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Earlier this month, Gov. Get Morning Report and other email newsletters. The shelters are full. OaklandWorkers continued Monday to clear the massive homeless encampment along Wood Street in West Oakland. Resident Ron McGowan, who lives at the site in question, said there are about 80 people there. Housing | Housing | Walters: Is ending Californias homelessness just a matter of money? Recommendations from the Commission on how to prioritize the allocation of funds in accordance with the requirements of this Chapter, including for: services and programs for homeless people, reduction of homelessness, and supporting the provision of affordable housing to households qualifying as at least low-income households (those at 55% AMI or below). (Aric Crabb/Bay Area News Group), OAKLAND, CA - SEPTEMBER 26: An officer with the California Highway Patrol marks a vehicle during a partial clearing of the Wood Street homeless encampment on Monday, Sept. 26, 2022, in Oakland, Calif. Caltrans is overseeing the cleanup of its property along Wood Street. They alleged that there were then 42 residents living at the site and only 27 shelter beds in the entire city. Official Website for the City of Oakland | Mayor Sheng Thao. Residents say the camp is a place where they can live how they want after losing stable homes because of evictions or job losses. City leaders say the encampment which spans property owned by the city, railroads and various government agencies is a crisis, but officials havent cleared it, arguing they dont have enough shelter beds for everyone. The result is a shuffling with no long-term strategy on how to get people into more permanent, supportive housing. After Caltrans clears part of the encampment, residents move to another part sometimes city property. Oakland, together we can meet this crisis, expand our progress, and reduce homelessness in our community. Nobody who lived in the homeless camp on Wood Street in Oakland was surprised when police cars and helmeted motorcycle officers started driving up and down the block early on a Tuesday. Several non-emergency systems including phone lines within the City of Oakland are currently impacted or offline. 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The expert behind the report compared it to the poorest places in the world, decried the lack of access to clean water and toilets, and said the rodent infestations, fire dangers and other hazards should be quickly addressed. What could reparations mean for Black residents of Alameda County? Wood Street residents deserve to be treated with dignity and respect, Husbands-Hankin said. Dozens of Caltrans workers and California Highway . In these situations, the Encampment Response Map will include information about the code violation case instead of details about an encampment cleanup effort. The audit found the City was not adequately prepared to shoulder such a massive project and the (encampment management team) was overwhelmed by the undertaking of closing and cleaning encampments throughout Oakland, City Auditor Courtney Ruby wrote in an open letter to Mayor Libby Schaaf, the City Council and other city officials. Attorneys for Caltrans said the encampment posed a serious health and safety risk, citing some 200 fires at the Wood Street encampment over the past two years. But those plans were slow in coming. I do not look forward to being kicked out. Caltrans said it would shut down the entire encampment, clearing out about 200 people who live there. February 22, 2023. The order is the latest in a long-running dispute over a homeless camp, who expressed concern about the short notice and lack of shelter options, Activist Judy Heumann led a reimagining of what it means to be disabled, How this year's Selma Bridge Crossing could mark a community renaissance, Storms across the U.S. cause deaths and power outages, Russia's foreign minister gets laughed at over Ukraine remarks at a global conference. The streets of Oakland are already full of unhoused persons, many of whom were previously evicted from their encampments.". Official Website for the City of Oakland | Mayor Sheng Thao. OAKLAND - Caltrans announced Friday that they are shutting down a homeless encampment near the MacArthur Maze in West Oakland due to ongoing safety concerns and a large fire that tore. Gavin Newsoms office publicly excoriated Oakland officials for failing to cooperate and threatened to withhold state funds. In the meantime, residents say they live in constant fear that they will be forced to leave with little notice. Many people at Wood Street live in RVs, cars and other vehicles. . Marisa Kendall is a housing reporter for the Bay Area News Group who covers homelessness for The Mercury News and East Bay Times. (Aric Crabb/Bay Area News Group), OAKLAND, CA - SEPTEMBER 26: Workers take a break during a partial clearing of the Wood Street homeless encampment on Monday, Sept. 26, 2022, in Oakland, Calif. Caltrans is overseeing the cleanup of its property along Wood Street. He allowed Caltrans to continue removing debris from the area, as long as it didnt involve residents belongings. Yes, that's a toucan flying around Walnut Creek. The plaintiffs have raised serious questions that the state will violate their constitutional rights, Orrick wrote in his July order, by placing them in increased danger when it removes them at short notice from the encampment without adequate plans to provide shelter.. She graduated from American University with a BA degree in literature with a minor in journalism. Homeless advocates said residents were offered alternative shelter spaces. That's higher than what a typical . by Natalie Orenstein