been handed in to Lime Street Station to a 'man with a withered or turned hand'. No defence on the basis of mental history was raised at Hanrattys trial. Enter your email address below to get the latest news and exclusive content from The History Press delivered straight to your inbox. Two suspects were spotlighted for the attack, which was dubbed The A6 Murder. James Hanratty was eventually charged and executed, despite claiming his innocence. Michael Gregsten with his wife Janet before he was murdered in his car on the A6 by James Hanratty. Neutral Citation Number: [2002] Crim 1141", "James Hanratty: Close to a final verdict? He was then buried in the grounds of Bedford Gaol. Following her death, author Paul Stickler was handed Valerie's extensive notes and files, allowing her story to finally be told. Police handout, showing James Hanratty in police custody, Lennon and Ono protest Hanratty's execution. 83 Michael Gregsten Photos and Premium High Res Pictures - Getty Images CREATIVE Collections Project #ShowUs Creative Insights EDITORIAL VIDEO BBC Motion Gallery NBC News Archives MUSIC BLOG BROWSE PRICING ENTERPRISE VisualGPS INSIGHTS BOARDS CART SIGN IN Images Images Creative Editorial Video Creative Editorial FILTERS CREATIVE EDITORIAL VIDEO Twice he told Gregsten to turn off the road and then changed his mind, and the car returned to the A6. Learn more about how you can collaborate with us. In March 1958, aged 21, at the County of London Sessions, Hanratty was again convicted of car theft, and of driving while disqualified, and sentenced to three years' corrective training at Wandsworth Prison, and then to Maidstone Prison. A brutal crime at Deadman's Hill On August 22, 1961, lovers Gregsten and Storie were parked next to a cornfield in a Morris Minor when a revolver was thrust into the car and a cockney voice let them know they were being held up. In 2002 DNA evidence proved beyond all doubt that Hanratty was guilty. After his release, his father resigned his job as dustman with Wembley council to start a window cleaning business with his son in a futile attempt to keep him away from crime. The car Gregsten and Storie had been using at the time of the attack, a grey four-door 1956 Morris Minor registration 847BHN, was found abandoned behind Redbridge tube station in Essex later that evening. The pair had been intimate for two years after meeting through work, and seemingly had spoken about marriage. Ingrams said that Foot continued until his own death in 2004 to believe in Hanratty's alibi, despite the DNA tests of 2002. If you do as I tell you, you will be all right." That night, after stopping for a drink at The Station Inn at Taplow, they stopped on a countryside road to discuss their future. Hanratty said he had called into a sweetshop in Scotland Road and asked directions to 'Carleton' or 'Tarleton' Road. Private detectives tracked down a Mrs Grace Jones, a landlady with a guest house which had a green bath in the attic as described by Hanratty. "Valerie has worked at the laboratory since she left school five years ago and she has known Michael for a long time.". "James Hanratty killed Michael Gregsten. [citation needed]. He was hanged at Bedford Jail on 4 April 1962, after being convicted of the murder of scientist Michael Gregsten, aged 36, who was shot dead in a car on the A6 at Deadman's Hill, near Clophill, Bedfordshire in August 1961. Find Janet Gregsten stock photos and editorial news pictures from Getty Images. At about 1.30am on August 23, Hanratty told Michael to pull into a lay-by at Deadman's Hill and to hand over his duffle bag. They had never been disturbed before and it was easier to talk here rather than anywhere else. At about 9pm on August 22, 1961, Michael Gregsten, 36, and his girlfriend Valerie Storie, 22, were sitting in their Morris Minor 1000 car in a lay-by at Dorney Reach, Buckinghamshire, when there was a tap on the driver's window. France, who had suffered from bouts of severe depression for many years, committed suicide by gassing himself (his third attempt) about two weeks before the execution. Pre-pay for multiple images and download on demand. When Alphon found out, he flew into a rage. When Valerie died and her papers were given to me I became determined to retell the story with her perspective at its heart. Valerie Storie after receiving treatment for stab wounds on the A6 where Michael Gregsten was murdered is taken to court during trial against James. RM ID: B5E30P Preview Image details Contributor: Trinity Mirror / Mirrorpix / Alamy Stock Photo File size: 30 MB (1.3 MB Compressed download) Releases: Copyright 04/03/2023 Alamy Ltd. All rights reserved. After her retirement she remained an active member of her community, giving presentations on family history and helping to establish a minibus service in her hometown of Slough. dr mark weiss psychologist; evaluate crossword clue 4 letters; pitt county jail bookings twitter. All of this money was anonymously donated to Slough Mobility Transport for the purchase of two new vehicles, one of which was named 'Valerie'. After a five-hour ordeal, ending in a layby on the A6 in Bedfordshire, Michael was shot dead and Valerie was raped, shot and left for dead. Valerie criticised the journalists who campaigned to prove Hanratty's innocence in an interview with the Mail on Sunday in 2002. Storie was an assistant at the same laboratory and had been having an affair with Gregsten, although this did not become public knowledge until Storie wrote a series of articles for the popular Today magazine in June 1962, five months after the trial. His last words to his family were "Mick, I am completely innocent. When Paul was handed what he calls the 'Storie papers', made up of her own notes on that fateful night as well as police tapes, he decided her story needed to be told. Bedfordshire Police is appealing for witnesses and dashcam footage. Valerie Storie was left paralysed after James Hanratty attacked her and killed her boyfriend in August 1961. "If anyone doesn't want to be punished then they, surely, don't commit the crime. For over thirty five years one person remained silent. Was James Hanratty Guilty or Innocent? After driving them around the English countryside for hours, the intruder shot both Michael and Valerie, leaving them on the side of the road at a location known as Deadmans Hill. The murderer left the scene in Mr Gregsten's grey Morris Minor, registration number 847 BHN, which was found abandoned in Ilford, Essex, this evening. Despatched to the youth wing of Wormwood Scrubs, he slashed his wrists; placed in the prison hospital, he was declared a 'potential psychopath'. It was full of her personal effects including her handbag, a wallet and a purse, a few pound notes and coins pushed inside them. Make an enquiry and our team will be get in touch with you ASAP. Crime A6 Murder of Michael Gregsten. Woman left with serious injuries after dog attack on residential road in Luton. The decision by the Court of Appeal included a discussion of the handling of the various items of evidence involved. Gregsten had been hit twice in the head and died instantly. [4][5][6][7] By 1937, the family had moved to Wembley in northwest London. [citation needed] She remembered a man resembling Hanratty, and at first said he stayed there during the week of 1926 August but later said she couldnt really remember what week he did stay. 'Feral pigeons' are terrorising Biggleswade's businesses, meeting hears, The 'infestation' has grown to around 50 pigeons, according to one town councillor, Closures expected with Lloyds Pharmacy set to sell off stores across UK, This follows the news that the pharmacy brand is also closing all of the 237 Lloyds outlets inside Sainsbury's, More than 40,000 defrauded from Luton Borough Council during cyber-attack, Councillor Rob Roche, portfolio holder for finance, said: "Money stolen from the council is money stolen from the residents of Luton. This is a hold-up," a mans voice said. Despite being the victim of an unspeakable crime, Valerie found herself at the centre of a witch hunt committed to proving the innocence of the man she knew to be her attacker. My wife and i were driving a neigborhood looking for houses, and came accross a for sale sign with a phone number. By the time of his arrest for the murder of Michael Gregsten, Hanratty had already accumulated four convictions for motoring offences and housebreaking. Despite this, she was hounded by the media and celebrities, including John Lennon and Yoko Ono, who criticised her for allegedly sending an innocent man to his grave. This was the beginning of the crime which would see Michael murdered and Valerie raped and shot before being left at Deadman's Hill on the A6. In August 1961, 22-year-old Valerie Storie and 36-year-old Michael Gregsten were the victims of James Hanratty in the