March 25, 2021. Raised eyebrows. All Access Digital offer for just 99 cents! But the money is insufficient to help all the camps residents. Report the issue to our encampment management team at Sarah Ravani covers Oakland and the East Bay at The San Francisco Chronicle. Oakland residents told a polling firm in 2023 that homelessness, such as at the Wood Street encampment, is their top concern for the city to address in its coming budget. We got three buses. Cold Bay Area rains fail to shut down vibrant Holi celebration in Fremont. We appreciate your patience; the service has been restored. She joined The Chronicle in 2016 after graduating from Columbia University's Graduate School of Journalism. He says Caltrans has forced him to move several times. The Oakland City Council has . Multiple fires have erupted at the city's largest homeless encampment, which. To learn more about how we use your information, please read our privacy policy. She and her husband, Lenton, live in a 20-foot trailer at the Coliseum Stadium parking lot in Oakland. At the time, city officials said they didnt yet have a timeline on when the new cabin community at Wood Street would break ground. The spokesperson said officers were at the scene to assist the citys public works department with an intervention and closure of a small part of the encampment. The city doesnt have the resources to close something as large as Wood Street, said LaTonda Simmons, the citys former interim homelessness administrator. This chart is updated at the end of each month. Husbands-Hankin said she saw an officer tase the man and tackle him to the ground. If its model is a success, Oakland could win more state funds to help more Wood Street residents. She started her journalism career reporting on crime and breaking news for The News-Press in Southwest Florida. OAKLAND Nearly a month after a federal court barred Oakland from clearing one of its most prominent homeless encampments, the judge in the case has determined the city has enough shelter beds for the displaced residents and can proceed with the removal. Oakland mayor appoints former Compton city manager as Interim City Administrator . The Commission shall publish an annual report regarding how and to what extent the City Council and Mayor have implemented this Chapter. Stay in touch. We do need permanent supportive housing and where is it? Walters: Is ending Californias homelessness just a matter of money? Multiple. Driven by a housing crisis and continuing economic inequality that hits Oaklands most vulnerable. In October, the City Council approved an Encampment Management Policy, which prioritizes the removal of camps near homes, businesses, schools and other areas, and lays out health and safety rules encampments must follow. Californias stormy weather is having an unusual effect on S.F. California snowpack hits highest level this century for March, could I-80 closed across Donner Summit as snowstorm pummels Sierra, San Francisco citizens once traveled by gondola. The decision from Judge William Orrick comes after a month-long legal battle between residents and the transit agency, the city, and the county. The pandemic caused the city to halt most encampment closures, but now city staff say closures are on the table as long as shelter space is available. He found that the plaintiffs raised at least a significant question about whether the doctrine applied to them and concluded that under all the circumstances, including the weather and the ongoing "tripledemic," it was appropriate to issue the TRO, though he telegraphed that the pause on eviction would not be unlimited. That speaks to the demand and the concentration of homelessness, she added. Without a "constitutional right to housing," Orrick said he had no authority to allow the encampment to remain on the property. Now is the big showdown, said Theo Cedar Jones, a resident at Wood Street for nearly two years. The land was mostly owned by Caltrans, and after a history of fires on the site and concerns about the proximity of a nearby oxygen production plant, on July 15, 2022 the agency gave residents 5-days' notice to clear the site. To report an issue related to an encampment, please email The city estimates there are at least 140 encampments scattered throughout Oakland. Driven by a housing crisis and continuing economic inequality that hits Oakland's most vulnerable. (Beth LaBerge/KQED) Homeless Encampment at 9418 Edes Ave Oakland, CA, 94603, USA: Im a community member and my street is getting full of RV and abandoned cars for many months now. Our Response Homelessness has doubled in the last 10 years. Residents sued in July, saying it was more dangerous to force people to move on such short notice with no alternatives for shelter or housing. Staff closed and cleaned about 500 encampments during the 2019 and 2020 fiscal years including camps that were closed once, repopulated, and then were closed again. . "These are vehicles of human beings," he said at the hearing, "and they are not to be lost.". We cant go far, Clutch said. Several non-emergency systems including phone lines within the City of Oakland are currently impacted or offline. Oakland is experiencing a network outage that is affecting key services such as Oak311, permitting and business tax. According to "point-in-time" counts cited in their pleadings, there were 5,055 individuals in Oakland experiencing homelessness, of which 3,347 were unsheltered. Oakland firefighters responded to 90% of the 988 encampment calls they received in less than eight minutes. We cant just let people to continue to die on the sidewalks while we try to figure out what permanent solutions can be, Fife said. Caltrans has cleared the parts of