notorious 'A6 Murder'. They dispatched a telegram to Valerie's place of work, inviting her to the Corn Exchange to "refute any allegations that may be made against you". Keep an eye on the newspapers, this in years to come will come out.". michael gregsten wife. [8], Gregsten was a scientist at the Road Research Laboratory in Slough. On 7 September 1954, aged 17, Hanratty appeared before Harrow Magistrates' where he was placed on probation for taking a motor vehicle without consent, and for driving without a licence or insurance. October 11th, 1961, James Hanratty was arrested for murder and rape. The initial prime suspects were Hanratty, a petty criminal, and Peter Louis Alphon, an eccentric drifter. Tap into Getty Images' global scale, data-driven insights, and network of more than 340,000 creators to create content exclusively for your brand. Ingrams said that Alphon, in conversations with Foot and others, had spoken "obsessively about the case, frequently incriminating himself". What Valerie then saw surprised her. Hanratty became one of the final eight people in the UK to be executed before capital punishment was abolished, but the others that came after him were seen as 'more clear cut' cases, so the idea of Hanratty's innocence became a beacon for those opposing capital punished. mobile homes for rent in hammond, la / bourbon red turkey egg production / bourbon red turkey egg production Michael J. Gregsten, mmn = Oulet, GRO Register of Deaths: JUN 1962 4a 7 AMPTHILL. What was going to happen to them? When she refused, the man got out and forced her out of the car at gunpoint, pushing her on to the back seat, where he ordered her to undo her brassiere and remove her underwear before raping her. circa 1962. [36] His DNA was compared with other DNA extracted from, firstly, mucus preserved in the handkerchief within which the murder weapon had been found wrapped and, secondly, semen preserved in the underwear worn by Storie when she was raped. We'll also send you alerts about important breaking news. The pair had been intimate for two years after meeting through work, and seemingly had spoken about marriage. Try to reignite the pilot light. The gunman knew the Bear Hotel, Maidenhead. Michael Streeter on the latest twist in a celebrated murder mystery. The gunman ordered Gregsten to drive in several directions, before stopping beside the A6 at Deadman's Hill, where the offences took place. As a result of these facts, after the A6 murder, Valerie was often unfairly characterised as a "loose woman". Hanratty would be convicted after a trial lasting almost four weeks but his execution marked the beginning of a forty-year journey of cries of a miscarriage of justice, media frenzies, legal arguments, criticism of the police, a referral to the Criminal Cases Review Commission and finally a Court of Appeal ruling in 2002 when DNA evidence would finally put an end to the furore; he was indeed guilty. ", "Hanratty's body is reburied after DNA testing", "DNA proves Hanratty guilt 'beyond doubt', "The A6 Murder (BBC2 programme transcript)", "Hanratty family in new appeal against murder conviction", "Rape victim speaks out at last about Hanratty", "Community transport service launches new bus", "Tributes pour in for Slough's brave Valerie Storie", Criminal Cases Review Commission Referral, "Hanratty's defence lawyer: "The wrong man was not hanged", Criminal Cases Review Commission, A miscarriage of justice? "[25], The journalist and campaigner Ludovic Kennedy wrote many articles asserting Hanratty's innocence. On April 4, 1962, Hanratty was hanged by executioner Harry Allen at Bedford Prison. Michael is married and he and his wife Janet have two boys, Simon, eight, and Anthony, nearly two.But Michael is having an affair with his 22-year-old lab assistant, Valerie Storie. None of it made sense. They covered about 30 miles before the gunman ordered Gregsten to pull into a lay-by on the A6 at Clophill at around 01 . It was now approximately 3am, six hours after the ordeal had started at Dorney Reach. It was a conclusive match. In 1997, a police inquiry concluded he was wrongfully convicted and the case was sent to the Court of Appeal,[1] which ruled in 2002 that a DNA test conclusively proved Hanratty's guilt beyond any doubt.