the encampment on its property three times in the past year and says it will continue to do so if safety concerns, such as fires, continue. kept in homes through Keep Oakland Housed in Fiscal Year 19-20, moved from homelessness to permanent housing in Fiscal Year 19-20, Oakland doubled transitional housing capacity from 2018-2020, City of Oakland Opens 100-bed Cabin Shelter Program at Wood Street, Estelle Clemons, Interim Director of Human Services and, Daniel Cooper, Homelessness Administrator, The Funding will enable the Kingdom Builders Transitional Housing project to make accessibility and other improvements to the building to address the needs of some of our most vulnerable neighbors, Learn About the City's Homelessness Strategy, Joint Statement regarding Homeless Services Performance Audit, City of Oakland Receives $5.6M Homekey Award for Transitional Housing Acquisition and Rehabilitation. At the start of 2020, the city was conducting several camp closures each monthseven in January, and nine each in February and Marchuntil COVID-19 cases began rising and the county went on lockdown. Earlier this month, another federal judge allowed that work to continue. after a two-alarm fire broke out Monday at the site, decried the lack of access to clean water. He issued a temporary injunction on July 19, 2022. The final 2019-2021 budget allocates $32 million to address homelessness by: expanding health, sanitation, safety services for unsheltered residents funding self-governed encampments and temporary housing options such as tiny homes, shipping containers, and mobile homes. Previously, she covered breaking news and crime for The Chronicle. Walters: Is ending Californias homelessness just a matter of money? Official Website for the City of Oakland | Mayor Sheng Thao. Last year Caltrans cleared a much larger camp between 200 and 300 people on a neighboring lot owned by the transit agency. A United Nations report from 2018, for example, stated that a U.N. investigator witnessed officials "attempting to discourage residents from remaining in informal settlements or encampments by denying access to water, sanitation and health services and other basic necessities, [which] constitutes cruel and inhuman treatment and is a . Police said a person allegedly assaulted a public works employee and when officers tried to detain him, he refused and they used force. LAPD union supports unarmed responders to certain 911 calls including homeless encampment clean-ups 0. Oakland Workers continued Monday to clear the massive homeless encampment along Wood Street in West Oakland. The complaint stated, "The residents of 1707 Wood Street have nowhere to go. Narcan spray and other sanitary products can be seen on a book shelf at a homeless encampment on Wood Street in Oakland, Calif. on Monday, May 2, 2022. City officials have been . Sign up for our daily newsletter. The encampment is one of the. A federal judge on Friday refused to let Caltrans "wash their hands" of people living in a homeless encampment on Wood Street in Oakland by clearing them from it. Neighbors tell Da Lin the looming closure is long overdue. (Aric Crabb/Bay Area News Group), OAKLAND, CA - SEPTEMBER 26: Workers remove debris from the Wood Street homeless encampment on Monday, Sept. 26, 2022, in Oakland, Calif. Caltrans is overseeing the cleanup of its property along Wood Street. The audit also analyzed the citys ability to respond when its unhoused communities need help. Forcing Californians into mental health treatment would get easier with proposed legislation Email: Twitter: @SarRavani. Its unclear if the transportation agency meant the entire Wood Street encampment or only the part located on land it owns. Fife said the site which could offer pallet shelters, a community kitchen, bathrooms and wraparound services could house many of Wood Streets residents. On Monday, police said the man is facing charges for throwing an object at a vehicle. He concluded his decision with "I recognize that no party is happy with this order. She previously covered startups and venture capital for the Bay Area News Group and prior to that court cases for The Recorder in San Francisco. Bay, Heres where California reservoir levels stand after recent rainfall, Your Privacy Choices (Opt Out of Sale/Targeted Ads). You can report an encampment at the following locations: Bridges Highways Parks or playgrounds Outside of residential and commercial buildings Roadway tunnels Streets and sidewalks Subway stations Report an encampment. The EMT is facilitated by the City Administrator's Office via the Homelessness Administrator and receives input and advice from the Commission on Homelessness. You will be asked to sign off on an arrest warrant. People living in vehicles represent 35% of Oakland's overall homeless population. We appreciate your patience; the service has been restored. He said his latest order could be rescinded if the city fails to provide enough shelter beds or fails to make outreach workers available to help displaced residents find alterative shelter. Oaklands $12.6 million effort to deal with its recent explosion of homeless encampments was haphazard, lacking strategy, policy direction and adequate funding, according to a scathing new city audit. Mayor Libby Schaaf, city administrator Ed Reiskin, police Chief LeRonne Armstrong and Daniel Cooper, the citys newly appointed homelessness administrator, were at Wood Street on Wednesday. The choice: Leave, or hunker down. A large fire broke out at the encampment on Monday,. Skinny lives at 37MLK, the homeless encampment in Oakland, California, that was created by community organizers taking over a vacant lot.

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