[2]. "The book tells the story of what happened that night and how she dealt with it in the years that followed. She wanted to write a book to finally give her version of events but did not get round to this before her death in 2016. You shot him. ", Planned school expansion will cause 'traffic chaos', councillor claims, Councillor Victoria Harvey warned: This council is failing on travel plans. Moreover, the murderer drove badly, whereas Hanratty was an experienced car thief. He was a scientist at the laboratory and being a talented mathematician occasionally taught evening classes at St Albans Technical College, so extra money was coming in, but it nevertheless worried him. That's basically taking the rest of his brothers life with him, since he knew he wouldn't be cleared. Get premium, high resolution news photos at Getty Images Eight weeks later he was found semi-conscious in the street, having apparently collapsed from either hunger or exposure. Jet tila michael voltaggio and defending champion and last seasons winner brooke williamson. James Hanratty was later tried, convicted and executed for the murder of Michael John Gregsten on the A6 road. Justice attended the trial every day, being driven there by his chauffeur, and Alphon accompanied him from time to time. As 22-year-old Valerie Storie stepped out of her home on August 22, 1961, she shouted to her parents "Goodbye, I shan't be late". The Long Silenceis, in essence, Valeries posthumous autobiography, explaining for the first time every explicit detail of the cat and mouse drive, as Michael and Valerie tried on over twenty occasions to deter and thwart the apparently indecisive Hanratty. [19] Alphon claimed he had spent the evening of 22 August with his mother, and the following night at the Vienna Hotel, Maida Vale; the police quickly confirmed this and Alphon was released. As a result of these facts, after the A6 murder, Valerie was often unfairly characterised as a "loose woman". It also tells the true story of Valerie's complicated relationship with 36-year-old Michael. Boards are the best place to save images and video clips. At Deadman's Hill the man ordered Gregsten to pull into a lay-by. Valerie Storie did not recognise Alphon in an identity parade, and he was released four days later after being detained on a charge of assaulting Meike Dalal. Was a married man, he and his wife Janet had two boys, Simon, eight, and Anthony, nearly two. On 19 March 1997, the Home Office referred the case to the new Criminal Cases Review Commission (CCRC) where Baden Skitt chaired the investigation. Something went wrong, please try again later. FBiH - Konkursi za turistike vodie i voditelje putnike agencije. During the 60 mile journey, Michael and Valerie made 22 separate attempts to escape or frustrate the driver. According to Alphon, a man had paid him a sum of 5,000 to end the affair between Gregsten and Storie. Valerie Storie survived the shooting but was left paralysed and wheelchair-bound. The Police tracked down a Mrs Dinwoodie, who served in a sweetshop in Scotland Road, and who recalled a man like Hanratty asking for directions. [12] Kerr alerted Sydney Burton, a farm labourer, who flagged down two cars and asked the drivers to call an ambulance. When this evidence went to court in 2002, proving Hanratty's guilt beyond any doubt, reporters once again hounded Valerie to speak. All you have to do is to click here and type in your email address. The case involved the death of a man who lived not far from Hanratty and Mr Stickler thinks he could have heard about it while he was in prison for house breaking. ;Picture taken at home of Mrs. Janet Gregston with her two sons Anthony 3 and Simon (9) 1961. 1945: Ex-soldier buried his wife on Anglesey beach after . Her wish was honoured when The Long Silence was released with the title that Valerie had planned to give to her book. Case 173: Rocio Wanninkhof & Sonia Carabantes, Tributes pour in for Sloughs brave Valerie Storie. Alphon subsequently surrendered himself, and was subjected to an intense interrogation. [citation needed] Hanratty's defence claimed that Mrs Dinwoodie was mistaken about the date. Select from premium Janet Gregsten of the highest quality. The trial lasted 21 days, the longest in English legal history up to that time.[21]. [12] Gregsten had been shot twice in the head with a .38 revolver at point blank range; Storie had been raped, and then shot with the same weapon, four times in the left shoulder and once in the neck, leaving her paralysed below the shoulders.

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